How to Use Hair Gel Effectively

You need to familiarize yourself with different ways of how to use hair gel if looking forward to styling your hair and holding it in place. Hair gel happens to be one of the oldest styling products you can get around and works for both men and women. 

Styling gels are an excellent way of adding body, texture as well as shine to your hair. Applying it on your hair gets easier as long as you have your ideal style in mind. Whether you want to have that dashing look for a night out with friends or tame away flyaway pieces, hair gel works miracles.

So, how exactly do you use hair gel? Let’s find out.

Are you afraid that hair gel might not work on your long hair? Ease your mind up. Hair gels work on both long and short hair. All you need to do is get the right one for the right purpose. These gels not only work for men but ladies as well.

How to Use Hair Gel

1. Choose the right hair gel

Hair gels come in different strengths, and you, therefore, have to select one that suits you best. For instance one that gives you a spiky look may not give you the messy look you are looking for.Gel hair styles for long hair might require a different gel from that of short hair cuts and vice versa.
Hair gels are categorized by the thickness of the compound and the power of the hold:

  • Light foamy gel – The gel is useful in creating a playful/messy look. Use it to make some bounce and add life to your hair.
  • Medium hold gel – Looking for shiny spikes? Go for the medium hold one. Depending on how long your hair is, you’ll need to go for an appropriate amount. The gel also works great if looking forward to creating a wet-look effect.
  • Thick gel – Thick gels give a striking slick-back look. Your hair remains in place all day long. You don’t have to worry about windstorm at all.

2. Wash your hair first

Applying gel to dirty hair can make it less effective, something that you’d rather not see happening. It also makes it crunchier looking. Using it on dirty hair also promotes poor hair health and split ends. Therefore, always give your hair a thorough washing first.

Shampoo and condition your hair like you normally do during your hair cleaning routine. Sine gel works on damp hair, ensure that you don't dry the hair entirely once it’s washed. If short on time, dampen your hair by spraying a little water on it.

3. Scoop some gel out

Get a small dab of hair gel onto your fingertips and then rub your hands after which you gently massage into your hair. You’ll need to use an appropriate depending on how long and thick your hair is for the perfect look. Be careful, though; you don’t want to use more than the required amount as getting out won’t be that easy.

For short hair, you’ll only need a dime-sized amount. Use a quarter-sized amount for medium length hair and two or more quarters for long thick hair. 

4. Apply the gel

Although there are a few gels that are spray-ons, you can apply most gels with your fingertips. Actually, you don’t need a professional to do it for you. It’s that easy! As aforementioned, style your hair according to the look you are going for.

You start by applying the gel just above your hairline. Afterward, work it backward towards the nape of your head. To better incorporate the gel, you can choose to use a comb.

For a straight-haired look, brush your hair to your desired style. Scrunch or twist your hair with your fingertips to encourage curls. To give your curly or wavy hair extra volume, especially at the roots, flip your head over to scrunch the gel evenly.

5. Complete your style

Since most hair gels contain alcohol that makes them dry up quickly, manipulate the gel when it’s still wet since should it dry up. It’ll get extremely stiff and firm.

Mistakes you can Make with Hair Gel

Although we’ve already mentioned that applying hair gel is an easy task that doesn’t require professional help, errors are prone to happen if one isn’t careful. The reason, hair gel is one of the most misused hair product you can find around.

Now that you are aware of how to use it, it’s also important to familiarize yourself with the worst mistakes you can make during the exercise. OH yes, you need to, this way, you’ll learn how to use the gel properly.

The worst mistakes?

Plastering your hair down by using too much

An overabundance of gel robs your hair of natural definition and shape. Go for lighter pastes for a free-flowing yet robust appearance. The results, a youthful look despite your old age! Sounds good, right?

How on earth will you tell that you've applied too much gel to your hair? If you realize that you can’t move your hair 10 minutes after applying the gel, then you’ve added way too much.

Applying only at the tips

Many people, especially men, opt to apply hair gel on the tips even when aware that it’s an odd thing to do. It might be because of lateness to an appointment or simply being lazy. What you need to know is that applying it on the tips denies you the chance to manipulate and style your hair the way you want.

Always apply your gel from the roots to the tips.

Purchasing low-quality products

Cheap is always expensive. You simply won't get the results you aim for if you opt for low-quality hair gel. To avoid getting low-quality gels, familiarize yourself with what you want, look for in the first place. Always go for an upscale version, one without a sticky feel and without the possibility of leaving your hair crisp.

Applying the gel on wet hair

Placing gel on wet hair is one of the most common mistakes. Your hair only needs to be damp but not wet. Water in your hair dilutes the gel causing it to run throughout your mane. After the end of it all, you’ll only worsen the situation.

How To Use Hair Gel For Men


The question of how to use hair gel shouldn't be a difficult one to answer now, right? Get the right one for the style you want and make things easier. Depending on the type of hair gel you choose, your hair will take on a completely different and satisfying look. With hair gels, your hair game will never be a boring one. You’ll always rock different hairstyles for different occasions.