Top 8 Picks for Our Best Water Pitcher Filter

Water is one of the most important things that we need to survive. We use it for drinking, for bathing, for washing things. But have we ever given a thought to the fact that how much of the water we are using in our everyday lives are actually safe for us to consume?

To help us make sure that we get nothing other than safe, clean water for our everyday use, filters play a big role. Amongst them, Water Pitcher filters are the most popular and convenient.

If you are not sure about which Water Pitcher filter to buy, read our Best Water Pitcher Filter. We have prepared an article consisting of reviews of the top Pitcher filters out there for you!

Top Picks for Our best water pitcher filter

Here is a detailed review of the top 8 Best Water Pitcher filters we have chosen for you, along with their pros and cons.

The Kent Premium water filter is one of the best alkaline water filters out there. It has numerous amazing features, including the ability to eliminate the effects of water that come from acidic sources. And it can increase the pH of the water and keep it between 8.5 and 9.5.

This filter also works to improve the anti-oxidation ability of the water. Along with that, it removes all sorts of sediments, unwanted chemicals, and minerals of the water so that the water is completely clean and safe for drinking and other purposes.

Equipped with a carbon-based technology, this filter also removes all traces of chlorine from the water, which cannot be done by a lot of other filters. Therefore, this particular feature makes it a great buy. It can also purify up to 1000 liters of water in its lifetime.

One of the best things about this filter is its economical design. It can fit easily into any space and is made from food-grade plastic, which makes it durable and convenient for everyday use. And its small top-lid and comfortable handle also add to the ease of use, making this a great filter.

Pros & Cons of KENT Premium Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher


  • Negates the acidic effect of water
  • Improves anti-oxidation capability
  • Removes sediments and unwanted elements
  • Gets rid of chlorine
  • Can purify 1000 liters
  • Durable
  • Space-saving design


  • Replacements cannot be found easily

The Brita water filter is a large filter that has a 10 cup capacity and is great for family use. Apart from its large size, its tight lid, comfortable handle, and ease of pouring make this a really easy-to-use filter. This is why it is one of the most favorite products of users around the world.

Also, this product efficiently removes any trace of chromium, lead, copper, mercury, chlorine from the water, and makes sure that the water you are drinking is clean and tastes good. It also comes with a filter replacement indicator, so that you will know beforehand when you need to replace the filter to keep getting its safe water. 

Because of its large size, it can reduce a lot of plastic usage by accommodating 300 16 oz bottles worth of water. You can keep all that water by just using this single pitcher, thereby not wasting any money and not using too much plastic, which will ultimately benefit the environment.

Along with all these features, this filter also has a really attractive design, which makes it a great addition to any household. It is made out of lightweight material but is durable at the same time, so you do not have to worry about breaking it or its longevity.

Pros & Cons of Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher


  • Easy to use
  • Great for removing traces of hard metals and chlorine
  • Reduces a lot of plastic usages
  • Comes equipped with a filter replacement indicator
  • Large size is great for family use
  • Comes in attractive designs
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Filters might need to be replaced too frequently

The New Wave water filter is one of the most amazing filters out there. It is different from other filters, mainly due to its 10-stage filtration process, which is quite a few steps further from the usual 2-stage one. On top of that, this product uses an ion exchange technology as well as a carbon-based one, which is used by all other filters.

Since this product filters water in 10 stages, it removes all unwanted elements from the water, including heavy metals, chlorine, trihalomethanes, organic and inorganic arsenic, harmful organic compounds like herbicides and pesticides, etc. The result is cleaner, better-tasting water, which is safe to use.

Using this filter reduces a lot of plastic usages, as you do not need to buy bottled water anymore. So this product contributes to helping the environment too. It comes with cartridges that are super easy to replace. The cartridges should ideally be replaced after 1 year of use, which is not that frequent at all.

Another benefit of this product is that it has a very easy installation process. So you do not have to worry about facing a lot of hassles while doing that. The model is also very compactly designed and convenient to use. On top of all these benefits, it does not cost too much either, so it is overall an amazing device.

Pros & Cons of New Wave Enviro 10 Stage Plus Water Filter System and Cartridge


  • Uses a 10-stage filtration process
  • Removes heavy metals, chlorine, and other contaminants
  • Reduces waste
  • Easy to replace cartridges
  • Convenient design
  • Hassle-free installation process
  • Affordable


  • Cannot filter water that is too contaminated

The Waterdrop Extream filter is a truly unique product, mainly due to its use of advanced technology in the filtration process. Instead of the regular carbon-based technology, this product uses Japanese activated carbon fiber and ion exchange technology to help in keeping the water safe and clean.

While the activated carbon removes chlorine and other odors through its 10 times better absorption technology, the ion exchange removes any traces of hard metals. In addition to this, the filter has a faster flow rate than the other ones, which makes it easier to get a glass of water since you do not have to wait too much.

Along with being efficient at doing the job this model was meant to do, it also looks amazing. Equipped with a wooden handle, this filter looks quite elegant and adds a nice touch to any home. 

And the 10 cup capacity of the filter makes sure that there is always enough water to keep a family hydrated, and is convenient to keep on refrigerator shelves.

Another good thing about this product is that it is quite easy to clean. It also comes with a silicone base, which makes sure that it does not slip, so you do not have to worry about breaking it. The electronic indicator that comes with it also helps to enable you to understand when the filter needs to be replaced.

Pros & Cons of Waterdrop Extream Long-Lasting Water Filter Pitcher


  • Uses advanced technology to remove unwanted materials
  • Faster flow rate than other filters
  • 10-cup capacity
  • Has a silicone base to prevent slipping
  • Wooden handle gives a premium look
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with an electronic filter replacement indicator


  • Water might not taste good to all

The BWT water filter is the only filter out there to use a unique magnesium technology. This technology is sure to remove all chlorine, contaminants, scale producing substances, and sediments from the water. The end result is cleaner, safer, and better-tasting water, which does not have that chemical smell at all.

One of the best things about this product is that its magnesium technology not only helps in providing safer water for drinking purposes, but it also provides magnesium into your diet. Magnesium is one of the most important minerals to keep our body healthy, yet often times it is missing from our diet. 

In these cases, the extra consumption through filtered water really helps. Another best thing about this filter is that it uses silver to make sure there are no bacteria present in the water. This property also facilitates the longevity of the filter. 

And this filter also does not need to be presoaked before using, so the overall filtration process is much faster when compared to other alternatives.

Along with all these features, this product has a very compact design, which is great at saving space. It is also very convenient to use because you do not need to lift the lid up every time you need to refill it. This reduces the risk of spilling. It also comes with an indicator that points out how many times the filter has been refilled.

Pros & Cons of BWT Premium Water Filter Pitcher


  • Uses unique magnesium technology
  • Effectively removes contaminants
  • Provides natural tasting water
  • Makes up for the lack of magnesium in your diet
  • Silver reduces bacterial growth
  • Quicker filtration process
  • Long-lasting
  • Compact design saves space


  • A little bit on the expensive side

This pitcher is one of the best filters out there, as it removes all unwanted materials from the water, even the ones that are the hardest to get. This includes fluoride, lead, mercury, pesticides, glyphosates, etc. the end result is much safer water, which inevitably leads to a better, natural taste.

One thing that sets this filter apart from its counterparts is its ability to make sure that no beneficial minerals get removed in the filtration process. A lot of filters in the market tend to remove sodium, potassium, magnesium, and other nutrients that are useful for our body while filtering out contaminants. 

But this one does no such thing. A great thing about this filter is that not only does it get rid of unwanted elements, it is also constructed of 100% food-grade, BPA-free materials. Therefore, you can be at peace, knowing that the filter you are using gets the job done effectively while also being environmentally responsible. 

Its larger size also requires less refilling, which is great for household usage. Other amazing features of this product include its long lifespan. It can last anywhere from 2 to 6 months, depending on how fast a family can use 100 gallons. 

And it is also pretty easy to install and replace. All you have to do is read the instructions in the manual and follow the steps accordingly. 

Pros & Cons of Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher


  • Removes all unwanted materials from the water
  • Makes sure no healthy minerals get removed
  • Constructed from BPA-free materials
  • The larger size requires less refilling
  • Easy to install
  • Long lifespan
  • Hassle-free replacement process


  • Does not come with an indicator to pint out when it needs to be replaced

The Woder water filtration system is quite unique in how it works. Instead of pouring water in this product to treat it, this system is attached directly to the sink so that it can filter unwanted materials out of water that has been previously treated. 

Using this filtration system ensures that any contaminants that might have been left are also removed.

This filtration system removes all traces of hard metals, carcinogens, pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, fluorides, and sediments as well any odor and bad taste. But it makes sure to leave behind the good minerals like sodium and potassium in the water so that your body has a chance to absorb those through drinking.

Moreover, it does not require much space. Its installation process is also quite easy as it does not need any plumbing prior to working. Instead, it can be attached directly to the hoses. Therefore, you do not have to face much trouble to get some properly filtered tap water.

Another good thing about this product is that it has a very long lifespan. It can last an average family for about 3 years, or up to ten thousand gallons of water. This means that the system does not need to be replaced too frequently. 

And even when it does need to be replaced, the process is fairly easy, so there is nothing to worry about.

Pros & Cons of Woder WD-S-8K-DC Water Filtration System


  • Removes unwanted materials
  • Leaves in good nutrients
  • Great for limited space
  • Does not require any plumbing
  • Huge lifespan
  • Can be replaced easily


  • Cannot be used with untreated, salty or softened water

The Aquagear water filter is a very popular product that is known for its amazing 5-stage filtration process. This rigorous process makes sure to eliminate any chromium, mercury, or other heavy metals present in the water, along with organic compounds like pesticides, sediments, and odor. 

And the lead filter also works at removing lead and fluoride. Even though this filter eliminates 2000% more contaminants than the other filters in the market, it does not get rid of any mineral that is beneficial to our body. Examples include sodium, potassium, and magnesium. 

Therefore, the drinking water is not only safe and better-tasting but also healthy as it ensures the absorption of these minerals.

One of the best things about this product is that despite going through a 5-stage purification process, the rate at which water flows out of it is quite fast. In addition to that, this filter has quite a long lifespan. You will be able to filter 150 gallons of water with it without facing any issues before it needs to be replaced.

Along with filtering water to make it safe to consume, this model is also made out of food-grade, BPA-free, safe materials. Therefore, you could say it is a complete package. It also features a convenient design, with a lid and an easy-to-grip handle, which makes using it quite a no-brainer process.

Pros & Cons of Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher


  • Equipped with a 5-stage installation process
  • Removes unwanted materials 2000% more than other filters
  • Retains healthy minerals
  • Fast flow rate
  • Long lifespan
  • Made out of environment-friendly material
  • Convenient design


  • A little bit on the expensive side
how to choose the Best Water Pitcher Filter

How to Choose the best water pitcher filter

To choose the Best Water Pitcher Filter, you have to consider the following aspects –



The first thing you should always look for in a water filter is how effective its filtration process is. If the water you need to filter is previously treated, a simple filtration process might do the trick. But if you are planning to treat water that is teeming with germs and bacteria, you might even want to consider a 10-stage filtration process.You should also consider the fact whether you want to just filter water to get rid of surplus elements or looking to increase the alkaline quality of the water. Based on that, you should buy your filter.



The lifespan of the filter plays a huge role. Some filters will last you only 150 gallons, while others will filter up to 1000 gallons. Since, the longer the lifespan, the less frequent the replacement, always opt for products that have the longest lifespan within your budget. But do not forget to look at the other qualities too.


Water Quality

You should take a look first at the water quality at the area you are residing in (or the area in which you want to treat water) and then decide what kind of filtering needs to be done.If the water in your area has a lot of lead in it, but the filter you bought only filters out harmful organic compounds and odor, then that will be of no use to you. You will need to invest in another filter which has a lead filter. Therefore, always assess what you need the product before purchasing it.



The size of the filter you will buy should depend on the number of people who are planning to use it, their water usage pattern, and your budget. If you buy a small filter for a family of 7 and that needs to be replaced every two weeks, then it is not at all worth the hassle.Therefore, always try to invest in bigger size filters as they do not require much refilling and replacements.



Always decide on a budget before you search for the available options so that you do not get carried away. Make sure to not compromise on the features that are absolutely essential to you, though.

Waterdrop faucet water filter installation

Best Water Pitcher Filter FAQs

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding Waterdrop filters:

1. Why is a water filter important?

A water filter is important because of the abundance of contaminants, hard metals, and chlorine in the water. To remove all this, water needs to be properly filtered. Only then can we have safe, clean water that is okay to consume.

2. What size filter should I purchase?

The size of your filter should depend on the number of people that intend to use it, along with their water usage pattern.

3. When does my water filter need to be changed?

Each water filter has a predetermined capacity. As soon as it reaches that capacity, it should be replaced so that the water can be filtered properly. To know what your filter’s capacity is, you can check the manual.

4. How do water filters save the environment?

Water filters provide clean water that is safe for drinking. Without filters, you would have gotten this water by buying it in a plastic bottle. By reducing the usage of plastic, water filters are contributing to the environment.

5. Should I look for a 5-stage filter or a 10-stage one?

That depends on the kind of filtration you want to achieve, and also on the quality of the water you will be filtering.

Final Words and Recommendation

After reading our Best Water Pitcher Filter, you can have a clear idea about the kind of filter that would suit your needs. Our recommendation to you would be the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Filter System, as it filters the water through 5 additional stages while featuring all the other properties of other filters.

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