How to Clean Iphone Bottom Speakers

If your iPhone’s bottom speakers have become clogged with dust, dirt, and other debris, don’t despair! There are several ways you can clean them and get them working like new again. In this article, we’ll show you how to clean iPhone bottom speakers using a few simple tools and techniques.

  • Use a dry, soft cloth to wipe down the iPhone bottom speakers
  • Be sure to get in all the nooks and crannies
  • If there is any built up dirt or grime, use a slightly dampened cloth to gently scrub it away
  • Once you’re satisfied with the cleanliness of the bottom speakers, dry them off with a clean, dry cloth
How to Clean Iphone Bottom Speakers


How Do You Get Dirt Out of Bottom Speakers?

If you’re anything like me, you love your music. But no matter how much you love it, there’s always that one nagging question in the back of your mind: how do you get dirt out of bottom speakers? Just like any other type of speaker, bottom speakers can accumulate dust and dirt over time.

And while it may not seem like a big deal, all that grime can actually have a negative impact on sound quality. So if you want to keep your music sounding its best, it’s important to clean your bottom speakers on a regular basis. Fortunately, cleaning bottom speakers is relatively easy.

All you need is a soft cloth or brush, some mild soap or detergent, and some patience. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting those bottom speakers clean: 1) Unplug the speaker from any power source before starting.

This is for your safety as well as the speaker’s; water and electricity don’t mix! 2) Use the soft cloth or brush to gently remove any surface dirt or dust from the speaker grill and casing. Pay special attention to corners and crevices where grime tends to accumulate.

3) If there are any stubborn spots that won’t come off with just dusting, dampen your cloth with some mild soap or detergent and give them another go. Just be sure not to use anything too harsh; you don’t want to damage the speaker’s finish. 4) Once you’ve removed all the dirt and grime, dry off the speaker with a clean towel or cloth.

Then plug it back in and enjoy your newly cleaned bottom speaker!

How Do You Clean Ear Wax Out of Iphone Speakers?

If you notice that your iPhone’s speakers are starting to sound muffled, it may be because there is a build-up of ear wax inside them. While it may seem strange that ear wax can accumulate in your phone’s speakers, it’s actually quite common. Thankfully, there are a few easy ways to clean ear wax out of iPhone speakers and get them sounding like new again.

One way to clean out your iPhone’s speaker is with a cotton swab. Gently insert the cotton swab into the speaker opening and twist it around to loosen any wax that may be stuck inside. You can also use canned air to blow out any remaining wax particles.

Just be sure not to use too much force as you don’t want to damage the delicate components inside the speaker. Another option for cleaning your iPhone’s speaker is to use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment. Carefully insert the brush into the speaker opening and run it over the surface of the speaker grill.

The vacuum will suck up any loose ear wax and dirt particles. Just be sure not to put the vacuum too close to the speaker as you could end up damaging it. If you’ve tried these methods and still can’t seem to get rid of all the ear wax, you may need to take your iPhone into a professional for a more thorough cleaning.

How to Clean iPhone Speakers at Home

How to Clean Iphone Speaker Holes

If you’re like most people, your iPhone is one of your most prized possessions. So when it starts to malfunction, it can be a real drag. One common problem that plagues many iPhone users is dirty or clogged speaker holes.

If you’re having trouble hearing audio from your phone, there’s a good chance that dirt and debris are blocking the speaker holes. Fortunately, cleaning your iPhone’s speaker holes is a pretty simple process. All you need is a toothpick (or something similar) and some compressed air.

First, use the toothpick to gently remove any visible dirt or debris from the speaker holes. Be careful not to insert the toothpick too far, as you could damage the internal components of your phone. Once the visible dirt has been removed, use compressed air to blast away any remaining particles.

Hold the can about an inch away from the speaker holes and give them a good blast of air. You may need to do this a few times to completely clean out the speaker holes. And that’s it!

Once you’ve finished cleaning out the speaker holes, your audio should be back to normal.


If your iPhone’s bottom speakers are sounding a little muffled, it might be time for a cleaning. Luckily, this is a pretty easy process. All you need is a soft cloth and some rubbing alcohol.

First, dampen the cloth with the alcohol and gently wipe down the speaker grilles. Be careful not to get any liquid inside the phone itself. Next, use a dry part of the cloth to remove any residual moisture.

Once you’re finished, your speakers should be good as new!