E3 Spark Plugs vs. Motorcraft Spark Plugs Which Spark Plug is Right for You?

2 types of spark plugs, they don't look exactly the same. They are for different vehicles, each with their own pros and cons. However, does that lead to spark plugs that work well?

From the moment you first start driving, you are aware of each and every part that makes up your car. Some parts have a less important role while other parts are completely essential. There is one case in which you would wholeheartedly agree that they do play an important role in a car's functionality: spark plugs.

If you're looking to buy spark plugs, this article will help you understand the differences between Spark Plugs E3 and Motorcraft Spark Plugs.

- The price - How much the spark plugs cost is one of the most important factors in your decision. If you are on a budget, look for cheaper options that may have issues with quality and performance. You can also search for discount deals to make sure your purchase will not be too costly.

- Replace or change? - Spark plugs should be replaced rather than just changed when something goes wrong. It will save you money in the long run and keep your engine running smoothly.

What is an E3 Spark Plug?

What is an E3 Spark Plug?

An E3 spark plug is designed specifically for your vehicle and rated at 12 bars when a ten is normal. A 12 bar engine is the optimum spark you should have in your vehicle.

They are much harder to install in engines. Two wires are required to connect and attach to the spark plug, even on single-cylinder four-stroke engines.

What is a Motorcraft Plug?

A Motorcraft spark plug is a spark plug manufactured by the Motorcraft company and is used in most cars. Motorcraft spark plugs are inexpensive but still work to keep cars running safely.

“Motorcraft spark plugs are a great solution for owners who want to avoid costly repairs and breakdowns to their car engines,” said one reviewer. “It also provides owners with peace of mind when driving on the road.”

Motorcraft spark plugs come in three different sizes, 1/8", 1/4", and 2/8". Despite not being labeled with engine sizes, these plugs are made explicitly for domestic vehicles.

Why should I prefer Motorcraft spark plugs over e3 spark plugs?

Why should I prefer Motorcraft spark plugs over e3 spark plugs?

Motorcraft spark plugs are known for their performance and quality. They have a much higher spark plug wire electrode gap than other brands. The combustion chamber can pass more fuel, resulting in better fuel efficiency and more power.

Spark plugs from Motorcraft are more durable and cost-effective than those from E3. They also provide a longer service life in high-performance engines.

Which Spark Plug is Best for you?

Several factors should be considered before you get started with your search for the right spark plug. The biggest thing to remember is that what's right for one vehicle may not suit your own.

It may be necessary to try several plugs before finding one that works best for your needs. Spark Plugs are expensive to install. To use spark plugs, the engine needs to be cold. This is where the two main plugs differ.

While e3 can be used in an engine warm from a hot idle, Motorcraft plugs cannot. Motorcraft plugs are made to fit the spark plugs in the lower slot of an engine. This means that they must be installed as the vehicle engine idles. As a result, you will need to hold your vehicle at the coldest idle your engine can get.

How they're made

They come in different sizes, and different sizes mean different price points.

A metal core keeps a car's spark plug from short-circuiting when moisture condenses in the combustion chamber.

The Motorcraft spark plugs are made from a copper alloy. Platinum-cobalt alloy is used in the e3 spark plugs to produce more power and heat dissipation.

How do they work?

E3 has to be used in vehicles that can have a 3-prong electrical system. This means that the connector has to have three prongs on it and that it's the number of prongs that varies.

Motorcraft Spark Plugs require that you install the plug in the 3rd prong connector in the vehicle. There are times when a 3-prong plug is hard to find because of the type of vehicle or engine size.

You can solve these problems by purchasing extra connectors, like the one pictured above. For Motorcraft plugs, you will need to purchase a different plug than what is pictured.

Buy the correct plug. In the picture above, you see the right plug for any engine between 3.8-4.5L and 5.3-6.0L. For example, if your engine has a 3L and a 4

Ease of installation

  • E3 spark plugs have a longer bulb with two-piece construction. This makes it much more user-friendly. 
  • Motorcraft spark plugs are also single-piece and shorter. It's easier to install than the e3 spark plug. They can be more challenging to install on engines that are over 4L. 
  • Motorcraft spark plugs have more spark gaps than e3 spark plugs. This can confuse the engine when trying to start or completely shut down the engine. However, this gap can be overcome by people with little to no experience using e3 spark plugs. 
  • Spark plugs in Motorcraft have magnets that can be placed to make starting easier.

Tips of E3 and Motorcraft Plugs:

  • Specifically tailored spark gap: Not the "one size fits all" policy of other "premium plugs.". Spark gaps have been carefully selected for each application to maximize performance.

  • Platinum center electrodes make it easier for a spark plug to generate a more powerful spark. This reduces the voltage required for ignition in many engine-powered devices.

  • It lasts longer than platinum or copper plugs and needs to be changed after 100,000 miles.

  • Engine design can impact greenhouse gas production and efficiency! Choosing the spark plug may cause a reduction of pollutants and economic benefits.

  • Ford Triton plug with a taper seat designed for 2004-2008 pickups

  • A double Platinum plug may be the most suitable plug for your vehicle.

  • Spark plugs are made from many materials, but copper is the most common and affordable bunch.

  • One of their best products is the ACDelco 41-993 Iridium Spark Plug; NGK. This product was founded in 1936, and it has over 7 million distributors all around the world.

  • Excessively long lifespans can impact gas mileage and vehicle performance. Different manufacturers may have different gap sizes, so you need to choose the right size for your car. Bosch has Copper and Nickel Spark Plugs.

What I Liked About the Spark plugs

What I Liked About the Spark plugs

I've had the Ford Explorer for four years, and the E3s are a little shorter than the originals. While cold, I had a misfire, but it went away when I switched back to Motorcraft plugs.

The surrounding people didn't notice power or mileage gains when I tried these engines. But I still tried them because of the money-saving and fuel efficiency benefits.

If you don't replace your spark plugs, what does that mean?

It is important to replace your spark plugs regularly to avoid damaging your engine. Spark plugs gradually lose performance over time, so it's a good idea to replace them soon. Most cars that have a lot of mileage on them will eventually experience some related problems.

Sometimes people may lose power, but in the worst-case scenario, they can stop running altogether.

Do I need to change my spark plugs often?

Do I need to change my spark plugs often?

Spark plugs are extremely durable and should be changed every 70,000 miles. Removing and replacing the old plugs is a quick and easy job that many mechanics recommend doing routinely.

Keep your spark plugs in good condition to ensure that your engine performs at its best. Changing them out accordingly can make things go more smoothly, especially when dealing with these intervals.


To find the best spark plugs, you need to find the best compatible plugs first. This requires you to check the cars to see if you can find compatible spark plugs. E3 was an excellent choice for the turbo cars as it fits under the hood for the standard-sized turbo but not all turbo cars. Motorcraft spark plugs fit under the hood of short wheelbase vehicles, easy to install and inexpensive.