How to Get Nail Art Hollow Knight

Nail art is one of the hottest trends right now. If you’re a fan of the video game Hollow Knight, then you’ll love this tutorial on how to get nail art that’s inspired by the game. All you need are some basic supplies and a little bit of time.

In no time at all, you’ll have nails that look like they came straight out of the game!

  • Google “nail art Hollow Knight” and explore the results to find a design that you like
  • Find a tutorial or video on how to recreate the design
  • Follow the instructions step-by-step to create the nail art

Hollow Knight- Secret Nail Art: Cyclone Slash Location

How Do You Get All the Nail Arts in Hollow Knight?

If you’re anything like me, you love Hollow Knight and you love nail art. But how do you get all those amazing nail arts? Well, today I’m here to show you how!

There are a few ways to get nail art in Hollow Knight. The first is to find it in the Hall of Gods. There are three different types of God: Greenpath, Viridian, and White Palace.

Each type has their own unique nail art. To find them, simply explore each area until you find the God’s room. Once inside, look for the statue with the glowing hand.

Interact with it and voila! You’ll have your new nail art. The second way to get nail art is from NPCs.

Some NPCs will give you their own personal nail art designs if you complete certain tasks for them. For example, completing shade cloak tasks for Dung Defender will net you his signature black and white stripey design. Completing sorting tasks for Collector will give you her pretty pink flower patterned nails.

There are many other NPCs with their own unique designs, so be sure to talk to everyone and see what they can offer! Finally, there are a handful of miscellaneous ways to get some really cool looking nails without having to put in too much effort. One is by using the Dream Nail on specific flowers found throughout Hollownest – doing this will cause special dream versions of those flowers to bloom from your hands which look absolutely stunning when paired with the right outfit!

Another great way to add some flair to your nails is by equipping Charms that modify your appearance – there are plenty of these that can be found or purchased from vendors that change the colour or style of your nails in all sorts of ways! And last but not least, if none of those options strike your fancy… why not just go out and buy yourself a nice new set of real life fake nails? They’ll last longer than any dream flower or charm effect… plus they come in an endless variety of colours and styles so you’re sure to find something perfect for your next spelunking adventure through Hollownest!

How Many Nail Arts are in Hollow Knight?

Hollow Knight is a 2D Metroidvania video game that was released in 2017. The player controls a small, insect-like creature known as the Knight, who must explore the vast and ancient kingdom of Hallownest. There are a total of 45 Nail Arts to collect throughout the course of the game.

Each Nail Art provides a different passive buff or ability, and can be upgraded three times to further improve its effects. Many of the Nail Arts are obtained by completing specific tasks or defeating certain enemies, while others are found hidden away in secret areas. Collecting all 45 Nail Arts is required for 100% completion of Hollow Knight.

Where is the First Nail Art Hollow Knight?

Nail art is a creative way to decorate your nails. It can be simple or complex, and it can be done with a variety of materials including paint, polish, gems, and more. The first nail art hollow knight was created by Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama in the late 1970s.

His work was inspired by science fiction and Manga comics, and he used lacquer and enamel to create intricate designs on his clients’ nails. Today, there are many different styles of nail art, and it’s not just limited to Japan anymore! You can find artists all over the world creating beautiful works of art on people’s nails.

How Much Do the Nail Arts Cost Hollow Knight?

Nail Arts are a cosmetic item in Hollow Knight that can be purchased from the Nailsmith for 60 Geo. They offer no in-game function other than to show off the player’s style. There are 12 different Nail Arts available, each of which changes the appearance of the Knight’s nail.

The price of Nail Arts may seem high at first, but keep in mind that they are purely cosmetic and have no effect on gameplay. They’re a great way to show off your personality and make your Knight look unique. If you’re looking for a way to express yourself in Hollow Knight, picking up some Nail Arts is definitely worth it!

How to Get Nail Art Hollow Knight


Nail Master Hollow Knight

“Nail Master” is a secret achievement/trophy in Hollow Knight. It is unlocked by defeating the Nailmaster, an optional boss located in Greenpath. To find the Nailmaster, enter Greenpath from the King’s Station and take the first left after exiting the cave.

The Nailmaster’s lair will be on the left side of this path, behind a breakable wall. He is fought using only your nail – no spells or charms are allowed. The Nailmaster is a tough opponent, but can be defeated with perseverance and careful pattern recognition.

Once you have defeated him, you will earn the secret achievement/trophy “Nail Master”.


Hollow Knight is a challenging and rewarding game that features some of the most impressive nail art you’ll ever see. While the game can be difficult, it’s definitely worth checking out for the amazing artwork alone. If you’re looking to get your hands on this incredible game, here’s how you can do it.