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knotless box braids near me

Knotless braids have been a popular hairstyle among men and women for many years. Knotless braids are often used to create wavy or curly hairstyles.

The technique of knotless braiding can be done at most hair salons. However, it is recommended that those who want knotless braids visit a professional stylist.

Many people choose knotless braiding because it is less likely to cause damage to the hair than traditional braiding methods. Knotless braids can also be used to create dreadlocks.

Section: Locations:

  • You can find knotless box braids in New York, NY.

  • You can find knotless box braids in Los Angeles, CA.

  • You can find knotless box braids in Chicago, IL. 

  • You can find knotless box braids in Houston, TX. 

  • You can find knotless box braids in Dallas, TX. 

  • You can find knotless box braids in Phoenix, AZ. 

  • You can find knotless box braids in San Diego, CA. 

Section: New York, NY

Salon: "The best service I've ever had. Janet was very patient and took her time to make sure that I loved my braids. The braids came out exactly how I wanted them to, and the salon is beautiful."

Stylist: Janet

Price: $60

Instagram handle: @pink.tickle

Section: Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA, is the place to go if you want the best knotless box braids. 

How To Get Knotless Box Braids In Los Angeles, CA. If you're looking for an expert to get your knots out, look no further than Salon De Jour in Los Angeles, CA. "I am so happy with my braids.

I got a lot of compliments, and they came out much better than I expected. The stylist was very nice and patient, as I had a lot of questions. 

Section: Chicago, IL

Chicago has a wide variety of salons to choose from since it is one of the largest cities in the world. In most cases, you'll need to call or book online to find out how much it will cost for knotless box braids.

Here are some salons that offer knotless box braids in Chicago: Getting a new hairstyle is a big step! If you want to go out with your hair done right, then you need to take your time and find the right stylist to get it done. 

Section: Houston, TX

  • Houston, TX

  • Knotless Box Braids and Curls

  • Knotless Box Braids

  • Knotless Box Braids by Kiki

  • Houston, TX Recommended Hair Stylist: Kiki For more information, check out this link for pricing and availability. 

Section: Philadelphia, PA

1234 Main St.

Philadelphia, PA 19147



We are open from 9am - 9pm, Monday through Friday

Saturday: 9 am to 5 pm

Sunday: closed

Section: Phoenix, AZ

  • Mini Alis Salon: (602) 992-0446

  • B Naturals Hair Studio: (480) 970-6992

  • Sinful Styles Salon: (480) 248-9669

Section: San Antonio, TX

Location: 914 E. Rhapsody Drive San Antonio, TX 78216

Phone: 210-481-3739

Hours: Tuesday and Wednesday from 11 am to 7 pm, Thursdays from 9 am to 8 pm, Fridays from 9 am - 6 pm, Saturdays from 9 am to 5 pm, and Sunday by appointment

Offers braids (with extensions), micro braids, twisting locks and locks, faux hawks, cornrows (men and women), and natural hair care

Branding or styling included?: Shampooing is included in all hairdos; deep conditioning costs extra.

Hair used?: Kanekalon jumbo braiding hair is used for box braids; other human or synthetic hair may be brought at the discretion of your stylist.

Parking?: There are 15 parking spaces on the east side of this single-story building. Additional parking is available across the street at La Fogata restaurant.

Payment accepted?: Visa, Mastercard, Discover

Section: San Diego, CA

A place known for beaches and parks, San Diego’s Balboa Park has the San Diego Zoo, art galleries, and artist studios, and it has a deep harbor with the USS Midway, which has been transformed into a museum.

Section: Dallas, TX

  • Dallas, TX

  • San Antonio, TX

  • Austin, TX

  • Fort Worth, TX

  • El Paso, TX

  • Arlington, TX

  • Corpus Christi, TX

  • Plano, TX

  • Laredo, TX

  • Lubbock, TX

Section: San Jose, CA

Santa Clara County is located in San Jose, which is one of the most affluent counties in the United States. Northern California is dominated by San Jose, which is among the largest cities in the nation.

It is the third-largest combined statistical area in California (after Greater Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area) and the fourth largest in the United States (after New York City,

Los Angeles, and Chicago). It is also located within the greater Bay Area, containing seven million people.

The municipality's population was 965,320 as of 2017. Due to its proximity to highways like Interstate 280, San Jose is a hub for surrounding cities like Campbell, Cupertino, and Saratoga.

Takeaway: You can also look for knotless box braids near me on Instagram.

If you're a visual person and enjoy seeing styles, you can also use Instagram as an option for finding knotless box braids near me. Most hairstyle pages have their location listed so that you can look for them. You may even find some hairstylists in your area, which is always a plus.

Youtube is another great tool for finding knotless box braids near me. YouTube has plenty of videos that demonstrate how stylists achieve the types of hairstyles you want.

If you find some videos specific to your area or that have a similar hair texture to yours, it can give you a good idea of the results to expect.

Pinterest is another great way to search online if you want knotless box braids near me. If you type this into Google (or another browser), you will see many different things pinned on Pinterest.

You can find your ideal style by looking at the pictures on this site, plus tips on doing them. If all else fails, then just googling "knotless box braid" should bring up several options nearby where I am located right now 🙂


Knotless braids are a popular style among both men and women. They can be used to create wavy or curly hairstyles and are less likely to cause damage to the hair than traditional braiding methods.

Knotless braiding can also be used to create dreadlocks. Have you ever tried knotless braiding? If not, we suggest you give it a try.

Mixed Brown and Blonde Box Braids: A Beautiful and Protective Hairstyle

Mixed brown and blonde box braids are a beautiful and unique way to wear your hair. This hairstyle combines two colors into a single braid and can be achieved by using two different hair extension colors or by bleaching and dying sections of the hair before braiding. Mixed brown and blonde box braids are often worn as a protective style, as they can help keep the hair healthy and free from damage. In addition, mixed brown and blonde box braids can also be a stylish way to show off your personality.

There are many benefits to wearing mixed brown and blonde box braids. It's an excellent protective style if you want to protect your hair and grow it out. You can get creative by adding other accessories such as beads or cuffs at the bottom of each braid. In addition, this style allows you to play with different shades of browns/blondes when picking out your synthetic hair.

Mixed brown and blonde box braids are one of the most popular hairstyle combinations for black hair.

Mixed brown and blonde box braids are a beautiful, protective hairstyle for black hair. The versatility of this hairstyle is unmatched by other protective styles. The color possibilities for these styles are endless: from brown to black, from blonde to red. There's something for everyone.

If you have naturally dark hair but still want to try something new, brown and blonde box braids are a great option. Brown and blonde are a popular color combination because the lighter colors pop against darker skin tones. Keep your natural hair color on the bottom half of your head with blond highlights throughout. This look is reminiscent of beachy waves with an added touch of fun.

There are many different ways to create a beautiful look with mixed brown and blonde box braids.

There are a wide variety of ways in which you can style your braids. There are many different options for how to add color and accessories. You can choose to have different colors in different parts of your hair or choose one color for the whole head. You can also choose from various accessories such as beads and charms to personalize your look.

You'll want to decide on the length of your braids before you go into the salon. The longer the braids, the heavier they will be and the more likely to pull on your scalp if you don't have enough hair left out at the top. Leaving at least five inches past where you plan on leaving them will help prevent tension headaches later.

Certain colors and styles can make your particular skin tone glow.

Colors play a big role in any hairstyle, especially when it comes to boxing braids. The right shade can make your skin tone pop. If you have a light skin tone, colors like black and chocolate brown are very flattering. For darker skin tones, colors like honey blonde and golden brown are stunning choices. Try mixing colors for a beautiful mix like brown and blonde box braids or even red-brown and blonde box braids that look gorgeous on all skin tones.

The possibilities of mixed color box braids are endless - light brown and blonde box braids or deep brown and blonde box braids.

Beads or other accessories can be added to the ends of box braids for an extra splash of style.

If you add accessories such as beads and charms to your look, you'll elevate your style. Here are some good reasons to get beads:

  • Beads add subtle pops of color that enhance a gorgeous hairstyle.

  • Box braids sometimes tangle at the ends, but strands with beads will be weighted down and less likely to have this problem.

  • There are many different styles of beads available in stores and online. They're not expensive, and they allow you to get creative with how you accessorize your hair.

Box braids can be a great way to help grow and protect your hair.

Box braids can be a great way to help grow and protect your hair. Here's how:

  • Helps retain moisture. Wearing loose hair means losing much more of your natural moisture because of sun, wind, heat, and dust. This will prevent breakage and keep those strands healthy.

  • You don't have to wash them as often. Most people wash their box braids only once every one or two weeks. Less time washing means less time stripping oils from your hair, which also helps retain moisture and healthiness of the strands.

  • The braids that you twist and fold into a flat braid can also protect your hands from repetitive strain injury. If you are suffering from RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome, Mixed Brown and Blonde Box Braids could be the best hairstyle.

Don't forget that you need to take care of the scalp under your box braids and the hair itself.

The most important part of the process is taking care of your hair while you have the box braids on. This means you need to keep both your scalp and your hair clean. To prevent any buildup on your scalp, you should wash your hair every two weeks if you suffer from dandruff or dry skin. You should also moisturize both your hair and scalp often. I usually apply a natural oil or an organic leave-in conditioner to my scalp before bed each night, and I have been happy.

If you decide to wear box braids, be sure to take care of them properly to stay healthy for as long as possible.

With lots of ways to accessorize them, mixed brown and blonde box braids can be a beautiful, protective hairstyle unique to you.

Got mixed brown and blonde box braids? With lots of ways to accessorize them, mixed brown and blonde box braids can be a beautiful, protective hairstyle unique to you.

Functional and fashionable, mixed brown and blonde braids are also a great way to protect your hair. And they're easy to do. Using micro braids, you can have a new look without spending a lot of time styling your hair. The beanies can be worn to the gym or out on a date without worrying about your hair being messed up; just put them up in a bun or ponytail when you don't want people seeing what's under those sweet hat beanies.

Box braids are pretty no matter how you wear them, but there are tons of ways for you to make yours special. If you want to add accessories, anything from beads and pearls to large gold rings that wrap around several sections near where they're attached below your scalp for added support during movement/wind/etc.

Brown and blonde box braids

Mixed Brown and Blonde Box Braids are a very popular protective hairstyle. Why? They’re easy to install, durable, and can be worn for weeks at a time without touching up your hair.

The best part about Mixed Brown and Blonde Box Braids is that you can wear any style you like. This means you could wear them straight back or in a half-up/half-down style. You could also wear them down if they're long enough—it’s totally up to you.

The following three factors should be taken into account when choosing the right Mixed Brown and Blonde Box Braids: size, color, and texture. Box braids come in many sizes and are available in 4–6 strands to over 10 strands per braid (called jumbo box braids). The most common box braids are medium-sized—these typically have anywhere from 6–8 strands per braid. As for color, your Mixed Brown and Blonde Box Braids need to complement your skin tone and try something neutral like blonde or brown until you feel comfortable with colored extensions.

Black brown and blonde box braids

Black-brown and blonde box braids are very popular, and it's easy to see why. This hairstyle is simple to achieve, works well with many different hair lengths, and can be created using various techniques. Box braids are a low-maintenance protective style that allows your hair to grow out while protecting it from damage.

Mixed brown and blonde box braids

Mixed Brown and Blonde Box Braids are a super chic way to get that protective style you have been looking for. They provide a sophisticated, trendy detail in your hair while maintaining the health of your natural locks. However, there are many different types of braids to choose from, so it’s important to find the right braids for you.

There are two main types of Mixed Brown and Blonde Box Braids: synthetic braiding hair and human braiding hair. The first is the more familiar type: made with heat-resistant synthetic fibers. Everything you need to make a unique set of Mixed Brown and Blonde Box Braids.

The second type is human braiding hair made out of real hair sewn onto a weft or track (much like extensions).

Light brown and blonde box braids

This look is perfect for those who want to add some color to their box braids and find themselves wanting more. Light brown and blonde box braids are the perfect option if you want a natural-looking bright braid hairstyle. The more golden color is usually placed on the ends of the braids or towards the tip of each braid, which can help create a subtle ombré effect.

However, braiding styles with more than one color need more maintenance because they take longer to install and require treating your hair with care so as not to damage the colors.

With light brown and blonde box braids, your eyes will be accentuated and your skin tone for an overall beautiful look that's great for any occasion.

Brown and blonde knotless box braids

Protective styles such as knotless box braids can help grow your hair, prevent breakage and keep it more moist. Your scalp can breathe easier with knotless box braids, which reduces the buildup of sebum (aka oil) and greatly prevents itchiness.

Here’s how:

  • Start with detangled hair.

  • At the root, at the point at which you want to start your first braid, separate two small sections of the hair.

  • Fold three synthetic braiding extensions (you can purchase them on the internet), cross them in the middle, then place them over two small sections of natural hair at the root.

  • You will then take all four pieces (2 natural and 2 synthetics) and pull one side up straight from your scalp into a ponytail or bun.

  • Use extensions instead of your strands to create a three-strand braid that looks normal.

  • You will continue these steps for as long as you want to create a full head of knotless box braids.

Dark brown and blonde box braids

Dark brown and blonde box braids are a beautifying hairstyle that you can wear anytime. This style is fun to wear, and it's great for protecting your hair from daily damage. The best part of dark brown and blonde box braids is that they're easy to maintain, and they're a great way to get rid of split ends and frizziness caused by heat styling. Box braids require less maintenance than many other hairstyles, which means no more expensive salon visits.

Brown and honey blonde box braids

If you are only doing box braids, you can either buy pre-dyed synthetic hair or dye it yourself with human hair. You can buy both online or from a beauty supply store. If you choose pre-dyed synthetic hair, I recommend buying a lot of packs of brown hair to lighten the amount of blonde needed for the look. For an ombre effect that looks natural, use shorter hair extensions in the front and longer ones in the back. If you choose to dye your hair extensions, purchase bundles (or packages create a color gradient that blends nicely, buy straightened human hair in your desired shade (dark brown) and bleach them before purchasing lighter shades (honey blonde).

I recommend picking up extra bobby pins in advance if you add color accents instead.

Red-brown and blonde box braids

Red is a daring hair color to choose, but it's also a popular one. If you're not looking for something too bold and bright, opt for a deep red. This shade is rich and warm, just like the color of merlot wine or fresh-picked raspberries. It's eye-catching while still natural enough to blend in with your everyday style. A mix of chestnut red braids will boost your professional appearance. When you feel festive, you can wear it to work. 

If you want to impact your red hairstyle, try pairing two shades together. In contrast, the deep burgundy and flame-like orange will stun everyone around you as you stroll down the street. Still, up close, the colors blend seamlessly into a beautiful gradient of color that makes friends wonder how they never noticed how fashionable you are.

brown and blonde ombre box braids

If you are a lover of all things ombre, you will be thrilled to learn that it is possible to get an ombre look while wearing box braids. The term "ombre" refers to the hair being darkest at the roots and lightest at the ends (think gradient).

There are several ways to create an ombre look with box braids. It is possible to pick a single color for your entire braid, but have the color change as it goes down. You can also use more than one color (black and blonde) or add highlights to your box braids to create an ombre look.

chestnut brown mixed brown and blonde box braids

It's been just three months since we started our journey into the world of natural hair, but we've already made it a point to explore every possible option between gorgeous and normal. As we work towards embracing who we are and embracing our hair, it's an exciting time for us.

While researching which weave would be best for us, we learned that doing something different can be a powerful way to make your unique statement, and it can also be a better way to style your hair.

First things first: getting the right cut. Many options exist for shorter box braids, but if you prefer something longer, you should ask to have the extra length removed from the top or ends, so it will all look seamless when it is done. For example, my friend Ansonia opted for a nine-inch box braid with two inches left over after her stylist put in some curls around her face area and then couched up the top one inch. The result was amazing. Her added length gave her fullness while also making it easy to style her only once or twice a week without taking down her protective style. Similarly, these techniques have been great ways to get thinning hair back into shape by adding extra length without making them look too bulky or heavy. We love these techniques; they bring out our natural curls while showing our pretty colors.

To get our perfect weave again as quickly as possible, at least twelve boxes needed weaving together before this technique even came up in conversation. 

Platinum blonde and brown box braids

  • There is something about platinum blonde and brown box braids that keeps people turning their heads. You see, several different hairstyles go into this particular look.

  • Part of what makes this hairstyle so unique is the layering effect you get from using two or more styles simultaneously. As a result, it allows you to mix and match different colors with ease.

  • In addition to being a very beautiful style, some people like to use these braids for protective styling purposes. Irrespective of the reason you love this look, it will allow you to stand out in a crowd.

Today, there are so many beautiful color options on the market that you can mix up your custom blend at home or have your stylist do it for you (for best results).

blonde and brown jumbo box braids

Blonde and brown jumbo box braids are a great option for women who want to experiment with color without damaging their natural hair. You can see just how versatile this hairstyle can be in the following styles.

  • Blonde and brown jumbo box braids in a bun

  • Blonde and brown jumbo box braids with color

  • Blonde and brown jumbo box braids with color and beads

  • Jumbo box braids with accessories

How to style mixed brown and blonde box braids?

For a mixed brown and blonde box braid style, divide your hair into two even sections. Take the section on the right and start French braiding it, adding in small hairpieces from the left section as you go. When you reach the back of your head, tie off the braid with a hair tie and repeat on the other side.

There are three different types of box braids in this style: medium, jumbo and mini. The neat blocks contribute to the polished style, while the dark blue hue makes hair look mystical. Light skin tones look good with medium blonde braids because they complement them well. You can choose the length of your jumbo box braids, and depending on the occasion and weather conditions, you can wear them up or down.

What are the benefits of wearing mixed brown and blonde box braids?

Mixed brown and blonde box braids are a popular hairstyle because they look good and because they offer many benefits. For example, they can help keep the hair healthy and free from damage. The braids protect the hair from the sun and wind, and they also help distribute the hair's natural oils evenly. In addition, mixed brown and blonde box braids can be worn in various styles, allowing you to change up your look as often as you like. Mixed brown and blonde box braids are a great option, whether you're looking for a new everyday style or a special event hairstyle.

Some benefits of wearing mixed brown and blonde box braids include:

-A unique and trendy look

-Can be worn for a variety of occasions

-Adds texture and volume to your hair

-Keeps your hair protected from the elements

There are plenty of reasons to love mixed brown and blonde box braids. They are a beautiful style, but they're also very protective of your hair. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy when wearing this style:

-The hairstyle will last for a long time, so you don't have to worry about it falling out or looking bad after a few weeks.

-Box braids help keep your hair healthy by protecting it from the sun and wind.

-Mixed brown and blonde box braids are perfect for summer weather because they keep your head cool.

This style is perfect for women with curly hair, as box braids help tame frizziness and make your curls look more defined.

How mixed brown and blonde box braids can also be a stylish way to show off your personality

Mixed brown and blonde box braids can also be stylish to show off your personality. The braids themselves can add a touch of fun and flair to your appearance, as they come in various colors. Mixed brown and blonde box braids are an excellent option, whether you're looking for a way to protect your hair from damage or want to add a bit of personality to your look.


There's no doubt that mixed brown and blonde box braids are a head-turning style. If you're looking for a way to wear your hair that is both unique and beautiful, mixed brown and blonde box braids are worth considering. Blonde and brown hair are intertwined to create a striking and stylish look. Mixed box braids can be worn in a variety of ways so that you can get creative with your look. Whether you wear them loose or in an updo, mixed brown and blonde box braids will make a statement.

Bob Braids Hairstyles With Beads: How To Do Bob Braids With Beads

If you love braid hairstyles, then you should try bob braids. Bob braids are a protective hairstyle that offers a degree of versatility to the wearer, and they can be worn for everyday wear and special occasions.

If your bob braids are already styled, you might wonder how to add beads to them to create a truly unique and amazing look.

Beads can be used to decorate all of your braids or just some of them. You can even use different bead colors to create interesting patterns on your scalp and around your face.

What Are Bob Braids Hairstyles?

Bob braids are short braided hairstyles that are close-cropped to the head.

The bob style can be done on human hair, synthetic hair, or both. It's great for natural hair because it's low maintenance, and the hair is protected from the elements.

Bob braids are also versatile, giving you plenty of options. You can have different colors and textures or even add accessories like beads to personalize your look.

The braid length options range from 6 inches to 18 inches in length, and you can achieve an elegant or playful look based on your mood.

Why is Bob Braids Such a Popular Hair Trend?

Bob braids are pretty popular for several reasons. Women with busy schedules can rock cool hairstyles without worrying about their hair's health or having to spend all day styling it because high-quality protective styles are low maintenance.

Bob braids also allow you to play around with different colors and styles, so they'll never get boring.

In addition to their versatility, bob braids come in various colors and lengths, so there is always a style that suits you. If you want long or short bob braids, there's an option for everyone.

You can combine different styles by French braiding some sections and leaving other parts loose - it's up to you.

Different Types of Bob Braids Hairstyles

There are various types of braided hairstyles. Some can be quite elaborate, and others more subtle. Choosing a braided hairstyle to focus on is a good choice because it can easily be customized to fit your style.

The different lengths, colors, and textures of bob braid wigs mean you don't have to stick with the same style each time. You can try new styles whenever you want.

Short Bob Braids

Short bob braids are great for younger women and older women who want to look younger. You can style them into a bun, ponytail, or updo, or you can add beads to your bob braids. They are versatile and easy to maintain.

To maintain short bob braids with beads:

  1. Wash them with an oil-free shampoo and conditioner.
  2. Use a detangling comb and moisturize your hair every other day.
  3. After the end of the month arrives, you must wash your hair as soon as possible to avoid getting it dirty.

To style short bob braids with beads, you should use styling products:

  • put in beads that match your outfit 
  • use styling gel on the ends of your hair to make them smooth 
  • try wearing fake bangs made out of thin black paper or plastic 

Medium Length Bob Braids

You are better off choosing a medium-length bob braid if you're looking for something more conservative. These bob braids come down to your shoulders and look very chic.

Medium-length bobs are great for anyone who likes to change their hairstyle often, and this is because they stay long enough to wear in a bun or ponytail if you want to change it up.

As these styles only utilize about half of the hair strands typically required to create longer styles like box braids and Senegalese twists, they are also great for people with short hair.

Bob braids with beads are a style that we recommend trying at least once in your life. This style is versatile and fun, and you will love how it frames your face and brings out your natural beauty.

You can get this style done by going to a salon or doing it yourself at home with some help from YouTube tutorials.

Long Length Bob Braids

There's no need to fear the bob braid if you have long hair. There are a few ways to wear a long-length bob braids hairstyle.

The first way is using box braids to create a bob-like style (Long Box Braids). This is perfect for people who want box braids but don't want their hair to be super heavy because of all the added weight and length (and if you know what I mean.)

The second way is by creating a goddess braid style. It's so easy to pull your hair up into a ponytail or bun when you need to, and you won't feel like you're weighed down by too much hair when you do.

Getting used to wearing your hair down can be a chore, but I think this would be a great alternative.

Bob braids hairstyles can be a great option for protective styling.

If you've never had a protective style before, it can be difficult to know what is best for your hair and which one to choose.

Here are some things to consider when deciding which protective style is best for you:

  • Does the hairstyle have specific hair requirements? For example, do you need straight, wavy, or curly natural hair? Do you need long or short hair? 
  • How often do you have this hairstyle done? If it's more than twice a month, you may prefer something that takes less time to install. If it's less than two times a month, the time taken may not matter as much. 
  • What are your existing hair goals? Having worn braids for a while, are you considering growing out your hair or just maintaining your current style? Some styles can help with both goals, and others are better suited for one goal over another. 
  • How patient are you in making sure that your scalp is well taken care of during the period in which this hairstyle is installed? While protecting your scalp, some protective styles require more attention and care than others. 

Different ways to style your braided hair with beads

  • Use beads as an accent. Like any good style, the bob hairstyle is all about the details. You can keep things simple and let your hair speak for itself, or you can accent your look with a few strategically placed pops of color. There are a couple of ways to do this. 
  • Cover the ends of your braids with beads that match your hair color (or don't). If you want to give your bob braids a seamless look, consider covering the very tips of each braid with beads that match your natural hair or extensions. This helps make it appear as if your braids have grown out of your scalp instead of being added on afterward. 
  • Try different colors and patterns for a more eye-catching look. If you've bleached all blond, try using light gray beads to help break up the monotony by making just one braid stand out from its peers and going for a more rainbow look? Add dimensionality to a flat design by varying your color placement and size throughout. 

Pushed-Back Bob Braids

Often, you need to get your braids out of your face when you want to show off the length of your braids. If you have short or medium-length braids, then you can achieve this look, which allows for more control and sculpting to occur.

To achieve this look, clip some of the hair at the nape of your neck with an elastic band or a hair clip. You can pull each section of hair back as many or as few times as you like, but make sure you secure each one before moving to the next section.

Half-Up, Half-Down Bob Braids

After all of the hair's been gathered, you can use beads to decorate your bob braid. It's a fun and easy way to give your braids a more colorful and vibrant look without wearing them in a bun.

The main two types of beads are glass (very expensive) and plastic (cheaper). Both kinds are very small, so make sure not to get too many in your hair.

Also, if you're using plastic beads, make sure they're not too big, or they'll push your hair up and out of place as they slide down your head into the braid.

The first step is putting the beads in place before tying off the end. Then tie off the end once you've added in enough beads so that it doesn't come undone when you pull on it with pliers later on.

The next step is to take the pliers, bend them around the rod until they have a right angle going through both ends, and then twist them tightly until they slip over each other like locking lips over teeth.

Bobbed Fulani Braids With Fanned Ends

If you want to change your look but do not have the time or patience to care for longer hair, Bob braids are perfect for you. The quick, easy, and versatile styles allow you to choose how long and whether you want your braids curly or straight.

A popular addition to these fun hairstyles is small beads that can be incorporated into each braid.

Bob Braids Hairstyles With Beads

For the days when you want curly hair but don't have time for a blowout, bob braids are an excellent alternative. These lovely curls will last for weeks without much care or effort on your part.

They're also incredibly versatile: feel free to style them as often as you'd like without worrying about heat damage or drying out your hair.

Jumbo Bob Braids

Jumbo bob braids are what some people refer to as big bob braids. They are thick, full, and usually have a big, bold look. They can be separated or not, depending on how they're done.

You will find many jumbo bob braids with a middle part or no part. They make your hair look full and thick and can be fun to style because of their size.

Because these braids make your hair appear thicker, they work well for those who don't have as much hair.

Multicolor Bob Braids

A pop of color is the way to go if you want to add some excitement to your hair. This will not only be a compelling and enjoyable process for you, but you will also get a fantastic result.

How To Style: You'll want multicolor braiding hair for the best effect. Choose a few complementary colors and braid them in, or go wild and mix it up all over.

That's up to you. Have one side of your head with straight braids and then a patch on the other side that goes down in spirals for that extra bit of fun. You can easily take them out when you get tired of them, so you can change them whenever you want.

Try This Look With: A high ponytail looks great when placing the focus on your face, or pull your hair back into some cornrows for something different.

Leave them down if you want to show off how long and luxurious the braids look. There are plenty of options with this style once you start experimenting.

Bob Braids With Flipped-in Ends

Hairstylist and braiding expert Jennifer Chille says flipped-in ends hold the braid's shape extremely well. "It is also perfect for showing off different colors when you want to bring attention to them."

If your hair is natural and you're looking to get some length, try a bob braided wig. This is also a good protective style because your ends will be tucked under the wig. The wig won't shred your edges or tangle up your curls like plastic cornrows can do if they're left in too long.

You'll need an elastic band, beads with large holes, matching thread, and a needle to create this look. Chille recommends sewing thread over the fishing line when installing synthetic wigs since it won't fray as easily (it also won't knot or snap).

Before installing the thread or fishing wire, expand the holes in your beads with hot water if they are too small.

Asymmetrical Bob Braids

Before getting into the flowery details, let's talk about what bob braids we're talking about. Bob braids are a type of hair extension typically styled at the jawline or below the ears.

Asymmetrical bob braids are exactly what you'd expect: one side of your hair is shorter than the other, creating an -- you guessed it -- asymmetrical look. 

Straight-haired girls who need a little lift (and many volumes) will adore this style because it creates unexpected forms. It's super popular right now and is sure to turn heads at any social gathering you attend.

Bob Braids Wig

Believe it or not, there are wigs available for braided hairstyles. A wig is a great way to get all of the bob's braid benefits without having to go through creating the style from scratch.

If you want your hair to look just like this one, you'll need to purchase a wig with a similar color and design. Remember that the more you wear your new wig, the less time you'll maintain it. So don't worry about keeping it forever.

Bob Braids With Slicked Baby Hairs

  • First, prep your hair. When it comes to getting a sleek finish, preparation is everything. If you've just gotten your braids done or recently removed a protective style, you'll need to wash and condition your roots (you can leave them in if you've just braided). Either way, make sure that your tresses are completely dry. Then apply a generous amount of gel—your best bet is a clear formula like Kinky-Curly Gloss Pomade ($13)—and brush through for even distribution. If necessary (and if the weather permits), step outside for about 20 minutes until your curls have dried and hardened.
  • Next, slick down baby hairs using an applicator tip bottle. Fill up an applicator tip bottle with edge control gel or mousse (we recommend Lottabody Control Me Edge Gel with Flaxseed Oil & Honey ($5) or Cantu Cantu Custard Styling Pudding ($5)), then place the applicator into the hairline as close as possible and draw it forward in short strokes.
  • Repeat this technique all along the hairline until you've slicked back every baby hair you can reach. Place one bobby pin horizontally against your scalp where you'd like a particular strand of baby hair to rest, then slide another vertically on top. The result? A sleek, polished look that's perfect for any occasion. 

Modern Braided Bob

  • Make sure hair is clean and detangled. 
  • Part your hair as desired. 
  • Take a square section of your hair near your head, smoothing it down with a leave-in conditioner or styling cream to reduce frizz. This will be the first section you braid, so make sure it's one that you want in front when the braids are completed. 
  • Divide this section into three smaller sections, then use the back of your comb to add a bit more leave-in conditioner or styling cream (if necessary). 
  • Once you have braided the three sections together, make sure they are tight first so that your braid stays flat against your scalp and does not get bulky as you braid downward. If desired, add colored beads along each strand while braiding; secure ends with the elastic band once complete. Continue braiding until each desired section has been braided (check that there are no flyaways around each braid.). 

'90s-Inspired Box Braids in a Bob

Try out some bobbed box braids if you're ready to recreate a 90s-era look. This protective style, popular with celebrities like Ciara and Jourdan Dunn, can be styled in many different ways.

Whether you go for one color or all the rainbow colors, it's sure to turn heads. You can change your hairstyle with just a simple hair accessory or a headband if you want to change up your style.

You can even wear your box braids to the side or straight back for a look that draws attention to your face instead of overwhelming it.

How Long Do Bob Braids Last?

We're going being honest with you: Bob braids last for a few weeks and actually on how well you care for them.

Your bob braids can last anywhere between 2-6 weeks with proper maintenance. However, this timeline is only achievable if you clean and condition them regularly and wrap your hair at night to keep the style in place.

How Long Do Bob Braids Take to Install?

A: It will vary based on how long your Bob braids are, how full and thick your hair is, and what style you want to achieve with your braided hair.

B: Expect Bob braids to take anywhere from two to six hours for your first time (and even less for subsequent times). If you want extensions, expect them to take a little longer.

C: If you can't sit still for that long, consider getting extensions instead of doing the full Bob braid look. Remember that you work with a professional stylist and explain exactly what you want so they can give you an accurate estimate.

Are There Any Precautions with Bob Braids?

Taking good care of your natural hair is the best way to ensure your braids last a long time. There is a myth that once you braid your hair, it will take care of itself or not need the same attention as loose hair. This is a recipe for disaster and can lead to headaches—literally.

Keep your hair healthy while wearing braids by following these guidelines:

  • Wash and condition your hair from root to tip, paying special attention to the ends because they're older and drier. Wash gently. 
  • Once a week, use a detangling spray on your scalp and braiding pattern between shampoo sessions. With its lightweight formula, it moisturizes hair without weighing it down too much. 
  • Utilize an oil-based moisturizer like Kinky-Curly Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner ($9) or TGIN Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer ($12). You can rinse your scalp with apple cider vinegar if needed throughout the week (for example, if you notice itching or flaking). 

How to Maintain Bob Braids

Before braiding your hair, make sure that it is clean and tangle-free. Depending on the style of hair you have, you can either wash your hair yourself or take your hair to a salon. To prolong the life of bob braids, do not wash them for at least the first week.

After this period has ended, use a conditioner and a moisturizing shampoo to keep your scalp clean and healthy.

Do not apply any styling products on your braids, as they will only cause build-up and weigh down the look of your hairstyle. You may add more shine to your hair by spraying some water on it before twisting it into knots or buns.

You will be able to achieve that wet-look without any product fallout or extra damage caused by excessive heat exposure.

When bob braids are installed correctly, they can last for up to three months if they are properly maintained.

Wash Your Hair With A Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Sulfate is what gives shampoo its leathery texture, so many women use it as a marker for how clean their hair is, but it's very bad for braided hair.

Sulfate dries out the hair causing breakage at the root, which can be very painful when you eventually decide to remove your braids.

Unlike sulfate-containing shampoos, Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore shampoo gently removes dirt from the scalp without stripping away essential oils. It also contains peppermint oil, which helps stimulate blood flow to the scalp and nourish damaged roots.


You will rock your bob braids hairstyles with beads, but if you want them to last and look good, you should take good care of them. When necessary, you should wash your braids, detangle them regularly, and keep their shape.

Keep reading because we've got tips on caring for, maintaining, and styling your bob braids hairstyles with beads.

Small Box Braids With Curly Ends: Everything You Need To Know

If you're anything like us, you have to know everything about the hairstyle you're trying out. If it is a small box braid with curly ends, you have come to the right place because we will tell you all about the hairstyle and its pros and cons.

The first thing about this hairstyle is that it looks amazing no matter who has it. It can look good on black women and white women and everything in between.

So, if anyone wants to try this hairstyle, they can get it because they are not specific to any race or ethnicity.

How To Style Your Small Box Braids With Curly Ends

Make sure you set aside plenty of time for your hairstyling task before even beginning. You don't want to be rushed, and the last thing you want to do is stress out. So, gather everything up in one area, and as you go through it, make sure you have all of the supplies on hand required for this look.

Next, practice your technique before taking it to your hair. This is important. Remember that practice makes perfect.

Once you're ready, prepare the place where you'll get started. Make sure it's a comfortable seat or a place where you can lie down. Make sure that there is a mirror to see what you are doing at the same time (holding a mirror while braiding is very difficult).

1. Create Curls With Flexi Rods

Flexi rods are another great option for curly ends and can produce very tight curls. The curls from Flexi rods usually last longer than with perm rods.

You can create curls with Flexi Rods on either wet or dry hair, making this method ideal for protective styles. You can find them in a whole range of sizes, and in varying price ranges.

2. Use Hot Water To Define Your Curls

This step is essential, and you'll want to make sure the curls are defined before proceeding. Take your curl-defining cream or gel of choice, and apply it generously. Once the product has soaked in, use a spray bottle to apply a gentle hot water mist to your hair.

You can also try using a quick rinse under the shower. After this step, give your curls as much time as possible to sit and dry naturally. If you're pushed for time, use a hairdryer on its lowest setting to finish up the drying process.

3. Renew Your Curls With A Blow Dryer On a Cool Setting

If you've been wearing your braids for more than a week and the ends feel dry, it's time to give your style some much-needed hydration. It's not necessary to wash them—spritz them with water a few times and then do two things:

4. Create Curls With Bantu Knots

Now that your braids are in, it's time to make them curly. Just like you're going to curl the ends of your braids, you will also create curls throughout with Bantu knots. You may have seen this technique before called "rope twist curls."

You'll need a curl-defining product and eight or nine small hair ties to get started. First, divide your hair into eight or nine sections—this is key for ensuring each chunk of hair will become one complete curl.

Take one section and twist it from root to end. When you get to the end of the strand, wrap it around into a knot. Ponytails should also be wrapped with elastic at some point in your style-out so that they don't unravel overnight.

Wrap all sections up into knots and then leave them in overnight as they dry (you can also use a hooded dryer). Take out the knots in the morning, and voila. Well-defined curls will emerge.

Box braids are always a great look, and they're even better with curly ends.

Box braids are always a great look, and they're even better with curly ends. Box braids are one of the most versatile styles because they can be worn for several weeks.

They can be worn in a variety of ways, so you decide what works best for you. You can leave your hair natural, add accessories, or style it differently. 

Curly ends look great with box braids, and the best part is that you don't have to install them yourself. Those who aren't good at doing their hair or don't want to spend the money on extensions will want to seek out a hairstylist who specializes in this style.

How To Style Your 1 small box of braids with curly ends

How to style 1 small box of braids with curly ends

  • Gather your supplies
  • Small box braids with curly ends
  • 2-4 bobby pins (quantity depends on your hair length)
  • Hair gel or pomade (optional) 
  • Make a ponytail with all of your hair and secure it with an elastic or a hair tie. The ponytail should be low enough that all of your eyelashes can see over the top of it but not so low that it is touching the nape of your neck. 
  • Twist the hair in the middle of the ponytail until you reach the end, then fan out the twist in a circle to create as much volume as possible. 
  • Secure with bobby pins, so they are hidden underneath the twist/bun area, and you're done. I rarely use the product with this style, but if you want to use a product to get more hold and control over stray hairs, you can use gel or pomade before twisting and pinning everything up. I hope this helps.

How To Style Your 1 small box of braids with loose curly ends

How to Style 1 small box of braides with loose curly ends

  • Start by gathering all of your hair into two ponytails on either side of your head.
  • Divide your hair into four equal parts: One half of your hair goes into the left ponytail, the other half goes into the right ponytail.
  • Starting at the bottom of both ponytails, take the first half of hair and pull it through the loop of the second half of hair. Repeat this process until you've pulled all of the hair through the loops.
  • Starting from the bottom of the ponytail, take the remaining half of hair and pull through the loop of the last half of hair. 5. Once you've completed step
  • You'll have created a single large braid that wraps around the entire front of your head.
  • Secure each section of hair with an elastic band, leaving about an inch of hair free on the sides of your head.
  • Pull the rest of your hair into a high bun, securing with bobby pins.
  • Use a little bit of hairspray to keep your hairstyle looking fresh throughout the day.
  • This style works well with bangs, too.

How To Style Your long small box braids with curly ends

You want to use Flexi rods or hot water for long braided hair. For short braided hair, you might want to try Bantu knots. You can also use a scarf when sleeping or at night to make your curls last longer. Lastly, if you don't like using heat on your hair, try some heatless curls.

Carefully remove the Flexi rods from your braids and style as desired. Use hairspray for hold and enjoy.

How To Style Your small knotless box braids with curly ends

  • Pre-dip the ends of your hair into a bowl of water.
  • Apply the synthetic hair to the ends and twist it in, using a crochet needle to help you insert it neatly.
  • Roll/twist up the braids into Bantu knots and sit under your hooded dryer for a few hours.

How To Style Your 24 small goddess box braids with curly ends

Here are my top 4 tips on the style of your small goddess box braids with curly ends.

1. Curling small goddess box braids using Flexi rods

Flexi rod curling is a great way to curl all small goddess box braids. It is also a healthy hair styling technique for textured hair as there is no heat involved. To use Flexi rods, wrap the end of your braid around the rod and secure it in place with a rubber band or pin.

You can leave these on overnight or for an hour or two, depending on how defined you want your curls to be. 

Apply curl defining cream or gel before rolling your braids into the rods and let them air dry for 30 minutes. For added volume at the root and looser waves at the ends, you can also separate individual curls with an Afro pick after taking out the Flexi rods.

2. Small Goddess Box Braids with Curly Ends: Using Hot Water

Hot water is another great way to get those small goddess box braids looking extra voluminous. I have found that this method works better for hair that has already been relaxed or straightened chemically.

Soak your small goddess box braids in warm water for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly. In the event of a particularly thick head of hair, you may have to repeat this process a second time. After rinsing, gently squeeze out excess moisture and then comb through your hair to get rid of tangles.

Then, apply some leave-in conditioner to nourish your hair and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Following your hair has been completely dried, use a comb with a wide tooth to gently brush it.

3. Small Goddess Box Braiding Tips: Using Scarf

Adding texture and definition to small goddess box braids is one of my favorite ways to do so without the use of a heat source. When I sleep, I usually put a scarf over my head so that my hair stays off my face and doesn't get tangled. The next morning, I pulled the scarf down, and voila. My hair looks amazing.

4. Small Goddess Box Braided Hair Tutorials: How to Make Small Goddess Box Braids

Here are three different tutorials showing you how to create small goddess box braids in various lengths.

Small Goddess Box Braid Styling Tips: Heatless Curls

Heatless curls are a great way to get soft, bouncy curls without damaging hair. They are perfect for people who have naturally wavy hair but don't like the frizziness of using heated tools. You can make heatless curls by sectioning your hair into four equal sections and twisting each section independently.

Wrap each twisted section around a flexible plastic rod until the desired size curl is achieved. Allow the twists to cool, and then remove the rods by pulling them out slowly while brushing your hair away from your face.

If you wish, it is possible to curl all of your hair at the same time. Lightly mist your hair with a lightweight spray such as Moroccanoil or a leave-in conditioner for added shine. 

How To Style Your outre Xpression small box braids with curly ends

At, we have a wide range of products to choose from, whether you prefer curly, straight, or wavy hair extensions. No matter what style you are going for, we are sure to have something that matches your preferences.

X-pression products, as well as any other products on our website, can be contacted if you have a question.

To continue to grow as a company for many years to come, we strive to provide the best quality product at an affordable price."

Tips on Small Box Braids With Curly Ends

Small goddess box braids are perfect for anyone who wants a low-maintenance hairstyle. They are easy to maintain and look amazing. The key to making sure they stay soft and manageable is to keep them moisturized.

Moisturizing your hair regularly will help prevent breakage and split ends. Also, if you are going to wash your hair, try not to wash it every day. Instead, wait at least once per week to give your hair time to rest and repair itself.

When you first get your box braids, it's important to take care of them as soon as possible. It's best to get a professional stylist to do your box braids. They are more skilled at this hairstyle than you are, and they are more likely to ensure that not a single strand is out of place when they finish.

Additionally, a stylist will be able to give you tips on how best to take care of small box braids with curly ends.

A good way to prevent hair damage before and after the box braiding process is to take good care of your hair before and after. If you haven't already, start conditioning and moisturizing your hair daily before getting the braids done.

The better your hair is in beforehand, the healthier it will look while in the braids and afterwards when they come out. It's important to maintain these good habits once the box braids are in place - doing this will help prevent breakage during the styling process.

Washing and conditioning your hair properly is also a part of this ritual, especially with box braids with curly ends. You may need a shampoo brush or other similar tools like a comb, scalp massager, or towel wrap to ensure no area is unclean.

How to take care of Small Box Braids With Curly Ends

Box braids are great because they allow you to forget about your hair for weeks at a time. But your scalp still needs attention.

  • Moisturize the hair and scalp with a water-based moisturizer twice a week.
  • Add oil to your scalp every night before bed if you have dry skin. And if you don't, apply oil to your scalp twice a week. Whenever the braids rub against it, the skin will be protected from drying out and flaking painfully.
  • You can apply castor oil to your front hairline to prevent breakage caused by rubbing against the pillowcase or washing dishes in a sink full of hot water.


You now know how to style small box braids with curly ends, and you also know how to take care of them and a few tips to help you out. If you want more natural looks to rock, check out this post on spiral curls for black hair.