Top 7 Rough Country Reviews

Lift kits are so expensive! When it comes to working on the undercarriage of your vehicle, you want the best. But do you really have to spend an arm and a leg to get a good option?

Rough country reviews are heavily mixed. You hear and see a lot of complaints. What you don’t hear as much are the success stories. You miss the comments of those who have never had issues. You also don’t get to see what the company does to fix rough country lift kit problems and rough country suspension problems.

One thing to note is that rough country continues to adjust their pieces to improve the quality. When an issue comes to light, they take it by the horns. So the question is, is rough country junk? We’re going to give you 7 rough country reviews and let you see the facts to decide for yourself.

Our Top Picks of Rough Country Reviews

As we dig deeper into what rough country has to offer, we’ve chosen 7 products to review. These 7 products are the very best that rough country has to offer. 

In the world of rough country jeep lift reviews, this stabilizer is a highly-rated Jeep tool. This stabilizer fits an 87-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ, YJ, XJ, and ZJ or a Silverado Sierra HD. With the stabilizer, you can reduce front-end vibration.

Ultimately, the stabilizer allows you to protect your tires, ball joints, and steering devices. It will protect your ball joints from wear and tear that often come with off-road playing. Jeeps are well-known all-terrain vehicles. Use a stabilizer to protect other parts of your toy.

Pros & Cons of Rough Country Steering Damper Single Stabilizer


  • The stabilizer is easy to install and can be done at home.
  • This stabilizer is backed by a 3-year warranty from Rough Country
  • Can be used with some Chevy lift kits and rough country lift kit reviews GMC


  • Make is inconsistent and sometimes has to be modified for proper installation

In this rough country leveling kit, you get added N3 shock absorbers that easily put the competition to rest. In 6 lift kit reviews, this leveling lift kit is just right. The rough country shocks in this lift kit are ideal for reduced lift levels.

This kit is designed to give your vehicle both performance and style without being overstated. You get that increased ground clearance while also getting the best shock absorption. The N3 shock addition even beats some Ford lift kitsand Toyota lift kits on the market.

Pros & Cons of Rough Country 1.5 – 2-inch Suspension Leveling Lift Kit


  • You will notice that your overall ride quality will feel like your truck is straight from the factory.
  • Rough Country offers a lifetime replacement warranty to guarantee their products.
  • Designed with fabricated blocks for increased strength and lifespan.


  • The shocks seem to be inconsistent, some arrive stripped while others do not last long.

For just a moment, toss aside your thoughts of rough country spring review. Set aside your negative questions on rough country suspension problems. Forget about those rough country lift kit problems reviews you keep seeing.

We’re bringing an outside option to your perusal. If you already have the perfect Ford lift kits at your disposal, you might want to check out these. These neoprene seat covers are made for the 2015-2019 F150 models.

The seat covers are water-resistant and the perfect addition to your truck.

Pros & Cons of Rough Country Neoprene Seat Covers


  • You can purchase the front/rear as a combo or simply just buy front or rear. 
  • These covers are easy to install at home.
  • The neoprene material is UV resistant, water-resistant, and fully breathable. 


  • The rear seat covers are slightly awkward and challenging to install but fit great.

If you’re wondering whether rough country shocks are any good, take a look at this rough country jeep lift review. This kit eliminates many complaints listed in authentic rough country premium N3 shocks review information. 

The shocks have been improved but there is also a difference in the kit functionality. This TJ 2.5 lift is designed for Jeeps. It is meant to be compatible with TJ and LJ 6-cylinder Jeeps from 1997-2006. This gives a broad range of versatility for this set.

Pros & Cons of Rough Country 2.5-Inch Lift Kit


  • This kit is designed to provide performance and style into one affordable package. 
  • N3 shocks are some of the best-in-class options with unmatched ground clearance capabilities. 
  • Kit is backed by a lifetime replacement warranty.


  • While this kit works well, the front-end vibrations are inconsistent and need additional work for reduction. 

As far as rough country jeep lift reviews go, here is another viable option. This lift kit is designed for the 2018-2019 JL Jeep Wrangler series. This particular package is specifically a suspension system. There are no rough country suspension problems to report on this model. 

This suspension system gives you ultimate ground clearance that works well for on and off-roading adventures. The design is built to hold your coil springs in place no matter what your ride is like. Rough country states not to use 35-inch tires with this kit as they may rub.

Pros & Cons of Rough Country 2.5-Inch Lift Kit for Jeep Wrangler JL


  • Spacer lift system built specifically for the Jeep Wrangler 2018-2019 models.
  • Suspension system is pretty easy to install by yourself at home.
  • This kit is backed by rough country’s lifetime replacement warranty.


  • You may have to install some spacer ring pieces using your fingers rather than tools.

Rough Country brings you the solution for Dodge lift kits with this 3-inch lift kit. Dodge rough country lift reviews report that this kit is an affordable solution. This kit also includes the N3 rough country shocks that are quite popular. 

This system was designed for the 2012-2018 Ram 1500. It will give your Ram the best clearance with ultimate shock absorption. This kit was redesigned and updated to use tubular upper arms. This change keeps everything in the best place with the best protection.

Pros & Cons of Rough Country 3-Inch Lift Kit


  • The control arms come enhanced with Clevite OEM bushings. 
  • Recently updated and redesigned to overcome rough country lift kit problems that were identified
  • Sleek and stylish design that will give you just the lift and protection you need. 


  • The nut on the strut is prone to rust. Check out the 3-year strut warranty for replacement. 

This rough country leveling kit is designed for 2007-2019 Chevy Silverado, Suburban, and Tahoe. This kit will also work for the GMC Sierra and Yukon. As far as Chevy lift kits go, this is a premium leveling option. This will level your front-end with the rear end with no strut disassembly. 

There is no need to switch wheels to make this kit work. It is perfectly compatible with stock wheels. We recommend adding the spacers for the best fit.

Pros & Cons of Rough Country 2-Inch Leveling Kit


  • Fits smoothly and comfortably on the exact models noted for this rough country leveling kit.
  • Superior quality leveling kit that is well worth the buy. 
  • A great value-for-money that you don’t see in most leveling kit options. 


  • Rough country specifically states compatibility is limited. Do not try on certain models outside of the limitations.

Things to Consider When Buying Rough Country Products

One thing you will notice if you do a Google search of rough country reviews is that you get a broad range of results. There are many negative reviews that speak of issues but there are a number of success stories also.

The rough country 3.5 lift 2500 HD review is by far one of the worst representations of the company.

There are many positive qualities to be known though. The company has taken great measures to improve products that received bad reviews. You might have seen this noted on the Dodge lift kit we shared in the ranks.

Here are some things to consider when purchasing rough country products.


Does your vehicle fit into the specified category for the product? Many products have specific functionality with little versatility. Choose the right one.


Nearly all rough country jeep reviews are highly positive. It would seem maybe there is a nice for the Jeep market with this product. 


Stop reading the rough country 3.5 knuckle lift review and rough country 4-inch lift reviews that don’t apply to you. Simply focus on your specific needs. Don’t let someone else’s bad experience ruin your perception.

Remember that rough country is taking strides to improve products that were previously rated negatively. They might be worth giving a chance despite those rumors.

Why Rough Country Products Are Different Than Others

Why Rough Country Products Are Different Than Others

Rough country offers a high-quality product at a fraction of the cost from competitors. In rough country reviews, you find that the materials are durable and lasting.

While these products are not fancy top-of-the-line choices, they deliver far better results than cheap knock-offs.

Additionally, most of the products are backed by lifetime warranties. This shows us that rough country stands behind their products. 

Why Should We Lift Our Car/Truck?

Many people lift their vehicles just because they like the way it looks. This is a great solution to making your vehicle stand out from other stock vehicles. But, looks aren’t always everything.

More commonly, vehicles are lifted because it provides additional clearance for the vehicle. You can install larger tires and get your vehicle higher up off the ground. This gives your vehicle additional functionality and capabilities that it just might not have otherwise. 

How Lifting Cars Works

Lifting a vehicle is done by replacing shocks, arms, and springs in the front and rear end of your vehicle. Most of the time, this is done with a full lift or leveling kit that comes with all of the necessary pieces. 

Most kits will lift a vehicle 1-4 inches. However, there are options that can lift up to 18-inches. These are a bit more extreme.

Typically, you can install the lift kits from home and add larger tires to better fit the lift as well. 

Rough country shocks absorb the extra shock and vibration that comes with a suspended lift increase.

Is Lifting Cars/Trucks Dangerous?

Lifting your vehicle is not necessarily dangerous. There are not increased accidents simply from lifting the vehicle.

However, in the event of an accident, the casualties could be worse because of lifting. The lift in a vehicle causes it to be more likely to roll. The lift also means farther to fall when rolling. The other thing is the lift can do serious damage to other vehicles as well.

Are Lift Kits Legal?

Lift kit options and legalities vary by location. For instance, in Kansas, there are no laws and limitations surrounding lifts and suspension. However, other states may limit the amount of lift or suspension allowed.

Maintenance of Rough Country Products

Maintenance of Rough Country Products

Nearly all rough country products are backed by lifetime warranties. The struts are often backed by 3-year replacement warranties. 

It’s up to you to perform routine maintenance and system checks to ensure everything is operating and functioning as it should be. 

Based on the information provided in various rough country reviews, we recommend that you set up a routine check system. This will ensure optimal safety and performance from your lift kits and other tools.

The most common notable default of rough country lift kit problems is rusting or stripping nuts and bolts. We think it is optimal to perform routine maintenance and complete visual inspection of these parts from time to time.

The Truth About Rough Country

Rough Country Reviews FAQs

Where is Rough Country Made?

Rough country’s primary facility is located in Tennessee. Most of the products are manufactured there. Some piece parts are sourced in from China. 

How Does Rough Country Compare to Superlift?

Superlift vs. rough country is hard to compare. The overall build of the Superlift is designed to be higher quality than the rough country. It is also extensively costlier to invest in Superlift. They both have their own resilient qualities within their own ranges. 

Is Rough Country Better than BDS?

Rough country vs. BDS is another comparison that points to each has their own strengths. The BDS lift incorporates a long coil while rough country uses a spacer and a coil. Each have their own unique identifiers and preferences. 

What are Fox Shocks?

Fox shocks are a sleek high-performance shock. You can enhance your rough country lift with fox shocks if you want a premium build. If you want a heavy lift fox shocks for 7.5 rough country lift gives the ultimate upgrade. 

Is Rough Country a Good Brand?

Despite what you might see in rough country shocks and rough country springs reviews, the company really has a lot to offer. They continue to improve their products and they have a great niche for Jeep products as well.

Final Words and Recommendation

Overall, we feel as though rough country reviews simply don’t do the company justice. While it has certainly had its downfalls, they make a sincere effort. Their products continue to improve and they are budget-friendly without being terribly made. 

Our top pick of the products reviewed here goes to #5, 2.5-inch lift kit for Jeep Wrangler. It is perfectly suited to the models it states and highly-rated for quality and affordability.

We also really like the neoprene F150 seat covers listed in the ranks. These seat covers are the perfect touch to your truck interior and are water-resistant to protect what’s underneath.

If you haven’t given rough country a second glance before now, they might be worth your perusal. Look beyond some of the negativity and see just what they have to offer. You can also see the improvements they continue to make.