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Top 12 Best e3 Spark Plugs Review

Do you know what affects the quality of your smooth drive? It's your spark plugs. Yes, those tiny and tough critters -made to screw into your car engine and deliver the pack of electricity have a lot to do with the quality drive you get.

Typically, the car spark plug is generally a simple device but a spot on for withstanding intense pressure of heat and electricity. These plugs are strong enough to withstand years of continued jarring and vibration.

A quality spark plug has high endurance power and tops on performance meter. Its top-notch metal tips can withstand constant sparking. The material of such spark plugs are compatible coefficients of expansion; thus, the heat doesn't cause them to crack.

As you can now understand that these little spark plugs are much more than they seem. But, if you're still not sure about why it is essential to invest in a good spark plug, read on.

Why is it Important to Invest in a Good Spark Plug?

We know for a fact that investing in a quality spark plug often goes overlooked. This happens especially when money is tight, and we don't pay much attention to replacing spark plugs. It's that time everybody is trying to cut back on any non-emergency auto repair and maintenance items. But, I have some super-rational reasons that should convince you to invest in a quality spark plug. There we go:

Reason:1 New quality spark plugs are good for your engine's performance and efficiency levels. That is obvious every car on the road misfires from time to time. But as soon as these misfires become frequent, they also become troubling. Recurring misfires implies added exhaust emissions, reduced power, and wasted gas. Misfires led by worn car spark plugs cause older cars to stall, buck run rough, or start slower than ever. All the vehicles manufactured since 1996 have OBD II onboard diagnostic systems that trace misfires and sparks a warning light. 

Reason 2: Brand-new spark plugs can improve cold starting of your car. Worn or dirty car spark plugs need higher voltage to have a strong spark to start a car. As soon as you crank the engine numerous times, hoping for an eventual start, you may have made your battery dead. This brought you two problems now. Having to use a quality spark plug means lesser voltage requirement, which lessens the chances of an ignition misfire and leaves more amps for the injectors. 

Reason 3: If reasons 1 and 2 weren't good enough to convince a car owner into buying a quality spark plug, this one is sure to do it. Good quality spark plugs will lessen the risk of catalytic converter failure. Only one misfire and you will have enough draw fuel into your car's exhaust, which can lead to overheating and damaging. Consequently, the extra load of unburned gas in the exhaust will jack up the operating temperature of your converter. This may cause a meltdown of the converter substrate. This, in turn, will create a blockage of the exhaust, choking your engine. Your car may work, but it won't have the power and consume more fuel.

To sum up, when it comes to change your old spark plugs, it is like, "pay a little now or a hefty cost later." However, if you choose E3 spark plugs, you are sure not to pay the heftier price later. But, there is a vast range of E3 spark plugs out there, designed for different conditions and vehicle.

In this guide, we have compiled a curated list of best E3 Spark Plugs. You will also find e3 spark plugs review in this guide. So sit tight and get ready to read because we are going to share our expert opinion on the subject matter

Our Top Pick E3 Spark Plugs Review In Details

These spark plugs are the top choice for many professional car drivers. These are specially designed with milder heat ranges than the other plugs to improve performance modification and deal with extreme conditions. Its Yttrium-enhanced alloy allows up to 8% reduction in side wire temperature for better durability and less pre-ignition.

Pros & Cons of E3 Spark Plug E3.36 Powersports


  • It's a replacement racing spark plug.
  • Handles extreme conditions.
  • Allows Reduction in side wire temperature.
  • Highly durable.


  • Slightly pricey.
  • Requires proper tools to get your vehicle running with them.

These E3 spark plugs with DiamondFire electrode technology creates a super spark, and the flame extends further into the cylinder. This forms more localized pressure. Its thread diameter is 14mm, and potential fuel efficiency is 4% to 13%. 

Pros & Cons of E3 Spark Plug E3.48 Automotive Spark Plug


  • It offers a longer plug life.
  • Gives your engine a superior spark that results in more pressure.
  • Extreme potential emissions reduction.
  • It gives your engine a smoother acceleration curve.


  • Some quality-control issues.
  • The cross-threading engine may raise the temperature to a few more degrees.

The reason these spark plugs are in our list top 12 best E3 spark plugs is its amplified voltage. These are very simple to install and will make your vehicle run smoothly. If you use it in 2 and 4-stroke engines, you are sure to notice a drastic potential emission reduction.

Pros & Cons of E3 Spark Plug E3.68 Automotive Spark Plug


  • No gapping needed with the electrode design.
  • Easy to install.
  • Less pricey than OEM NGK platinum plugs.
  • Smoother acceleration.


  • May not be as durable as others.
  • The misfiring issue may occur.
  • These aren't compatible with higher specs.

The unparalleled performance of E3 spark plugs starts with its innovative open architecture of the E3 electrode. It pushes air gap discharges, which results in creating the perfect edge-to-edge design path. These plugs are one of the top 12 best E3 spark plugs because these are priced affordably yet give you a power-packed performance. However, you may need to use anti-seize goo if the head is aluminum. Without using it may cause your car severe damage to the head. 

Pros & Cons of E3 Spark Plug E3.54 Automotive Spark Plug


  • Affordable price.
  • Make your engine run smoothly. 
  • No gapping is required.


  • Not so good with packaging.
  • A slight increase in acceleration.

These E3 racing spark plugs are for professional car drivers, mainly made for colder heat ranges. It contains a Yttrium-enhanced, which enables up to 8% reduction in side wire temperature. This gives better durability with robust performance.

Pros & Cons of E3 Spark Plug E3.56 Automotive Spark Plug


  • It's a replacement racing spark plug.
  • Handles extreme conditions.
  • Allows Reduction in side wire temperature.
  • Highly durable.


  • May make engine rough at lower RPM range.
  • A little boost in acceleration.

E3 technology has taken the most useful points from conventional spark plugs, such as cut-back ground electrodes and gaps, and blend them to build a new ground electrode design. Surface gap spark plugs give the flame kernel to the piston more quickly. This reduces the travel time for the spark to reach combustion gases. This design of E3 spark plugs combines the advantages of excessively sharp electrode corners with a cut-back electrode design. 

Pros & Cons of E3 Spark Plug E3.32 Powersports Spark Plug


  • No need for gapping.
  • Broad heat range compatibility.
  • Clean spark plugs.


  • May not perform well on the durability meter.
  • No better fuel-economy

These automotive E3 spark plugs should be your pick if you're looking for something long-lasting with robust performance. However, you need to read the manual and the company's recommendations to see if these plugs are a good fit for your car. This is because the results may vary depending on different types of vehicles.

Pros & Cons of E3 Spark Plug E3.58 Automotive Spark Plug


  • It offers increased horsepower.
  • Highly durable and a good performer.
  • Five-years warranty.
  • It gives a considerable boost to HP and torque.


  • Gas-saving isn't something very evident.
  • Results may vary car to car.

The top pick if you are looking for a long term replacement of your current spark plug. This 14mm spark plug is well-known for reducing fuel consumption and providing a boost to your car’s engine power.

Pros & Cons of E3 Spark Plug E3.42 Automotive Spark Plug


  • Smooth idling.
  • Faster and better start.
  • More horsepower.
  • Compatible with racing cars, sprint cars, and lawnmowers.


  • Heavy acceleration and misfire may occur in Chevy motors.

E3 spark plugs E3.82 designed with DiamondFIRE side wire are sure to increase the power like anything. This technology is proven to reduce fuel consumption to a considerable level. The streamlined ground electrode and full-size center electrode gives optimal performance.

Pros & Cons of E3 Spark Plugs E3.82


  • Robust performance.
  • Five-year warranty.
  • It comes with a gasket seat.
  • The excellent heat transfer system
  • It generates more turbulence in the cylinder.


  • Pricey.
  • Lacks durability.

This spark plug from our list of top 12 best spark plugs with DiamondFire electrode technology is good for lawn mowers and gardens. Its drastic potential emissions reduction goes to 42%.

Pros & Cons of E3 Spark Plug E3.10 Lawn and Garden Spark Plug


  • Nicely packaged.
  • Long-lasting spark plugs.
  • Faster starts.
  • Good design.


  • It doesn't save much of gas.
  • Pricey with tall claims.

E3 spark plugs are on our list of top 12 best E3 spark plugs because these plugs give smoother starts, and the run-time seems pretty much longer. These highly durable e3 spark plugs are best to use for lawn and garden.

Pros & Cons of E3 Spark Plug E3.12 Lawn and Garden Spark Plug


  • Boosts power and mower doesn't bog down.
  • Compatible with the chainsaw, weed eater, and lawnmowers.
  • They are packaged well.


  • Relatively more pricey than OEM plugs.
  • Gap adjustment needed.

These E3 spark plugs for lawn and garden make it to our list of top best 12 E3 spark plugs for all the right reasons. It is highly durable with a longer plug life and lifetime warranty. These plugs create a powerful spark, and the flame goes to the cylinder, making more pressure.

Pros & Cons of E3 Spark Plug E3.20 Lawn and Garden Spark Plug


  • More localized pressure.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Highly durable spark plugs.
  • The potential power boost is up to 6% to 12%.
  • Emission reduction can go up to 58%.


  • Installation doesn't come easy.
  • Gap adjustment may be needed for some variables.
How to Pick the Right Spark Plug

How to Pick the Right Spark Plug

Choosing the best E3 spark plug is very crucial, though it may seem easy said than done. There come times when the plugs you picked may not suit your vehicle. This could lead to some inconvenience eventually. So to avoid that, remember the following point:

  • First off, examine your vehicle and see what type of spark plugs your car needs.
  • If there is recommended plugs, use the same brand that you've heard of instead of experimenting. This will help you avoid ignition misfires and prevents you from wasting money.
  • If you're not sure about which spark plugs fit your car's need, then get an expert's help. Get your vehicle checked by a mechanic.
  • This will let you avoid shopping blindly.
  • Do a bit of research and homework before buying the right E3 spark plug as to figure out which model suits your car best.
  • If your budget isn't tight, try to get the one that performs well with long-lasting plug life. This will ultimately save you from frequently having purchase new spark plugs.

e3 Spark Plugs

e3 Spark Plugs Review FAQs

Are E3 spark plugs any good?

Of course they are! E3 spark plugs are well known for a long and reliable travel companion. E3 spark plugs provide your car’s engine an enhanced power and improves your car mileage. A spark plug is the heart of your car and hence it is crucial that you invest in the best possible plugs out there; AKA E3 spark plugs.

How do these spark plug works?

E3 stands for efficiency, energy and ecology. Thanks to their unique technology, E3 spark plugs provide the much needed spark to kick start your engine. Not only this, but spark plugs are also responsible for transferring the heat to the engine’s cooling system making it crucial to have a quality spark plug

How to get the right E3 spark plug?

Go and check the catalog section of the E3 spark plugs' official website. Use this guide as a cross-reference for your car's model and then decide

Do I need some extra tools to install E3 spark plugs?

You need to check with the maker's manual for the accurate size of the spark plug socket so that you can remove the old one and install new. For cleaning, you may need a wire brush to prevent any damage to the threads inside your engine.

How often is E3 spark plug replacement needed?

It depends on the type and driving conditions; better quality and right driving conditions result in the optimal life of spark plugs.

How frequently should I change my lawnmower spark plugs?

Usually, these plugs for lawnmower are replaced seasonally.

Spark Plug

Our Verdict

There you have it; these top best 12 E3 spark plugs are all you need to power your engine for a smoother and faster drive. If you are still confused, then go with two of our best choices. E3 power for professional drivers for its ability to work even in extreme conditions. And the other is E3 Spark Plug E3.20 for the lawnmower, because of its lifetime warranty and high power boosting capability.