Nail Art Dlf Mall of India

Nail art is a creative way to decorate your nails. It is a trend that has been around for many years and shows no signs of slowing down. There are endless possibilities when it comes to nail art, from simple designs to complex ones. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can find plenty of it at the DLF Mall of India. This mall has a wide variety of shops that offer everything from clothes to cosmetics, and they also have a few dedicated to nail art. You’ll be able to find any design you’re looking for, whether it’s something festive or just something pretty.

Nail art is one of the latest trends in the beauty industry, and it is taking the world by storm. If you are looking for a new and exciting way to express your personality, then nail art is definitely something you should consider. And what better place to get your nails done than at DLF Mall of India? At DLF Mall of India, we have a wide range of nail art designs and colors to choose from. Whether you want something simple and elegant or something funky and fun, we have got you covered. We also offer a variety of nail art services like manicures, pedicures, etc, so that you can get the perfect nails for any occasion.

Nail Rituals Dlf Mall of India Price List

Nails are an important part of our appearance and can say a lot about our personality. Taking care of our nails is a ritual that many of us perform every week if not every day. A trip to the nail salon is often seen as a treat, but it can also be quite expensive.

If you’re looking for an affordable place to get your nails done, DLF Mall of India is the place for you. They offer a wide range of services at very reasonable prices. Here’s a look at their price list:

Manicure: Rs. 200/- – Pedicure: Rs. 250/- – Nail Art: Rs. 300/- & up

Nail Art Dlf Mall of India

What is Nail Art

Nail art is a creative way to paint, decorate, embellish, or adorn the fingernails. It is a type of artwork that can be done on natural nails as well as on artificial nails. Nail art has become increasingly popular in recent years, and it has been growing in popularity among women (and even some men) of all ages.

There are now entire salons dedicated to nothing but nail art, and there are even competitions held annually to see who can create the most innovative and beautiful designs. There are endless possibilities when it comes to nail art. Simple designs can be created at home with just a few supplies, while more complex ones may require the help of a professional.

Either way, there are literally millions of different designs that can be created, from flowers and hearts to abstract designs and everything in between. Many people use nail art as a way to express their personality or style, and it has even become something of a trendsetting fashion statement in recent years. If you’re interested in trying your hand at nail art, there are plenty of resources available online or at your local craft store to help get you started.

It Can Be Simple Or Complex, And It Can Be Done at Home Or at a Salon

A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the nails and hands performed at home or in a nail salon. A manicure consists of filing and shaping the free edge, pushing (with a cuticle pusher) and clipping (with cuticle nippers) any non-living tissue (cuticle), treatments with various liquids, powders, gels or creams that are rubbed into the nails and on the skin surrounding the nails, followed by application of nail polish. When different colors are used, it is referred to as a French manicure.

What are Some Popular Nail Art Designs

Nail art has been around for centuries, with different designs and styles becoming popular over time. Today, there are endless possibilities when it comes to nail art, with designs ranging from simple and understated to intricate and detailed. Some of the most popular nail art designs include:

1. French manicures: A classic look that is perfect for any occasion, french manicures feature painted tips with a nude or pale pink base.

2. Negative space nails: This modern take on the French manicure involves leaving a small strip of unpainted skin at the base of the nail, creating a clean and minimalist look.

3. Glitter nails: Whether you want a subtle sparkle or an all-out glitter bomb, adding glitter to your nails is a surefire way to add some fun and flair to your look.

4. Ombre nails: Achieved by gradually transitioning from one color to another, ombre nails are perfect for those who want something a little more daring than a solid color.

5. Marble nails: For a unique and stylish look, try marble nails! The design is created by swirling together different colors of polish to create a marbled effect – no two sets will ever be exactly alike.

Some Popular Designs Include Stripes, Polka Dots, Flowers, And Abstract Designs

When it comes to fashion there are endless possibilities when it comes to patterns and prints. Some popular designs include stripes, polka dots, flowers, and abstract designs. Each print has its unique look that can be used to create different styles.

Stripes are a classic pattern that can be used for both formal and casual looks. For a more casual outfit, pair stripes with denim or khaki shorts. For a dressier look, try pairing stripes with a black or white skirt.

Polka dots are another fun and feminine print that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. To keep things casual, pair polka dots with a solid-colored top or dress. If you’re looking for something a little more formal, try wearing a polka-dot blouse with a pencil skirt.

Flowers are such a pretty and girly print that is perfect for spring and summertime outfits. To wear flowers more casually, pair them with shorts or jeans. For a dressier outfit, try pairing flowers with a solid-colored dress or skirt.

Abstract designs are great for adding some extra interest to an outfit without being too overwhelming. Pair abstract prints with simple solids to let the print really stand out.

How Do I Create Nail Art at Home

Assuming you would like tips on how to create easy and beginner-friendly nail art at home, here are 10 simple yet beautiful designs that even a novice can execute. All you need are a few household supplies and some creativity!

1. Use a toothpick or bobby pin to create polka dots. Dip the end of the toothpick/bobby pin into your desired nail polish color and dot it onto your nails. You can make the dots as big or small as you’d like.

2. Make stripes using Scotch tape. Cut strips of Scotch tape and place them on your nails in the desired formation before painting over them with your chosen color.

3. Create a gradient effect by sponging colors onto your nails. Get a make-up sponge and cut it into smaller pieces. Dip each piece into different colors of polish (two or three should suffice) before lightly pressing it onto your nails to transfer the color.

4. Draw lines with a thin paintbrush or pen for more intricate designs. This step is especially helpful if you want to add details like flowers or other shapes to your base design.

5 . Experiment with glittery shades for some added sparkle. Glitter polishes are great for giving your manicure some extra pizzazz!

6. Use crumpled foil to achieve an ombré look. Crumple up some aluminum foil and press it against one side of your nail while painting over it with another shade – this will give you an ombré effect with two colors instead of just one

7. Turn regular polish into chrome/mirror finish polish. You can purchase special top coats for this purpose, but did you know that you can also use clear polish mixed with silver glitter? Just mix equal parts clear polish and silver glitter, then apply it over any dry shade for a similar result

8. Give yourself a marbled mani using water. This technique is achieved by mixing several colors in water before dunking your whole nail in – resulting in a marbleized design

9. Try out the newspaper printing method! Soak a cotton ball in acetone (nail polish remover will work in a pinch), then press it down onto a sheet of newspaper placed over wet nail polish; lift gently, and voila, instant newsprint nail art

10. Get creative with DIY stamps!

You Can Use a Toothpick Or Bobby Pin to Make Simple Designs, Or You Can Invest in Stencils Or Stamps for More Complex Designs

If you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive way to add some flair to your nails, why not try using a toothpick or bobby pin? You can use these household items to create all sorts of designs, from polka dots and stripes to flowers and hearts. Just dip the tip of the toothpick or bobby pin into some nail polish and start dotting or drawing away.

If you want something a little more complex, invest in some stencils or stamps. These come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so you can really let your creativity shine.

You Can Also Find Tutorials Online for Creating Specific Designs

If you’re looking to create a specific design, whether it’s for a project or just for fun, there are plenty of tutorials available online. You can find tutorials for nearly any design imaginable, from simple patterns to more complex images. And if you can’t find a tutorial for exactly what you’re looking for, you can always adapt one to fit your needs.

There are many benefits to learning from tutorials. For one, it’s often quicker and easier than trying to figure things out on your own. Plus, following step-by-step instructions can help ensure that your final product turns out the way you want it to.

When choosing a tutorial, make sure to select one that’s appropriate for your skill level and the type of project you’re working on. There’s no point in struggling through a complicated tutorial when there are simpler options available. Also, be sure to read through the entire thing before starting so that you know what supplies and tools you’ll need and what steps you need to follow.

Once you’ve found the perfect tutorial, take some time to gather the necessary supplies and then get started! With a little practice, you’ll be creating beautiful designs in no time at all.


Nail art has become a popular trend in recent years, and DLF Mall of India is no exception. The mall offers a variety of nail art options for its shoppers, including simple designs and more elaborate ones. There are also a number of different shops that offer nail art services, so shoppers can find the perfect place to get their nails done.