19+ Medium Box Braids Hairstyles You Must See

You may be surprised to learn that not all hairstyles are created equal. Sure, you can chop it off and throw on a hat or leave it long and straighten it—but the truth is that nothing beats having a variety of classic hairstyles in your arsenal.

One of those hairstyles is medium box braids, and you've come to the right place if you want to know everything there is to know about them. Read on for our complete guide, from what medium box braids are to how you can style them for different occasions.

What are medium box braids?

You've probably noticed that the medium box braids are slightly different from traditional ones, and the difference is that these braids are in a box shape and have thin sides.

The hair is not as thick on the sides, making it more comfortable to wear. You can wear these braids in many ways, like weaves, hair extensions, or up-dos.

These styles are perfect for those who want to add some length to their hair but don't want it to be too long. They also work great for people who don't have enough volume to pull off a longer style.

You can also get your hair cut into any shape you like. The most common is a square shape, but you can try some other shapes like a circle or oval if you're feeling creative.

If you want to know what the best style is for you, then look at photos of other people who have them and see what they have done with them. It's always fun to see what others have come up with.

Tightly Wrapped Medium Box Braids

You have to wrap your hair into a ponytail for this hairstyle, and you should wrap up the ends of your hair in a bun and part the side of your hair into two sections. This is another excellent medium-length box braid style for men with round faces because it makes their faces look longer. It also works well on people with long faces as they will look more youthful and attractive with this hairstyle.

Fluffy Jumbo Medium Box Braids

It's obvious from the name that Medium Box braids are supposed to be in between large and small braids, and they come out at the perfect size for a braided hairstyle. The way you braid your hair is also important for this box braids style.

For this reason, if you want to make fluffy jumbo medium box braids, you need to braid bigger sections of your hair to look more voluminous.

This Medium Box Braids hairstyle looks awesome in darker colors like brown or black, even with blonde tips on black hair.

Depending on how long your natural hair is, the length ranges from shoulder level to waist level. If you choose a long hair length for these Medium Box Braids, you will put more weight on your scalp and neck.

If you prefer lighter and smaller medium box braids, check out our first article about medium-sized box braids.

Classic Jumbo Medium Box Braids

  • Classic medium box braids are your best bet if you're not ready to take the plunge with super long and thick braids. The length of these braids is just right to give you versatile styling options and a refined look that won't draw too much attention.
  • Classic jumbo medium box braids are easy to wash, style, and maintain. You can twist them up into a sleek updo for work or leave them loose for flirty springtime curls after a day at the beach. And if you have curly hair, these braids will reduce frizz and keep your hair uncomplicated during the year's warmer months.

Long Center Parted Medium Box Braids

  • Find a medium box braid hair extensions kit suitable for you to use.
  • Divide your hair into equal sections using a comb.
  • Attach the hair extensions to each section of your natural hair with a rubber band or another elastic band.
  • Once you have braided the extensions together until you reach the ends of your natural hair, tie off each braid with an elastic band.

Chunky Blonde Jumbo Medium Box Braids

To get this look, you need to have blonde jumbo box braids. In addition to the blonde hair color palette, you need a skilled stylist to help you achieve this style.

It's not only about braiding your hair and dyeing it; many types come in between. The stylist has to make sure that no single strand of hair falls from your head and everything is intact.

Consult a qualified hairstylist with experience in medium box braids, particularly jumbo box braids, if you'd like this style.

Messy Thin Medium Box Braids

This is the most traditional look, but you can still make it your own by going with a unique color or pattern. This model went with a rainbow theme, and the result is both bold and adorable.

This hairstyle is so adaptable that you could wear it to work, school, or even go on a date. You will not stand out too much if you are in a more professional setting.

Long Medium Box Braids and High Bun

Box braids are one of the most popular hairstyles for black women. If you're tired of your everyday hair styling and want to try something new, this article is for you.

Today we'll talk about medium-length box braids that look as amazing as long ones but require less time for styling.

From elegant hairdos to casual looks, I'm sure you'll find something here that suits your taste and preferences.

And if you don't have a particular hairstyle in mind yet, browse through these pictures until an idea comes to mind.

Thick Goddess Medium Box Braids Hairstyle

You'll need to pull your hair into a ponytail and secure it with a hair tie to get this look. Next, form a hole above the hair tie and pull the ponytail through it.

Wrap the ponytail around the base of the ponytail to create a bun. Make sure everything is smooth before using bobby pins to secure your creation.

Curved Parted Honey Blonde Medium Box Braids Hairstyle

  • Honey Blonde Curved Parted Medium Box Braids Hairstyle

The blonde honey color of this medium box braid hairstyle is the most attractive thing about it. The curved parted look adds a bit of class to the style and makes it more stylish than before. Additionally, this trendy hairstyle will be one of the hottest 2020 hairstyles you can try out.

Jumbo One-Sided Medium Box Braids Hairstyle

Here are some other great ideas for styling your medium box braids:

  • A Jumbo One-Sided Hairstyle with Medium Box Braids Hairstyle
  • Sleek Ponytail Medium Box Braids Hairstyle
  • Bun and Braid Combo Medium Box Braids Hairstyle

Trendy Parrot Green Shade Medium Box Braid Hairstyle

Parrot green shades are something that can never be missed at any point. Regardless of what season it is, the parrot green color will match any event. We have seen different hairstyles in this shade, and this medium box braid hairstyle is one of them.

It has a very trendy parrot color box braid hairstyle, and this looks cool and trendy on the person who wears it. Even if you have no idea how to wear it or do it properly, you can always learn with practice or ask your best friend to help you out.

Medium box braids hairstyles 2022

This variety of box braids is made by adding hair extensions to your natural hair. In this braid, the size of the braid is medium. Another great thing about box braids is getting them done in several different colors to add a more personal touch and style to your look.

Box braids are one of the most popular protective hairstyles for women with natural hair. It allows your natural hair to grow out without causing damage from daily styling and exposure to heat.

This protective hairstyle also has a lot of flexibility since it can be worn down in a ponytail, bun, or hanging freely.

Medium length shoulder-length box braids hairstyles

Hairstyles with medium box braids are a great way to protect the hair and keep it looking great for a long time. It is long enough to do just about anything you want, but not so long that it will be hard to maintain.

Longer box braid styles will be longer than your shoulder length but can also be more difficult to manage.

Medium box braid hairstyles with triangle parts

We have another popular medium box braid hairstyle with triangle parts. This look is different because of the braid pattern, which almost looks like a fishtail braid. The parts are triangular, and the front section is pulled back into a ponytail.

This style is especially ideal for summer weather because it can keep your hair out of your face as you go about your day. It's also great to wear a hat or headband without any hair getting in the way.

Medium-length box braids with triangle parts are a quick and easy way to style your hair at any time of year. You can use this tutorial on how long medium box braids should be along with our other tutorials for styling tips:

Medium box braids updo hairstyles

This is a great medium box braids updo hairstyle for those looking for a great style. Updos are a classic style that is perfect for formal events, but they are also a great way to have a fun and casual look.

Updos can be done on medium-length hair, and they look great whether you have straight or curly hair. The key to having an updo that looks good is making sure it doesn't fall out easily.

Hairstyles using medium box braids

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Beaded Braids For a fun, youthful take on a protective style, choose colorful, playful beads. Add them wherever you like—the ends or throughout the hair.
  • Side-Swept Bangs Box braids are an easy way to create cute bangs without cutting your hair. Wear them long for a natural look or curl for a more dramatic effect.
  • High bun A smooth high bun is classy and elegant and will look great whether in an office or at the gym. You can experiment with low and side buns as well.

Medium knotless box braid hairstyles

Knotless box braids are a popular alternative to regular box braids. The main difference between knotless and regular box braids is that you don't need to use an elastic band when doing the looks with knotless box braids.

This makes knotless box braids more comfortable than traditional ones, but it also makes them much easier to do.

Medium Knotless Box Braids vs. Regular Box Braids

Knotless box braiding is much more recent than traditional box braiding, thanks to new tools that have made it easier.

They are harder to recognize as fake hair because they look like real hair with no knots holding the style together. Therefore, they're ideal for anyone looking for a natural-looking style without having to spend hours in the salon or spend hundreds on extensions.

Short medium box braid hairstyles

  • Take a few bobby pins and create a ponytail at your head with some of your braids. You can then wrap the remaining braids around the base to hide it, pinning them in place as you go.
  • Make a low bun with all your braids at the nape of your neck and secure it with an elastic. Now separate one section at the front of your face, smooth it down and pin it back behind your ear with some bobby pins. This is the perfect style for work or school and going out with friends.
  • Add texture to your bun by pulling apart three or four small sections near the top, creating a more natural-looking bun.

Medium box braids crochet hairstyles.

Medium box braids hairstyles are the perfect way to achieve your dream hair length without damaging your natural hair. Box braids use synthetic hair extensions to add both length and volume to a hairstyle, which can be styled into various looks.

Box braids are incredibly versatile as they can be worn down in a ponytail or an updo. They are also one of the easiest protective styles to maintain since they do not require daily styling.

If you're looking for some new ways to style crochet medium box braids, we have a list of the best styles right here.

Small-medium box braid hairstyles

You can do classic medium box braid hairstyles, updos, or knotless. Small-medium box braids styles will suit any woman. The easiest way to make small-medium box braids hairstyles is to choose a style that requires the least work.


Medium box braids are a good option for those with medium-length to long hair. The style is less time-consuming than cornrows and can be done in some truly funky ways.

You can use human or synthetic extensions, and they come in various lengths, colours, and textures. If you're looking for some versatility and want to experiment with styles, this is a great one.

Whether you're looking for a casual look or something dressy, there's no doubt that medium box braids will get you there.