Italian Best Hertz Speaker Reviews – Are They Really Best?

Nothing lightens up one’s mood than going on a long drive with a soothing melody playing in the background. To experience all of that, you’d need speakers and not just any speakers but the best ones in the market; the Italian Hertz.

Here, we will present to you a couple of hertz speaker reviews along with all the pros and cons of the product. After going through the article, you would really be able to determine whether the hertz speakers really are the best ones in the market or not.
You don’t have to wait any longer as we are getting started right this moment.

Our Best Picks Hertz Speaker Reviews

This company has come out with dozens of speakers, but in our opinion, the ones we mentioned below belong to the top. Let’s get started with the hertz audio reviews.


HERTZ HCX 165 6.5" 2-Way Hi-Energy Coaxial Speakers HCX165

1. HERTZ HCX 165

Nowadays, most teens, as well as adults, are a big fan of trap music. Those loud and catchy beat drops will surely make you want to get on the dance floor. We think you’d jump on the opportunity of getting this after going through the Heartz HCX 165 review.

The hertz 6.5 speaker coaxial, 146 mm mount dept, and a 20-millimeter dome made from Neodymium Tetolon will provide sounds that are loud enough to be heard by your neighbors.

Its response frequency is 50Hz to 22KHz, along with a sensitivity of 92 DB and impedance of 4 ohms. This means that the electrical signals fed to the speaker are converted to sound at an incredible speed and ensures that you hear each and every word loud and clear.

Furthermore, the damped mesh fiber cone and anti-vibration covers ensure that there is less and, if possible, no distortion when a sound is produced. So you can hear each note as clear as a day.

What do I like most?

  • Undistorted sound is produced by the speaker
  • Loud and clear sounds are produced
  • Can be plugged to any power outlet

What could be better?

  • Mounting is too small to be used for as home theatre system

Naom NMC3Bluetooth Speakers

NOAM NMC3 - Waterproof Motorcycle/ATV Chrome Speakers Bluetooth Stereo System

2. Naom NMC3 Bluetooth Speakers

Whenever one thinks about purchasing a speaker that has to be used on a bike, clarity and loudness become their main focus. When you're riding through the town or through somewhere busy, you need to clearly hear what’s been playing on the speaker and the NMC3 is guaranteed to provide the sound you’re looking for.

Firstly, the price of the product is fairly cheap. This affordable item has a built-in NA2 amplifier allowing you to get amazing sound quality. Next, the product has an N3C 3.5 speaker which has a watertight neo motor paper cone and a Whizzer cone.

Due to this, the speaker is capable of producing sound at amazing quality and, that too, with crystal clear clarity.

The NR controller has a high-quality Bluetooth chip that is compatible with any device. This allows you to easily connect to your device and listen to your favorite rock song.

What do I like most?

  • Can connect via Bluetooth
  • Has an auxiliary port just in case Bluetooth is not an option
  • Powerful and loud allows you high clarity

What could be better?

  • Made from plastic so is prone to damage

HERTZ Audio DCX 165.3

Hertz Audio DCX 165.3 6.5" 2-Way 60-Watt RMS DIECI Series Coaxial Speakers - Pair

3. HERTZ Audio DCX 165.3

If you are looking for something that is more than capable of giving you crystal clear sound but your limited budget is stopping you from getting them, then the HERTZ Audio DCX 165.3 is the one for you.

It is filled with amazing features. For example, the speaker has a two-faced 60W RMS DIECI coaxial speaker. These speakers which require a low power input of 120W ensure you top quality sound along with clarity of the highest kind.

Next, the Neodymium used in making the dome makes the speaker compact and easy to carry. Not only that, due to the shape and fabric of the PEI dome, the speaker is cable of producing higher frequencies. This allows the speaker to nail those high pitch notes without causing any distortion.

And, finally, the Tpu surround, and the resonance damping ensures that you can hear each and every note as clear as diamond and as loud as your noisy neighbors.

What do I like most?

  • Can produce high-quality sound at top-notch clarity
  • Requires less power to operate
  • Light and compact structure of the speaker makes the installation process easier

What could be better?

  • Too small to be mounted in cars or as a home theatre

HERTZ HCX-165 17cm

Hertz HCX-165 HCX165 17cm 2-Way Speakers

4. HERTZ HCX-165 17cm

It is very hard to pick the right type of speaker that will easily fit the back of your cars. But, the Hertz HCX-165 17cm guarantees that it will fit most of them with ease.

The 17cm diameter of the speaker makes it quite big. Due to this, the speaker has an edge in easily fitting most cars. The product has a new and revolutionary tuning system. RHFC (Rotary High-Frequency Contour), which was recently installed in the speakers allows you the system to move the tweeter towards the audience.

Thus, it increases the options for installations and allows you to tune the speaker from almost anywhere.

The hertz high energy coaxial speakers made with pure copper coil, damping mesh, etc, ensure a loud sound that is crystal clear in quality. This has almost zero distortions at maximum volume.

What do I like most?

  • Very powerful and, hence, is capable of creating very high volume sounds
  • The speaker is big enough to fit most cars easily
  • Advance tuning system allows you to tune and use it with ease

What could be better?

  • The tweeters are fragile and can break or be damaged very easily

HERTZ Audio DCX 690.3

Hertz DCX 690.3 (DCX690.3) 3-Way Dieci Series Car Coaxial Speakers

5. HERTZ Audio DCX 690.3

Long drives with music playing in the background is a whole different experience. This speaker by Hertz helps you to cherish this experience perfectly. Let’s see why.

HERTZ Dcx 690.3 has a frequency of 45Hz to 21KHz along with high sensitivity. You get a speaker which is capable of blasting your ears with cool bass and takes swage to a different level.

The speakers operate with an RMS power of 90 watts. This is comparatively high for a speaker and allows you to enjoy loud and clear music.

It has a high impedance of 4 ohms, which means an electrical signal can easily be fed to the speaker, and in turn, can easily be converted into high quality of sound.

Manufacturers have ensured that the tweeters are more firmly attached so that the tweeters can function without breaking off or get damaged when the speaker is in use.

Large motors have been installed inside the speakers. These motors are powerful and fast allowing them to move the tweeters. The notes are heard more clearly because of this movement of the tweeter. Another good feature of this speaker is its mounting that allows easy installation.

What do I like most?

  • Powerful speakers produce great quality sound without any disturbance
  • Requires high power to operate which prevents harm from voltage fluctuation
  • High impedance allows more electrical signals to pass easily

What could be better?

  • Its fragile and weak so can be damaged easily

HERTZ Audio HCX 690

Hertz Audio HCX 690 (HCX690) Hi-Energy 6"x9" 3-Way Coaxial Speakers

6. HERTZ Audio HCX 690

Hertz is a reputed company known to make powerful and reliable speakers. Their new work is a revolutionary speaker, which is a perfect symphony of power and top quality.

Unlike most conventional speakers, the hertz hcx 690 is made from a 3 face Coaxial speaker. Thus, the hertz 3-way component speakers beat sounds are well produced and loud.

They have also increased the frequency response range to 32 Hz - 23kHz. This increase allows all the electrical data sent to the speaker to be converted into sound at a faster rate.

To operate, the 3face Coaxial speaker requires a large amount of power. The speakers require a peak power input of 260 Watts. Such a high power allows the speaker to function at a higher precision and speed.

The highly sensitive speaker with a big 6x9 woofer size has two types of tweeters attached to it. One is the normal one and the other one is called the super-tweeter which is 20mm.

What do I like most?

  • Two differently sized tweeters increase the accuracy of the speaker
  • High power produces high volume and more crisp and clear sound
  • 3 way Coaxial allows you to produce higher pitch and bass

What could be better?

  • Are made from a material which makes them fragile and easily breakable

Hertz HMX8

Hertz Audio HMX 8 8" Marine Coaxial Speakers 4 Ohm 200W

7. Hertz HMX8

Price should not be the biggest factor when you are looking at something that will let you enjoy the amazing sound quality. The Hertz HMX8 is a product that will make you go crazy with its top-notch performance.

The product was manufactured with more powerful marine Coaxial speakers. This allows you perfect bass and treble and, ultimately, provides an amazing experience.

New and stronger tweeters have been introduced. These tweeters move to and fro the listening point and ensure quality high pitch. The strength of the tweeters also ensures the protection of your speaker from any damage. Manufacturers have made the product with UV resistant material.

This makes sure that nothing such as UV, water, dirt or rust can do harm to the speaker making it very long-lasting.

The speakers require a high power to function. It needs an input of 200 watts, which will provide it the power to produce high-quality sounds for a fun and satisfactory experience.

What do I like most?

  • Marine Coaxial Speakers allow it to produce a higher volume of sound
  • High respond frequency converts data to sound much more quickly
  • Magnetic assembly prevents distortion of the sound

What could be better?

  • Very heavy so can be difficult to install


Hertz ESK165.5 6.5" Component and ECX690.5 6x9 Energy Series 3 Way Coaxial Car Speakers with Kenwood KH-KR900 Headphones Bundle

8. HERTZ ESK 165.5

If you are someone who is looking for great sound quality and a device that you will use for years, then look no more as the ESK 165.5 by Hertz is the perfect candidate for these.

The speaker starts with a 2-way 6.5 speakers. These bad boys are loud enough to let the neighbors know that you have arrived in your car.

Also, the 300 max watt power is able to provide an adequate amount of power. This enables the speaker to create clean sound notes. It has a copper coil wound on an aluminum former. This increases the thermal and mechanical capacity and increases the efficiency of the device.

Also, the hertz 6.5 speakers are made from Butyl rubber. Due to this, the device is watertight, and hence, there is no chance of corrosion or rust formation on the speakers.

So many great qualities at an affordable range is a dream come true for many.

What do I like most?

  • Made from waterproof material which ensures no formation of rust
  • Good thermal capacity means that the device will not be harmed if it heats up
  • Powerful speakers produce loud and clear sound

What could be better?

  • Is heavy so could be tough to install in your car

Hertz Speaker Reviews: Here’s What to Look for before Buying Hertz speakers

You need to research first before purchasing a speaker. There are a few things you need to look at to ensure that you can get the maximum use out of the product.


Sound Clarity and Quality

This is one of the essential things you need to check. Buying a speaker that does not have good sound quality or clarity would be a bad investment. Take a look at the range of frequency of the product and that should be enough to let you know whether the quality is great or a dud.

Type of Speakers

You will find two kinds of speakers in the market; full-range speakers and component speakers. The latter is capable of giving a better sound quality as it comes with separate items such as tweeters and woofers. This advanced speaker usually has a big price tag attached to it.

The fuller range ones are cheaper options but come only in one unit

3 Way Or 2 Way?

You'd only get a woofer and a tweeter when you purchase a 2-way speaker. But you'll receive tweeters, woofers, and a mid-ranged item as well. This allows the beats to be heard more clearly. But the 3-way speakers are much more expensive than the 2-way ones.


Your speaker has to be compatible with the vehicle you want it to be installed in. For bikes, you’ll need a much smaller speaker than what you need in a car to fit into its system.
Take measurements of the space in your vehicle, and match it with the specifications of the speaker.

The Sensitivity of the Speaker

How much sound your speaker generates is the meaning of sensitivity. Highly sensitive speakers are needed for cars that have a low-powered system and vice versa.


hertz speaker reviews Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which company manufactures Hertz speakers?

This speaker is manufactured by a company name Hertz audio mobile. It is an Italian brand, and the headquarters is located in Potenza Picena.

2. Is the sound being produced any different with dissimilar tweeters?

Yes, there is a difference. The tweeters made up of silk or paper respond more and can quite smoothly blend sounds. While the composite ones blend it a bit rough but are more long-lasting.

3. What should one do if the sound of the speakers become distorted after increasing the volume?

Just use a bass blocker. This way, you’ll be able to remove low range frequencies and will hear a cleaner sound.

4. Can the Hertz speakers get damaged while using it with high volume?
Yes, it can. Overusing it with exceedingly high volume, which is not advisable for human ears, will distort the sound quality and therefore overheat the entire system. This takes place over time.

5. Are any of the speakers manufactured by Hertz waterproof?
Unfortunately, none of the speakers constructed by Hertz is waterproof.

6. How does Hertz ensure a great quality of products?
They just don’t test their products. The company does a thorough check with advanced computerized methods to ensure good quality.

Final Words

After looking into the products thoroughly, we could say that the reputation of the hertz speakers hold is for a very good reason. They are certainly one of the best.

We hope that the hertz speaker reviews helped you out to pick the best product according to your taste.

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