63 Cornrows box braids – Cornrows in front box braids in the back

Box braids are a protective style for your hair. Cornrows are a great way to start before you get box braids. They’re really easy to do, but if you don’t have the patience or can’t be bothered, you can always take it to a friend or family member that’s good at plaiting hair. If you go to the salon, make sure they know what they’re doing because it is your hair, and don’t let them trash it.

I will be doing three flat cornrows in front of my head, splitting them into four sections on each side, working my way across my head, and then tying one braid onto the next with rubber bands (optional).

  1. Cornrow a part down the center of your head to wherever you want the box braids to begin.
  • Cornrow a part down the center of your head to wherever you want the box braids to begin.
  • To prepare your hair, comb it thoroughly from root to tip and brush it with a paddle brush, or if your hair is curly/wavy, finger-search it for definition (no curling iron necessary!). Use a good quality spray bottle to wet the hair at the roots using water or a leave-in conditioner water mixture; this will help when detangling, especially in thick or long hair. Tie the ends of your ponytail up with an elastic band so that they’re out of your way while braiding (this will also keep them clean and prevent tangling when you’re done).
  • Have all of your cornrow hair extensions ready; this will vary based on how many box braids you will be doing, but each braid requires two pieces–one for each side–of extension hair. Put all the extension pieces into individual sections on the floor or table in front of you so that they are easy to grab as you work; this will make things faster and easier than having them in one pile. If you have unbleached kinky Marley/kanekalon extensions: You may wish first to use scissors to cut off an inch or so from every piece at either end where there is usually some glue residue left after being sewn onto wefts; this makes attaching much easier

2. Separate your hair into tiny brackets and use a comb attachment in your blow dryer to straighten each bracket.

You want to separate all of your hair into tiny brackets and use a comb attachment in your blow dryer to straighten each bracket.

Use a rat tail comb (or just the pointy end of a regular comb) to draw lines where you want the box braids to be placed.

Since I had three rows, I created three partings. Once you have done that, secure the sections that won’t be included in your cornrows with rubber bands, so they don’t get in your way.

Use the rat tail comb to create a parting for each box braid, then secure it with a clip or a bobby pin whenever you need both hands free to work on another section.

3. Detangle every section with a rat tail comb and use it to create a parting for each box braid.

Take a rat tail comb and create a parting for each box braid. These partings should be small, the same size as the box braid you plan to create. Make sure that your partings are straight, even, and clear.

4. Divide the hair section into three equally sized pieces and start braiding down to the ends of your hair for each braid.

  • Divide the hair section into three equally sized pieces and start braiding down to the ends of your hair for each braid. Do not worry if the braids are not perfect at this point, as you have time to fix them later.
  • Secure the end of each braid with an elastic hairband that matches your natural hair color.
  • Don’t overdo this, as it may cause damage to your new style. Gently pull up the braided part of each braid to make it fuller.

5. Braid all of the ways down, but not too tightly, as you need to be able to add extensions in later if you want them.

You should now have cornrows that align with where you want your box braids to end and box braids everywhere else!

You can stop at the front of your head or reach the back and continue braiding those braids in a bun or ponytail.

If the braids you want in your cornrows are not all even, it’s time to consider buying a hair straightener. A hair straightener will take off rough spots and make them smooth. You’ll also need to use a hairdryer to dry your hair before using this product.

Let it sit for about 1 hour, then use your fingers to loosen up the braid on top so that it does not come loose under heat styling.

It’s time for some cornrow box braids! What are these? Boxbraids are made from strands of hair woven around each other, which creates an intricate design as they lay flat against one another and make them thicker than traditional cornrows, with each strand laid flat against the other one.

The key is finding a natural way with enough length so they won’t look too boxy or heavy at first sight but rather light enough to make any unnatural waves like traditional cornrows might do if done incorrectly (which I often see). If you’re looking into this hairstyle, then here’s how you do it!

Best Cornrow Braids to Create Gorgeous Looks in

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Best Cornrow Braids to Create Gorgeous Looks in

Cornrows are beautiful hairstyles that originate in Africa and the Caribbean islands, and they are created by tightly braiding strands of hair against the head. Celebrities like Zoey Kravitz, Alicia Keys, and Beyonce have helped bring light to this otherwise traditional idea.

Irresistible Cornrow Braid Ideas to Try

Cornrows are very popular hairstyles among African Americans. They are often used by women who want to add some flair to their hair.

These styles are usually done using an elastic band or a rubber band, allowing them to stay put while styling. Some people use a comb to help them get the perfect look.

Cornrows are protective hairstyles worn by women, men, and even children. Cornrows can be worn down or curled into cool updos. Cornrows emphasize a person’s best features, including eyebrows, cheekbones, and lips.

There are many different ways to wear cornrows, from sleek and sexy to cute, playful, and fun.

Stunning FeedIn Best Cornrow Braids and Buns

Combining both small and large plaited cornrows creates a beautiful straight-back cornrow. Spiral the asymmetrical braid to make a lovely low double bun. Or, wear the bulky twists down your back for more laid-back workdays.

This style has tons of texture but is deceivingly easy to pull together. Decorative cuffs or pressing your edges to customize this look. Overall, this style is great for women and girls.

FeedIn Best Cornrow Braids with Cute Pink Extensions

FeedIn Best Cornrow Braids with Cute Pink Extensions

Cornrows are popular among African American women. They’re easy to do and last long. They’re also great for those who don’t have much time or patience.

A pink bubblegum extension gives this style a nice pop of color, and it adds length and volume without weighing down the rest of the hair. This is one of the most popular cornrow styles because they’re so simple and quick to do.

Best Cornrow Hairstyles for Long Hair

If you have naturally curly hair, you may try to tame it with a flat iron every day. You’ll probably end up spending hours on your hair each week. Instead, try these three tips to achieve soft curls instead of frizz:

  1. Use a wide-tooth comb to section out your hair.
  2. Use a round brush to tease the sections apart gently.
  3. Apply a heat-protecting spray before applying heat.

Best Cornrow Styles for Short Hair

Creating a cornrow hairstyle with short hair may seem impossible. You might think that cornrows aren’t appropriate for shorter hair. However, there are several ways to wear cornrows regardless of your hair length.

For example, you could simply wrap a few strands around your finger and secure them with a clear hair tie. Another option would be to twist your hair into a loose knot and secure it with a clear hair tie wrapped around the base of the knot.

How To Do Cornrows

The first step to creating a gorgeous cornrow is to choose which direction you’d like to go. If you’d like to start at the top of your head, begin by parting your hair to the side.

Next, take a 1/2 inch section of hair and divide it into two equal parts. Take one part of your hair and cross it over the other half. Continue crossing until you reach the bottom of your head.

Once you’ve reached the bottom, continue crossing the remaining hair until you finish the row. Once you’ve completed this row, you should make the same thing on the opposite side.

How to Style Cornrows

The next step is to decide whether you’d like to curl or smooth your hair. If you’d like your cornrows to sit on top of your head, you should leave them.

If you’d like them to lay flat against your scalp, then smooth them out with a blow dryer. If you’d like some extra height, add an elastic band to hold them in place.

Cornrow Hairstyles - How To Style Them?

Cornrow Hairstyles – How To Style Them?

1. Twist a section of hair under your finger, so that it wraps around the finger.

2. Take another hairpiece and wrap it around the first piece. Continue wrapping the sections together until you reach the desired length.

3. Once you have reached the desired length, use a clear elastic band to hold the cornrows.

4. Use a flat iron to smooth out any kinks.

5. Finish off the look by applying a shine serum to your hair.

6. Make sure you wash your hair regularly to avoid getting tangled.

7. Wear your cornrows every day for a week to see how they suit you.

8. If you don’t like how they look, simply remove them and start over.

9. Remember to always keep your hair clean and free of product buildup.

10. Don’t forget to share your photos on Facebook and Twitter.

11. Have fun experimenting with different styles and textures.

12. Share your thoughts and comments below.  

Cornrows for Black Women

There’s no doubt about it – cornrows are an iconic hairstyle for black women. Whatever your style, cornrows will always be a staple in your wardrobe, whether you’re looking for something different or adding some flair to your every day appearance.

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That’s right; we get to see the actor in character! Here are some examples of actors who played characters when they were younger.

Miniature Cornrows with Loosely Braided Mohawk

Miniature Cornrows with Loosely Braided Mohawk

Cornrows are a popular hairstyle. Plait them into an elaborate style that makes you look like a warrior princess. Use tiny cornrows to make your hair look more interesting.

Modern Cornrow Hairstyle with Tight Back Braids

Box braids are a very popular style among African American women. They are also known as cornrows. Cornrows are braided into tiny boxes, and these boxes are then placed on top of each other to create a large braid.

BlackGold Best Cornrow Braids with Curly Tips

This cute, easy hairstyle is perfect for those who want to add some length to their hair without going under the dryer.

Curly extensions help create more texture and volume, while layers help define your face shape. Gold is one of the few color trends around when we get out of this pandemic. Try adding some gold to your style if you want to try something different!

Twisted Cornrows with Blonde Bun

Cornrows are considered a hairstyle that goes all around the head. Straight-back cornrows start from the back of the head and end up in a high topknot.

The wavy small or large straight-back plait variation makes this an attractive hairstyle. You can add some blonde highlights to this hairstyle and pair it with bold makeup.

Sideswept Purple Cornrows with Pony

Purple cornrows are great for adding color to your hair. These braids are very long, so they give you a lot of bangs.

Depending on how many bangs you want, you can make them longer or shorter. These braids are easy to do because they’re made out of tiny braids. You can use any type of hair, but I used human hair.

Cleopatra Cornrows with Braided StraightBack Part

This hairstyle looks great on women who want to look elegant and classy. You can wear it loose or pinned up, depending on what you prefer. Crystal beads and silver rings add an exotic touch to the overall look.

Cute Short Black Cornrows with Side Bangs

If you want to achieve a modern look, try short black cornrows. These are a little messy, but they’ll make you stand out. If you don’t want to mess with cornrows, try using a side part instead, and it’s a simple way to achieve a chic look.

Natural Cornrows with Long Hair

Try these natural cornrows if you want to show off your natural curls. They are super soft and will leave your hair feeling silky smooth. You can also add some waves to your hair to make it look even better.

Braided Cornrows with Wispy Curls

Braided Cornrows with Wispy Curls

These braided cornrows are very pretty. Try making them bigger or smaller depending on how you want to style your hair. Your hair should be shiny and healthy before working on your cornrows.

Long Curly Cornrows with Beaded Crown

These curly cornrows are beautiful. They are long and thick, which gives you a lot of bangs. Depending on how you want your hair to look, you can pin them up or let them down.

Short Curly Cornrows with Twisted Ends

This hairstyle is very trendy right now. You can choose whether you want to wear your hair twisted up or down, and you can also decide if you wish to keep your ends curled or straight.

Curly Cornrows with Twist at the End

The twist at the end adds a nice finishing touch to this hairstyle. You can make it as big or as small as you like, and you can also decide whether you want to curl your ends or not.

Easy Straight Cornrows

You can easily recreate this hairstyle using regular cornrows. Make sure you take care of your hair after creating the cornrows.

Straight Cornrows with Curled Up Ends

You can create this hairstyle with regular cornrows. Keep your hair moisturized to prevent split ends. After creating the cornrows, brush your hair until it’s completely dry. Then, roll your hair into tight twists and secure them with bobby pins.

Medium Length Brown Cornrows

Brown is one of my favorite colors, and it has a classic feel and is timeless. I love wearing brown cornrows when I’m going for a more sophisticated vibe.

Black Cornrows with Bangs

I love wearing cornrows with bangs! They give me a cute, youthful appearance. According to your preference, you can wear them long or short based on how you choose to wear them. Regardless, they are ideal for a night on the town.

Cute Easy Cornrow Coiffure with Gold Accents

Cute Easy Cornrow Coiffure with Gold Accents

A cornrow bun is an attractive hairstyle that involves twisting the hair into a tight knot or bun.

This style looks great when worn by women who want to show their natural beauty, and this style also looks great when combined with gold jewelry.

Deep Side Part Cornrows with Curve Appeal

This hairstyle looks great on women who want to show off their long hair. The style is very easy to do and takes less than an hour to complete, and you can wear it up or down depending on what you feel comfortable doing. The clear beads make this hairstyle look nice.

Royal HalfHead Cornrows with Natural Pony

This hairstyle is very trendy and cute. You can wear it as an everyday style or dress up your hair by adding accessories.

Eight Cornrows with Defining Middle Part

Cornrows are very popular among African Americans. They are used as a hairstyle for both men and women, and some Native American tribes also use them. They are also used for religious purposes.

Awesome StraightBack Cornrow Braids

Cornrows are an old-fashioned style that is still popular today. They are made up of seven braids, and they are worn straight back to draw attention away from the face.

Sideswept Cornrow Braids with Natural Hair

Cornrows are beautiful hairstyles that let you show off your natural textures. They’re easy to do, but sometimes the tension gets to be too much. When the tension gets too much, you’ll need to gather the ends up into a high half-bun.

Cool High Pony with Cornrows

There was a period when this hairstyle was very popular among women who wanted to look glamorous as well as still be comfortable wearing it.

The hair extension gives the appearance of having long hair. Women who wear this style usually do not need to wash their hair because the extensions stay in place.

Cute Box Braids with Cornrow Braids

Cute Box Braids with Cornrow Braids

Cornrows are considered an African hairstyle. This is a great hairstyle for girls who want to show their natural beauty. Girls love wearing these styles because they feel more confident about themselves.

HeadTurning Cornrow Braids for Natural Hair

Cornrows are very popular among women. They are easy to maintain and come in many different styles. You can wear them as a part of your hair or as a whole style. There are many ways to wear cornrows.

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Coolest Cornrow Braid Hairstyles For The Trend Spotter

Cornrows are a hairstyle that is popular among black women. They protect the scalp by keeping it moisturized. You can leave them in for weeks if you take proper care of them.

There are many different ways to wear cornrows. Some women wear them in simple styles, while others prefer more elaborate designs.

Two Cornrow Braids with Extensions

Females who like to draw attention to their foreheads are usually drawn to this hairstyle. It makes them look more attractive by highlighting their eyebrows and creating a beautiful shape for their face.

Cornrows in Front Box Braids in the Back

Box braids are a classic hairstyle that is easy to maintain. They add a lot of definition and protect the scalp, and they are versatile and can be worn with any other style.

Synthetic hair can be used to create longer braids, and combining them with cornrows gives you a unique look.

Tree Braids Cornrows

Tree Braids Cornrows

Tree braids are one of my favorite styles. I love how they’re easy to do, and you can wear them in a casual or formal style.

They’re also versatile because you can wear them in different ways – either side partings or center parts, depending on what suits your face shape better.

Cornrow Braids with Weave

Weave styles are very popular right now. You can choose from braids, twists, or cornrows. Try out a few styles until you find something you love!

Feeding Braids and Cornrows

Feed-in braids are big right now. These braided styles involve plaiting in hair extension to give the illusion of long cornrows.

Experiment with different thicknesses to get a unique look. Add gold cuffs and other jewelry accessories to make this style stand out.

French Braid Cornrows

African Americans traditionally wear cornrows, and this style is also known as Afro or Natural Hair.

Cornrows are usually made up of two rows of cornrows, and these rows are placed on top of each other and then tied together. The result is a neat, smooth, and shiny appearance.

Jumbo Cornrow Braids

Jumbo cornrows are big braids perfect for people who have long, thick hair. Make sure your hair is braiding tightly and precisely. Keep the rows straight and tight. This style looks great when wrapped up in a polished bun.

Updo Cornrow Hairstyle

Cornrows are a very popular hairstyle these days. You won’t have to worry about keeping them in place, as they’ll stay in place by themselves.

This style is perfect for festivals since you won’t have to worry if your hair gets messed up while dancing. Wear some jewelry to add more flair to your cornrows.

Small Cornrow Braids

Cornrows are very popular among African Americans. They’re easy to do and last up to 4-6 weeks. You can wear them every day or just every few days. They’re strong and durable, and you can leave them in for as much as 6 weeks.

Cornrows with Extensions

Cornrows with Extensions

Cornrows are very popular hairstyles among African Americans. This hairstyle requires a lot of maintenance because it needs to be washed often.

Colorful extensions are an easy way to add some flair to your cornrows. There are so many choices for colors that compliment your skin tone that there is no chance you can go wrong.

Goddess Cornrow Braids

Goddess braids are thicker versions of cornrows, and they’re also protective styles that can last for a few weeks.

Cornrows are usually done by following straight lines from front to back, and the finished effect is strong and feminine.

Mohawk Cornrow Braids

Cornrows are an intricate style that requires lots of patience. You can use this style to show your personality by wearing different colors or patterns. Pair these styles with bright clothing and accessories for a great look!

Cornrow Braid Design

Combining cornrows with other styles makes for a unique look. You can add different textures to make your hair stand out. Braids should be kept short and neat.

Cornrow Braid Ponytail

Cornrows are easy to style and can be worn low, high, or anywhere in-between. A ponytail is a great choice for any season and climate.

High ponytails can be tight and cause tension on the scalp, but pulling the hair back can make your face appear wider and more attractive.

Braid Cornrows Short Hair

You can wear cornrows on any hair length, but if you choose to wear them on short hair, they won’t stick out as much. Cornrows are a protective style that helps prevent hair loss.

Single Cornrow Braid

Cornrows are braids that are close to the head. They are usually made by pulling hair back and then twisting them together.

They are sometimes called “corn rows” or “corn twists.” They can be worn in different styles, such as single or double braid. A single braid looks thick and chunky, while a double braid looks more sleek and elegant.

Mid Length Cornrow Braids

Cornrows are versatile hairstyles that can be styled in many ways, and they can also create different thicknesses and lengths depending on your preference.

Mid-length corn rows give you versatility with styling, allowing you to try out different looks like short braids or cornrow pigtails.

They do not make as much impact as long hair, making this length perfect for a chic but manageable everyday look.

Pigtail Cornrows

Pigtails are long braids that go over the ears. They are very popular among young girls, and they are worn with cornrows for a more modern look.

A longer pigtail is more noticeable and has more impact, while a shorter pigtail looks softer and less obvious.

Beaded Cornrows

Cornrows are a versatile hairstyling technique that can be customized to match your preferences. Besides wearing them as part of your hair, you can also add beads to make them look more attractive as well. These styles are often associated with African culture, and you can use this to show off your heritage.

Half CornrowHalf Box Braid

Cornrows are braided close near the scalp using the underhanded technique. They can be paired with other braids, such as side buns or ponytails. They’re versatile and can be worn on their own or styled with different hairstyles.

They can be thick or thin, long or short, and come in various colors. They can be formed into box braids, one of the most fashionable protective styles.

Blond Cornrows

Cornrows are often associated with African-American women, but this style isn’t exclusive to any race or ethnicity.

Women who wear cornrows with blonde hair can easily be spotted because they stand out among others. Their hair is lighter than most people’s, making their hair appear more vibrant.

Cornrow With Curls And Braids

Cornrows are versatile and stylish. There are many ways to wear cornrows. You can experiment with different styles, trying out different looks until you find the one that suits your preferences and hair type.

If you want to highlight your natural curls or how soft and romantic braids make your hair appear, combine cornrows with braids. Leave the ends loose and curly, and the contrast between the top of your hair and the ends makes a visually striking look.

How much does it cost to braid cornrows?

Depending on your stylist and design complexity, cornrows should cost between 50-and 150 dollars. Your hair length will also affect the price of cornrows, and Cornrows cost less than an inch of hair per row, so long hair means higher prices.

How long do cornrow braids last?

Cornrows are very popular hairstyles. However, they need to be taken care of properly. Leaving cornrows in for too long damages your hair and scalp, allowing bacteria to breed under the braids, and causing bad odor and itching. Your hair will start growing, and the braided part will lose its integrity.

Are Dutch braids cornrows?

Dutch braids and cornrows are very similar, but they are different because they look. Cornrows sit tight and flat against your head, while Dutch braids are loose and voluminous. Both styles can be worn with other braids, but cornrows are used alone.

What are the benefits of cornrows?

There are several reasons why cornrows are becoming increasingly popular:

  1. They are easy to maintain.
  2. They don’t require a lot of maintenance.
  3. They give your hair a unique appearance.
  4. They are comfortable to wear.
  5. They protect your hair.
  6. They are inexpensive.
  7. They are versatile.
  8. They are timeless.
  9. They are fun.
  10. They are beautiful.
  11. They are easy to learn how to do.

Cornrows in The Front And Singles in The Back

When you think about cornrows, you might think about wearing them in the front and the back. Although these styles are common, there are other variations available.

For example, you could wear cornrows in the front with singles in the back. In this case, you would leave the sides unbraided and let the rest of your hair grow naturally.

The best way to get started with cornrows is to look at pictures of other people who have worn cornrows before. Talk to your hairdresser about the process once you’ve decided what kind of cornrows you’d like to try.

Ask them questions about the steps involved in making cornrows. Also, ask about the materials needed to create your cornrows.

Straight back cornrows on natural hair

Cornrows are long strands of hair worn in a particular style. You can wear them to cover up your natural hair or make them part of your hairstyle. To create this hairstyle, you need to use a comb to separate each strand of hair into sections.

Then, you should twist each section around the other sections, creating a spiral shape. Next, you should tie the ends together using an elastic band. Finally, you should apply some hairspray to hold everything in place.

Zig zag cornrows

Cornrows are a style of hairstyling that involves using sections of hair to create a pattern or design. To make cornrows:

  1. Take a section of hair and part it into four equal segments.
  2. Pull each section forward and twist them around each other.
  3. Braid each section separately.
  4. Secure the ends of the braids with an elastic band.

Nigerian cornrow hairstyles

Cornrows are a popular hairstyle among African Americans. Women often wear them as an accessory to their natural hair, and men also use them as a fashion statement.

Cornrows are usually done using a single braid or a double braid. The most common styles include the side-parted, half-up, full-up, and topknot.

Braid design with cornrow hairstyles

Cornrows are an older hairstyle that represents the most senior traditional African hairstyles. Take the strand closest to your ear and switch it with the one at the front, so your hair looks more natural on bad hair days.


Finally, after the painstaking process of cornrow and box braid creation, you should now have cornrows in line with where you want your box braids to end and box braids everywhere else. Once again, please be cautious about the amount of time since your last moisturizing treatment. The skin underneath your scalp will begin to dry out if your hair is left untreated for too long. Remember to cover your scalp with a light layer of oil or butter after each shower.

If possible, I recommend using a fine-tooth comb on the roots of your hair to help create ventilation for when it becomes necessary for you to wear a hat (which, if you’re reading this blog post in December like me, is all the time). That’s all! If this helped you or answered any questions you had during the process, please let me know below.