Long Box Braids With Color: How To Make Long Box Braids With Color

If you're looking for a trendy hairstyle to try this year, how about long box braids with color? Dress it up or down as appropriate to your mood and outfit, depending on the occasion. Plus, it's a wonderful opportunity to add some personality to your look.

There are many different ways to style box braids with color, so feel free to get creative. You can add highlights or lowlights in different colors or go for a bolder look with all one color. Consider consulting your hairstylist for ideas if you are unsure of which color to choose.

When adding color to box braids, one thing to keep in mind is that the colors will fade over time. So if you want a look that will last for several months, consider using a semi-permanent dye instead of a temporary one. 

Box braids are very versatile and can be worn in many different ways. They can be styled to suit almost any occasion, from casual events like a family picnic to formal occasions like wedding receptions.

Long box braids with color are especially popular because they allow women to experiment with their hair without worrying about damaging it permanently.

Long box braids also offer another great benefit; they allow women to express themselves creatively by coloring them in colors other than black or brown.

For example, if a woman wants to wear her hair blonde but doesn't want all of her friends to know she has highlighted it, she could dye her long box braids yellow or orange instead.

This is one of the factors why long box braids have become so popular among women who want their hairstyle to reflect their personality and lifestyle choices.

The next step is choosing the color you want for your hair.

Once you have the size of your braids, you should start thinking about the color. You might think that your natural color is always best, but you don't know until you try it. You can get a box braid in just about any color you want - to go for it.

Ask your friends, colleagues or family members what they think would be most flattering on your skin tone if you are unsure.

If certain colors make you look better, then stick with those. Try to be open-minded when looking through pictures online or at a salon, and try something new once in a while.

The good thing about long box braids is that they can last up to four weeks, so if you don't like them after two weeks of wearing them, there will still be time to fix them before school starts back up again.

If this happens, though, make sure not to pull out all of the extensions because this could cause damage where no one wants it: at the root.

It would also be great if you have some friends or family members who can help you with this because it is always easier to learn new things from someone else.

It would also be great if you have some friends or family members who can help you with this because it is always easier to learn new things from someone else.

This is especially true for learning how to do your hair. When someone else is there to help, they can share their knowledge and experience with you while doing their hair. Taking benefits of this opportunity makes sense because you won't have to worry about being embarrassed if you mess up.

In addition, you may also need to turn to a professional for a haircut first. A haircut can improve the appearance of your hair and give you a more polished look.

When selecting a color, keep in mind that you may need to use more products than usual. Since this is an extension, you'll probably need more hold than normal.

You can also find tutorials online that show you exactly how to do your box braids. These videos usually include tips and tricks as well as helpful hints.

Another option is to visit a beauty supply store such as Ulta Beauty or Sephora. They often carry boxes of various colors that you can pick from and see which ones work best for you.

While most people will be willing to teach you how to do a few things, you should ask them for some tips on how to add color and braid your hair to make the procedure faster and easier.

While most people will be willing to teach you how to do a few things, you should ask them for some tips on how to add color and braid your hair to make the procedure faster and easier.

Watching videos shows you what to do online can also serve as a good way to learn.

If no one can teach you, then ask someone who knows how to do this, and they might be able to help.

When learning how to do long box braids with color, there are many different products that you can use to make them look good and natural.

When learning how to do long box braids with color, there are many different products that you can use to make them look good and natural. The following are just some of the options:

  • You can easily add a bit more color to your hair if it is starting to fade after you dyed it. You will want to make sure that you rinse out the dye when your hair is still damp so that you don't have any residue left on it.
  • You can add color to your braids with other types of dyes if you want something a bit more permanent than temporary coloring. These include semi-permanent dyes such as semi-permanent hair extensions or hair wraps and permanent dyes such as semi-permanent gel or spray dyes and permanent gel or spray dyes.

You can select any color you want, whether it is a bold or light shade of blue, yellow, red, green, or even purple.

Color can be a major factor in deciding which braids to go with. You can choose any color you want, whether it is a bold or light shade of blue, yellow, red, green, or even purple. Try to pick colors that will compliment your hair color and skin tone.

If you cannot find the colors you are looking for in a store, do not worry because many other alternatives are available to you.

It does not matter if you don't like one particular color because there are plenty more colors for you to choose from.

There are even some very interesting designs that you can use to create unique looks that will stand out when worn by someone else.

There are even some very interesting designs that you can use to create unique looks that will stand out when worn by someone else. You can use different materials such as beads or ribbons to attach the ends of your braid, and with this method, you can also easily add a bit of color to the braid itself.

Using different colors for each strand is also a great way to make it look more natural, so if you are looking for something special, you may want to consider doing this.

When you have very long hair, you might want to try out a few different styles to find the one that suits your personal tastes best.

The good thing about having long hair is that there is much less chance of getting caught up in them during activities such as sports, which means that they won't get in the way of anything else either.

So now that you know how to do long box braids with color, what are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for now that you know how to do long box braids with color? Get started. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, and there will be a lot of them.

Be patient, and don't give up. Keep your creativity in check, though, as this can sometimes become more of a hindrance than a help. And remember—with practice comes perfection. 

Hair Styles for Long Box Braids

Girls should try wearing their hair in a simple braid. Box braids are very popular among girls because they're easy to do. Long box braids are also very popular among girls.

Girls who wear these hairstyles usually have medium-length hair, and they typically keep the hair loose and flowing around their face.

Girls usually wear their hair in a ponytail behind their heads. It is recommended that you leave the hair loose and flowing.

Half and Half – Burgundy and Black Long Braids

Dreadlocks are very popular among African-Americans. Men usually wear them, but some women also wear them.

Dreadlocks are often associated with Rastafarians, who believe that God created them as an act of rebellion. 

Dreadlocks are made up of many different hair types, including human hair and synthetic fibers. Some people use chemicals to strengthen their dreads. Dreadlocks are sometimes called "Afro" or "natural."

Long Thin Box Braids

There are many ways to style box braids, but one of our favorites is long, thin braids with a pop of color. This look is perfect for summer – it's light and airy, and the bright colors make you feel cheerful. Here's how to do it:

1. Start by splitting your hair in the middle and sectioning off the front half from the back.

2. Next, take a tiny chunk of hair from the front half and divide it into three equal strands.

3. Braid the three strands together, keeping the tension tight as you go.

4. When you reach the end of the section, tie it off with a small elastic band.

5. Repeat steps two through four until you've reached the desired length.

6. Once your braids are complete, apply a little gel to smooth out any flyaways.

7. Finish by spritzing your locks with water and blow drying them straight using a round brush.

8. To finish, apply a shine serum to your hair and let it sit for 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

9. Style your hair however you like, whether pulled back into a bun or left loose and wavy.

10. Spray your hair with hairspray and enjoy the results.

How long do knotless box braids last?

Knotless box braids are protective styles that last about four to six weeks. They're also easy to take out, and you should have them removed after six weeks to prevent damage.

Here are a some ideas to support you style your long box braids.

Box braids are great for long hair, and you can use them as an accessory or a part of your hairstyle. To style box braids, start by taking out any loose hair strands.

And then, wrap your finger in a section of hair. Pull the end of the braid tight, then secure it with a rubber band.

Repeat until you reach the desired length. Once you're done, spray hairspray onto the top of your head to finish off your style.

Medium Sized Long Box Braids

If you're looking for a style that's easy to manage, low-maintenance, medium-sized box braids with color are great options. They add interest and visual texture to your hair, and they're perfect for hot summer weather. Here's how to do them:

1. Create four equal sections in your hair by parting it down the middle. 

2. Take one section of hair and divide it into three parts. Braid the first two parts together, then add the third part to the end of the braid.

3. Repeat this process with all of the sections of hair, then secure the braids with elastic bands.

4. Apply a light coating of oil or serum to tame frizz and keep your hair looking shiny and healthy.

5. Enjoy your new hairstyle.

Long Jumbo Box Braids

Jumbo box braids are great for getting out of the chair faster. You can alternate colors or stick with one color and wrap them in elastic for extra pizzaz.

Adding color to your jumbo box braids can add interest and personality to your look. Your hair can be dyed, highlighted, or extended in many different ways.

You can find on the market a number of products, such as permanent pigments, which are suitable for coloring jumbo braids. These products make the process simple and affordable.

Long Ombre Box Braids

This style is perfect for women who want to add extra glamour and pizzazz to their look. Box braids can be created in many different ways, but the best way to create an ombre effect is by changing colors.

For example, you could have light brown roots and then transition into dark blue tips. Or you could go in all different colors, like pink, blue and green. The possibilities are endless.

Long Brown Box Braids

One of the hottest trends in hair styling right now is long brown box braids. This style is perfect for women who want a low-maintenance look to keep their hair out of their face. They are perfect for a variety of occasions, and can be worn in different ways.

If you are thinking about getting long brown box braids, here are a few things you need to know:

1. Box braids can be worn in various ways, including straight, curly, or wavy.

2. You can wear them up or down, depending on your mood or the occasion.

3. Box braids are great for any occasion, from a formal event to a day at the beach.

4. They are also perfect for women who want a low-maintenance hairstyle.

5. You don't need to worry about damaging your hair while wearing them.

6. The best thing about these braids is that they are easy to remove.

7. If you decide to change your mind about having long brown box braids, you can easily undo them later on without causing damage.

8. It takes time to grow out long brown box braids; therefore, you might want to wait until you've gotten used to your new look before making drastic changes.

9. Keep in mind that you can only achieve the exact look you desire with professional help.

10. Don't forget to visit our website often to find the latest information about long brown box braids.

Long Knotless Box Braids with color

When it comes to protective styles, box braids are among the most popular go-to's. They're versatile, low-maintenance, and can last for weeks on end. If you're searching for a pop of color for your look, here are several knotless box braid styles.

For starters, try adding a bright pop of color at the tips of your braids. This is a great way to show off your personality and style without going too overboard. A few fun colors to try to include pink, blue, green, and purple.

If you want to add more color throughout your entire style, consider using two or three different shades throughout your box braids. It will make them look more dynamic and make them stand out.

Blue Long Box Braids

Adding box braids to your hair can be a fun way to change your look. You can experiment with different colors, and this blue style looks amazing.

The braids are long and full, and the color is bright and vibrant. Box braids are a great way to keep your hair healthy and protected from the elements.

When you add box braids to your hair, you should try experimenting with different colors. You can use this blue style as an example, and it looks amazing.

Start by parting your hair in the middle and then sectioning it off into two even parts to get the look. Next, take the first section and divide it into three smaller sections.

Then, braid each of those sections using a standard three-strand braid technique. When the braids are complete, secure them using elastic bands.

Next, take the second section of hair and do the same thing — part it into three smaller sections and braid them using a standard three-strand braid technique. After you finish braiding each section of hair, secure the braids with elastic bands.

Now it's time to add color.

Box Braids with Bangs

Bangs frame your face and add definition to your hairstyle. They are a perfect choice if you have a round face or need to shorten an exaggerated forehead, but you still want to wear them. This beautiful style shows how to wear bangs.

Medium long box braids with color

You should consider medium-length box braids with color if you're seeking a contemporary style. You can wear box braids in many different ways, making them suitable for any occasion.

You can add colorful extensions to create a fun and festive look or keep them simple with a single color. No matter what style you choose, box braids are sure to turn heads.


Long box braids with color are a simple yet stylish way to update your look. They add a cute touch of color, and they're so easy to do. To get started, you'll need about ½ inch thick braiding hair extensions available in all different colors.

Depending on the style you want for your long box braids, you can choose from many options, including single-colored strands that are all one shade or multi-hued strands that have different shades along the length of each strand.

Once you've chosen your colors and gathered supplies, it's time to braid. At the top of your head, divide your hair into 3 sections (don't worry if they aren't evenly spaced).

Braid each section individually into tight knots, starting at the bottom and making sure not to pull too hard on anyone strand as this creates tension which could cause breakage.

Now repeat this process until both ends meet - otherwise known as "crisscrossing" - before securing them with an elastic band or clip. You can also use a hook instead if desired.