How Much Do Nail Artists Make Uk

Nail artists in the UK make an average salary of £21,500 per year. This is based on a 40 hour work week and does not include tips or commissions. The hourly rate for a nail artist ranges from £10-£15 per hour.

Nail artists can make more money by working in high end salons, doing private parties or working as a freelance artist.

If you’re considering becoming a nail artist in the UK, you might be wondering how much money you can expect to make. Here’s a look at what typical salaries are for this profession. As with any job, salaries for nail artists can vary depending on experience, location, and other factors.

However, according to The Balance Careers, the average salary for a nail artist in the UK is £17,500 per year. This works out to about £8.50 per hour. Of course, your earnings as a nail artist will also depend on whether you work for yourself or someone else.

Those who are self-employed may be able to earn more than those who work for salons or other businesses. And if you build up a strong clientele, you could potentially charge higher rates than the average price. Overall, though, most nail artists in the UK can expect to earn around £17,500 per year.

So if you’re thinking of starting a career in this field, it’s worth considering what your earning potential could be.

How Much Do Nail Artists Make Uk


Do Nail Techs Make Good Money Uk?

According to, the average salary for a nail technician in the United Kingdom is £17,297 per year. However, salaries can range from £15,433 to £19,854 per year. The median hourly wage is £8.53.

Nail technicians in London typically earn more than those in other parts of the UK.

How Much Do Nail Techs Make a Day Uk?

In the United Kingdom, nail technicians can earn up to £100 (US$130) per day. However, the average earnings are closer to £50-60 (US$65-78) per day. The amount a nail technician makes depends on their experience, location, and the type of salon they work in.

Is Nail Artist a Good Career?

If you love doing nails and making them look beautiful, then becoming a nail artist may be the perfect career for you! Here’s what you need to know about this exciting profession. As a nail artist, you’ll be responsible for creating custom designs on people’s nails.

This can involve anything from painting simple patterns to sculpting 3D art. It’s important to have an eye for detail and be able to work quickly and efficiently. The great thing about being a nail artist is that you can either work in a salon or set up your own business.

This means you can be your own boss and set your own hours! If you decide to go down the freelance route, you’ll need to invest in some good quality equipment so that you can offer a professional service. With hard work and dedication, it’s possible to make a very good living as a nail artist.

So if you’re passionate about nails, why not give it a try?

Can You Do Nails Without a License Uk?

If you want to do nails without a license in the UK, it is possible to do so by completing a course in nail technology. This will allow you to work as a freelance nail technician. However, it is important to note that you will not be able to work in a salon unless you have a license.

In order to get a license, you must complete an accredited course and pass an exam.

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How Much Does a Self-Employed Nail Tech Make Uk

If you’re thinking of becoming a nail technician, or are already self-employed in this field, you might be wondering how much money you can expect to make. After all, one of the main reasons people become self-employed is to earn a higher income than they would as an employee. In the UK, the average hourly rate for a nail technician is £9.

However, self-employed technicians can charge whatever they like and many will charge more than this – especially if they have built up a good client base. It’s not uncommon for experienced and well-established nail techs to charge £20+ per hour. Of course, how much you ultimately earn depends on how many hours you work.

If you only work part-time, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to match the earnings of someone who works full-time hours. But even if you only work a few hours a week, it’s still possible to earn a decent living as a self-employed nail technician in the UK.


Nail artists in the United Kingdom make an average of £22,000 per year. However, there is a wide range of salaries depending on experience, location, and other factors. The highest-paid nail artists can make over £40,000 per year, while the lowest-paid may only make around £10,000.