TYME Iron Review: A Cool Combo for Daring to Live By Grace

Why You Should Replace Your Current Iron Right Now

No more bad hair day!

Grab the tyme iron 2 in 1 and transform your look within a few minutes.

Yes, it’s true!

The TYME Iron has "Iconic design" meaning it is designed to combat the test of time! A revolutionary hair tool invented to handle both curls and straightens hair!

Let me take a wild guess; you probably see the tyme curler video, which has gone viral recently and wondering is it just hype.

Or does it really worth the Buzzfeed?

Keep reading this TYME Iron review, and you’ll find out the answer.

TYME Iron Review: Style Your Hair like a Pro

No matter what hair type or length, create any style with tyme 2 in 1 iron at ease.

Can this be true?

Yes, it’s a magical tool that gives every lady the confidence to discover their own unique beauty. It not just a simple curling flat iron tyme, a top grade tool with the entire feature you deserve.

Let’s dive into the tyme flat iron  review.

My impression

The twist is in the iron, not in the wrist.

Yes, it’s true!

2nd generation authentic iron is here to take your breathe away. With titanium plates, it gonna give you optimal results. 

Do you know what amazes me most?

Iron turns on to its last-used setting automatically! Surprisingly enough but it actually has Temperature memory. Good for you. I must admit, it’s hard to find products like tyme iron in this price range.


The very first thing you will notice is it is unusual.

Quite different, isn’t it?

The TYME Iron has "Iconic professional quality construction," which has made to withstand the test of tyme! 

Gold plated plates; makes it ease to use and excellent outcomes for your hair. 

5 Features you’ll Love About the tyme iron

5 Heat Setting

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read TYME flat Iron has five temperature settings.

Astonishing, isn’t it?

 That means you get a door of possibility to set the heat regime needed according to your hair type. The range is available from 300°, 325°, 350°, 375°, and 400° F.

For natural hair, the standard temperature is 365° F for styling. But if you got thinner hair, be more gentle and delicate.

What about you?

If you have chemically damaged hair, iron at the lowest (300°) setting. Let’s not forget, the normal hair needs 325° — 350° for styling on straightening or curling.

Oh, one more thing:

If you got coarse, curly, or thick hair, your ideal styling temperature should be between 375° and 400° F.

Titanium Plating

Do you know most of the professional hairstylists only use the flat iron, which has titanium plates?

Yes, it’s about a beauty secret!

Ever wonder why they use it?

Well, they warm up way faster than ceramic or tourmaline plates. And this tyme iron 2 in 1 is also made by Titanium plating, which is famous for distributing the heat evenly.

The result?

Being an ionic metal it keeps a natural level of moisture, in the meantime reducing freeze. Titanium irons do not damage the hair if you properly used it.

Automatic shut-off

Most probably, TYME Iron Pro 2-in-1 is the safest styling tool so far.


If it remains non-use for more than 30 minutes, the device will automatically shut-off that feature makes TYME Iron Pro a safe device. Coolest feature ever!

Fastest warm-up

Create a gorgeous head of curls in just a matter of minutes.

Yes, you read that right.

Depending on the style, it barely takes 10 minutes or even less. Surprising enough, the curls may last 2-3 days. 

Enjoy a free session with a virtual stylist

No need for searching online for tyme curler video.

You will get a free session where they help you to achieve the style you desire. Even better, they answer any hair health or maintenance questions during free sessions with stylists. 

A couple of things to remember

First, it isn’t your traditional flat iron; you can see the design and the placement of the plate is pretty different from the other. So take some time and watch some tyme curler video to teach yourself. 

Another thing I struggled with, I am a lefty, and this tool seems like made for right-handed people.

When it comes to curling, the technique is quite different also. So read the manual before use. It may take numerous attempts to get success.

Other Tyme Items You Need To Be Flawless All Day Long

Tyme blow dryer weighs less than your favorite pair of the high heel.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Blowtyme is not even 1 pound, with its professional-grade power. Featuring three heat settings and two speeds, it will blow the hair straight up to the air.

Sounds impressive, right?

Thanks to innovative BLDC motor. It sounds pretty low even when it runs on high. That means now you can dry your hair without interrupting the game. 

Pros & Cons of Tyme Blow Dryer


  • Ionic Technology
  • Brushless DC motor
  • A cool shot


  • The button sucks
This top-notch 3 inches round brush gives you the appropriate volume prevail and powers of silkiness. Apart from these, you will love these magnetic, Nonslip handle features for elegant storage. 

Pros & Cons of Tyme hair brush


  • Natural boar 
  • Fast drying
  • Quick heat transfer


  • Too big
This paraben and the sulfate-free formula is safer for keratin-treated and color-treated hair. The best part it’s gluten-free, which means it can be used on any hair type.

Pros & Cons of TYME Thermal Protectant


  • Protects hair against heat 
  • The fragrance is amazing, fresh
  • Paraben-free


  • The nozzle is total bullshit

How to straighten hair with tyme iron?

  • Hair comb
  • Tyme Iron
  • Pins for fixing some strands
  • Conditioning gel, which will keep your hair for a long time

Then, apply some thermal protection to wet hair and dry them with a hairdryer.

Once your hair is fully dried, you can go to your straightening. Then take the tyme iron in your hand, turn it on and proceed. It is necessary to start with the ends of the hair, gradually rising higher and higher to the roots.

It sounds simple, and really it is!

It is not necessary to hold the stylist on the strands for a long time, try to pull the hair with a single movement so that it not only saves time but also protects your hair from overheating.

Pull the necessary curls until they become perfectly smooth, and the iron slides over them. Once you have straightened all the strands, fix the effect with a gel conditioner. That’s it; you’re here is ready.

How to Clean Tyme Iron

The Tyme Iron is equipment that can use daily throughout the day. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to keep them in good condition.

Why am I saying this?

Although it may not be visible to the naked eye, the plates that heat the iron can accumulate traces of hair products, such as oil, conditioner, shampoo, fixative, and mousse. For this reason, it is an artifact that requires constant cleaning to make it impeccable.

But first a warning:

Before starting, the tyme iron must be unplugged and cold. You will need cotton, alcohol and a cloth. First, the cotton must be moistened with alcohol and distributed along the surface of the plates and the edges. Once this is done, the liquid should be dried with a very soft cloth so that the material does not scratch.

We’re not through yet…..

Some substances are much impregnated on the surface of the plates, so gently brushing them with a toothbrush dipped in alcohol or soapy water will make them easier to remove.

When it was already possible to loosen the remains, it is necessary to return the cotton with alcohol to remove them and to reiterate the drying with a cloth. To prevent dirt from accumulating in the slots, these can clean with a swab that also has alcohol.

How To Curl Your Hair With The TYME Iron Pro

TYME Iron Review (FAQs)

1. What is the difference between the Tyme iron and Tyme Iron Pro?

Answer: Tyme iron has the ceramic 3D floating plate; on the other hand, Tyme iron pro has titanium plates. Tyme Iron can heat up to 355 °F in 30 seconds, but Tyme iron pro can heat up to 400 °F. Tyme Iron Pro has extra features; it can shut off automatically after 30 minutes of non-use. So, you don’t have to worry if you forget to shut off it.

2. Where is Tyme iron manufactured?

Jacynda Smith invents a tool that both curls and straightens hair. Tyme iron headquarters in at Phoenix and Iowa. Tyme iron manufactured in Phoenix, and it distributed from Iowa.

3. How do you curl your hair with a Tyme iron?

Apply heat protector spray on your hair then divide your hair into different parts. Turn on your tyme iron at curly mode. Clamp your hair and rotate the tyme iron slightly. If you reach the end of your hair, then release the iron. Twirl the curl as look like a wave. You can make your hair like a beach wave with tyme iron.

4. Does the Tyme iron damage your hair?

Lots of people ask me if tyme iron going to damage their hair or not. Tyme iron will not damage your hair. But you have to care about its heat. If you used it in proper temperature, I Guarantee you that it will not damage your hair.

5. Does the tyme iron really work?

Yes, it works. If you ever use a flat iron like tyme, you will understand how capable this device is. It’s a 2 in one device, and it gives much better work than others.

Final Impression

Tyme Iron is both curling and straightening iron. It was specially made for those people are struggling with their hair straightener. Tyme iron was caused by “A level” materials.

So what are you waiting for?

Take the next step and grab it. Trust me. It’ll all be worth it.

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