Top 11 Picks of The Best Car Sun Shade

Do you get tired of the sun beating down on you in the car? How about getting into a blazing hot car after it’s been parked in the heat? Maybe you have little ones in the backseat that would benefit from a rear window sun shade. 

Whatever your situation may be, sun shades are one of the best accessories a car could possibly have. We’re here to share with you our pick for the top 11 best car sun shades on the market. 

Stay tuned to get in the know about choosing the best car sun shade.

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Top 11 Picks of The Best Car Sun Shade

The market can be overwhelming. There are just so many options to choose from! But that is why we have narrowed it down to the top 11 best car sun shades for you. We will share everything you should know about our 11 picks. You don’t have to sort and search just take a look at these options. 

The EcoNour car sun shade size is average and can be used for standard-sized vehicles. They do have multiple sizes available, according to the EcoNour website. These shades are equipped with a silver side to deflect UV rays and a black side to keep the car cool.

Pros & Cons of EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade


  • Dual-sided design to both deflect rays and keep car interior cool
  • Allows your car to cool off much quicker in excessive heat situations
  • Blocks out more sun than other leading brands.
  • Pops out for easy set-up and folds up easily when you are finished


  • Inconsistent delivery on overall quality, including seams falling apart at receipt of product
  • Very thin material makes the sun shade flimsy

Pair the Magnelex sun shade with some car side window shades and you will be set. This combination along with the free steering wheel shade that comes with it will keep your car cool and breathable. Park for hours or a day with no worries on the way. 

This sun shade fits closely into every crevice that it will feel like you used custom fit car window shades in your windshield. 

Pros & Cons of Magnelex Car Windshield Sun Shade


  • Designed with 210T reflective polyester to block heat and sun
  • Comes with a storage bag so you can stash the sun shade when not in use
  • Receive a bonus steering wheel sunshade with this purchase
  • Easy to set out and easy to fold up for storage


  • Can be challenging to fold up small enough to fit in the included storage bag
  • The size chart is not accurate and the sizes may vary for what your vehicle actually needs

The EzyShade sun shade is easily one of the most versatile to fit a multitude of car sun shade size needs. This 2-piece sun shade makes it easier to use and easier to fit to your space.

Don’t waste your money on buying the best custom windshield sun shade when you can get this one. It feels custom made but is a fraction of the price. Consumer Reports car sun shades picks listed this choice as their number one pick. 

Pros & Cons of EzyShade Windshield Sun Shade


  • Easy-to-interpret size chart that is accurate. 
  • This shade is quite easy to put up and easy to fold away as well.
  • EzyShade has been tested to reduce the heat in your car by 82%.
  • The shade comes in 2 pieces to make it easy to manage. 


  • Has a strong odor that could cause your car to smell funny when used.
  • The frame tends to bend out of shape or warp much too easily to last long.

From sports car to extra-large truck or SUV, Autoamerics has the right solution in mind. This is no funny car sun shadeand there is no funny business to be had when you choose this one. It’s straight up business but it looks and works quite well for the purpose. 

Using this 2-piece sun shade makes the sizing more versatile and more likely to fit. It’s available in various size options as well. 

Pros & Cons of Autoamerics 2-Piece Windshield Sun Shade


  • 2-piece design allows you to adapt the shades to your windshield
  • Shades effectively block UV rays as well as reducing the interior heat of the car
  • Easy to install and comes with a handy storage bag as well
  • Comes with bonus dash anti-slip pads with purchase


  • Shades are hard to control when opening. Be careful as the spring action pops them open with force. 
  • Thin material seems to rip much too easil

The EcoNour classic car windshield sun shade could convert easily to work as a rear window sun shade. It is specifically designed for the windshield but with some innovative thinking, it could work. The EcoNour website informs and describes the versatility of this shade.

Pros & Cons of EcoNour Classic Car Windshield Sun Shade


  • Dual-sided shade to reflect UV rays while also keeping the interior cool.
  • Includes a storage pouch for easy storage of your shades when not in use. 
  • EcoNour is a well-known sun shade company that has rolled out quality sun shades for years. 
  • Easy to pop open for use and easy to store when you’re done. 


  • The material is very thin quality and you can see the sun shining through it in some instances. 
  • Sizing recommendations are not wholly accurate which could result in the wrong size. 

Keep that precious cargo in the backseats comfortable and protected with this retractable sun shade option. These car retractable sun shade pieces can be pulled up or down to reduce heat and glare. Since these are retractable, use them only when needed.

The best thing is you don’t have to worry about your car sun shade size because these are quite versatile to various windows. Give your family and friends the gift of car side window shades and keep the heat out. 

Pros & Cons of Winsall Retractable Auto Sun Shade


  • Breathable fabric that blocks glare and heat while also still allowing to see through the shade. 
  • Can be used for any size car – no size chart necessary
  • Install with suction cups or by hanging on the window
  • Package comes with 2 sun shades so you can cover on both sides if needed


  • Made with PVC materials so you should wash with water prior to use to eliminate odors
  • The suction cups are not high-quality and may need replaced much too soon

Shade-It provides you with one of the highest quality sun shades available on the market. While this is no magnetic car sun shade it fits like a glove and stays in place. You don’t even need to use your car sun shield visor to secure this shade but it gives a bit of additional support anyways.

This shade is made with nylon and 210T polyester threading to make it extra-durable. 

Pros & Cons of Shade-It Windshield Sun Shade


  • Springs into action when opened and folds up easily when finished
  • Made with highly durable materials to last an extended length of time
  • Comes with included bonus gift of a dashboard stick pad
  • 4 sizing options that are versatile in sizing for you to get the perfect fit


  • Tends to not stay in place very well
  • Product in material may leave residue or marks on light colored dashes

Keep your windshield fun and exciting with this funny car sun shade that will share a smile with anyone who notices it. Choose from other print options if you aren’t a fan of the winks and hearts that this one provides.

This sun shade gives you a viable option in the realm of pull down car window shades. It is fun and upbeat while also being able to do what it is designed to do.

Pros & Cons of Sholer “Love at First Sight” Car Sun Shade


  • Made to universally fit a variety of models with no size chart to interpret
  • Fun design to see rather than a boring solid color
  • Effectively reduces sun’s UV rays to protect your interior and keep the car cooler
  • Very easy to pop open and set up. Also easy to fold up and store away


  • The universal fit makes it too small for some of the extra-large SUVs and trucks
  • Slightly flimsy material but will stay in place with the use of your car sun shield visor

This car sun shade size from A 1 Shades is another well-made option that comes in various sizes so you can size up or down to the size you need. A 1 Shades even offers a 3XL option that is designed only for specific vehicles. 

This shade is designed to block 99% of the sun’s UV rays. It is highly effective and tucks into every little crevice for additional protection. 

Pros & Cons of A 1 Shades Premium Windshield Sun Shade


  • Reflects 99% of UV rays
  • 7 size options to choose from for the best fit
  • Made with high-quality material for durability
  • Effectively moderates internal vehicle temperatures


  • Wire easily rips the material and pokes out
  • Bulky and challenging to fold up

This handy combo pack gives you the best car side window shade, rear window shade, and pull down car window shades in one.

You get a 5-piece package specifically designed to reduce the sun’s rays in the rear and side windows. Your passengers will be much more comfortable with these sun shades in use. These are easy to apply and they fold down for simple storage.

Pros & Cons of Minluk 5-Pack Sun Shades


  • Universal sizing for most vehicles
  • Designed with breathable mesh material
  • Simply suctions into place
  • Easy to clean when needed


  • The material is weak and can rip easily if not careful

This pack delivers rear window sun shade and the best car side window shade in premium option. Enjoy mesh UV protection from all passenger sides and you can even put a shade up in the windshield when you aren’t driving.

Pros & Cons of Zataye 4-Pack Car Window Shade


  • Designed with 80 GSM material for the highest possible protection
  • Activated by static cling activity
  • Mesh design is breathable and strong for significant protection
  • Boost your privacy with the dark material


  • Shades come warped from folding and are hard to flatten

How to Choose the Best Car Sun Shade

There are so many options, it can be overwhelming to choose the best car sun shade. Don’t be afraid to check out Consumer Reports car sun shades reviews. You can also look at the best car sun shade from reddit. These are valuable resources.

However, here are a few basic design characteristics you should always keep in mind when trying to select the best car sun shade.

The fit – measure carefully and pay close attention to the fit descriptions.

Material used – look for high-quality material designed to reflect the sun’s rays

Functionality – You may need car side window shades, rear window sun shade, and windshield shades. Or you may just need one of these options. Pay attention to just what your shade will do and what you need. 

With these basic tips, you’re bound to pick out the best sun shade for your needs.

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Best Car Sun Shade FAQs

Do Car Window Shades Keep Your Car Cool?

The ability to block the sun’s UV rays helps to keep the internal temperature of your vehicle reduced. 

Can You Use a Window Shade in the Winter?

You can use a window shade for any season you wish. They work effectively at any time. 

What Would Be Comparable to a Brica Window Shade?

Check out the Winsall retractable shades. They are much more affordable and nearly as effective. 

Should I Get Custom Fit Car Window Shades?

Custom fit car window shades are effective and guaranteed to fit but they are quite expensive to acquire. Buying a universal window shade allows you to use it if you switch vehicles and saves you money. 

Could I Just Tint My Windows?

Tint does help keep your interior cooler but tinting shades are somewhat limited and will not work as effectively as a window shade.

Final Words & Recommendation

Overall, there are many high-quality products shared here in order for you to choose the best car sun shade for you. Remember that what you prefer may differ from what another consumer prefers.

Our top pick for the best car sun shade is the Love at First Sight shade because it is both fun and effective. It also comes for a decent price. Our next pick would be the Winsall retractable shades. These are a great option to keep your passengers comfortable. 

You can pair both of our top picks for the premium solution for your vehicle. Happy hunting and stay cool!