Top 9 best lawn tractor battery

Users of battery-powered lawn mower often face the dilemma of a vehicle refusing to take off or worse – stopping midway through the grass-cutting ordeal. You have gathered up the motivation to lawn the whole week, only to find your enthusiasm dying along with the ‘battery’ of your mower. 

Yes, a battery is one of the most significant features of a lawn tractor. They are required for the optimal performance of a lawn mower and keep the engine running for almost four to five years.

However, even the best lawn tractor battery dies down after continuous use, prompting the owner to hunt for a new rider mower battery. 

Of course, if you have been in the market for lawnmower battery replacement, you will agree that the task can be challenging. There are so many specifications available that a novice buyer can easily become intimidated and resort to buying a set that may not be compatible with their lawn mowing routine and equipment.

Luckily, for you, we have simplified the shopping process and curated a guide to help you purchase the best-rated lawn tractor battery according to your personal preference and use. So without further ado, let’s dive in to resume the lawn cutting process before the neighbors start complaining.

Top Pick of best lawn tractor battery

Mighty Max is an affordable, durable, and the most versatile option that fits most major brands of lawn tractor mower. 

On the top tier of the best lawn and garden tractor battery stands the power packed application by Mighty Max. With a battery rating of 12V and 35 Amps, the battery has the capability to last up to 20 hours after full charge. 

Its dimensions include 7.75 inches x 5.11 inches x 6.25 inches, while the weight is a bit bulky at approximately 24 pounds. However, the durability of the battery is outstanding and comes with a casing made from safe SLA/AGM technology that guarantees spill and leak protection. It is also shock resistance and keeps your garden tractor safe, even when used for prolonged periods. 

Furthermore, it is temperature resistance and has the ability to withstand both – extreme cold and hot weathers, without compromising on the performance. 

It can also be mounted in any position, making it possible for you to equip any model or brand of lawn tractor.


  • Durable
  • Maintenance free
  • Sealed off with cutting-edge technology to ensure leak and spill proof
  • High discharge rate
  • Gives the best performance regarding the weather and garden conditions
  • Can be installed in any position


  • Heavier than other brands of battery

One of the finest heavy-duty batteries to keep up with your rigorous mowing and maintenance routine.

Mighty Max is one of the few vendors who makes the best lawn tractor battery. Their model ML-U1 is a 12 volts 200 CCA absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery that offers exceptional power source to any machine requiring cold cranking. 

Making use of high-quality pure virgin lead (99.9%), the Mighty Max battery has a greater service life and better deep cycling for efficient mowing. Similar to other models by the vendor, the craftsman riding mower battery has a non-spillable design that allows the battery to remain mounted in any virtually any position.

Moreover, the battery’s composition and the use of AGM technology make the battery 20 times more shock resistant than any other accessory available. 

This model sits at a dimension of 7.75 in x 5.11 in x 6.25 in and weighs 12.89 pounds. Amazon provides a 1-year warranty along with the product.


  • Offers quick startup
  • Gives long lasting performance
  • Able to tolerate any type of temperature
  • Shock resistant
  • Spill proof design
  • Easy to install


  • May not work with older models of lawn tractors

The versatile rechargeable battery is your go-to choice for replacing worn out batteries of lawn tractors, scooters, and other home accessories.

The rechargeable battery by ChromeBattery is a compact model at 5.4 X 3 X 5.3 inches and 6.2 pounds. However, its capacity is limitless, despite the small size. 

Featuring AGM technology, the battery features a user-friendly design, guaranteed spill proof, and low maintenance. It can power a variety of home appliances including the lawn mowers, motorcycles, and alarm system.

Additionally, the ChromeBattery offers a fast installation process and does not require pre-charge before use. You simply place it in the designated area as soon as it is delivered and get cranking immediately. 


  • Supplied fully charged
  • Can be used on a variety of appliances
  • Low maintenance
  • Features a leak proof design with AGM technology
  • One of the most affordable style of rechargeable battery


  • Slow charging
  • Does not provide any protection against overcharge or short circuit

Available at the best price for lawn tractor battery, the Power Star model provides peace of mind like none!

12-volt lawn mower battery tractor supply by Power Star company features advanced AGM technology. This enhances the longevity of the battery and ensures spill and leak proof. Similar to models by Mighty Max, you can install the Power Star replacement battery in any position.  

Other prominent benefits of investing in this style of replacement battery include vibration resistance, low maintenance, and shock proofing. Above all, the product gives stable performance, regardless of the weather condition. 

It also provides power replacement for scooters, garage doors, alarm systems, and UPS backups and more. 

The battery is shipped at 4 pounds with the product measurements of 5.3 X 2.6 X 2.4 inches. 


  • Industry leading warranty of 2-year free replacement 
  • Cost-effective
  • Can supply power to different accessories around the house
  • Sealed to ensure spill proof 
  • Provides highest level of security and shock absorbent
  • Can withstand overcharging


  • Low battery life and may require recharge after every 3 – 4 crank 

To get the work done quickly, invest in the Power Share replacement battery for efficient energy without waning or draining. 

Yes, the Power Share 2.0 Ah is the best lawn tractor battery charger for your WORX tools. The product provides the required power source without any type of waning and draining. It is also a cordless device so you can power anytime, any day without hassling over cords and outlets.

The battery is very light – at 14.4 ounces while the complete product size is 5 X 2.7 X 2 inches. We recommend you use it in tandem with WA3742 20-Volt Lithium charger, or WA3868 20-Volt Lithium quick charger for efficient operations. 


  • Quick charge technology
  • Comes with an indicator to display status of charge
  • Light
  • Easy to handle


  • Only works with limited models
  • Has a short charge life

A universal battery that serves many purpose including backup power of wheelchair, computer, UPS, RV houses and Gardening tools!

Another candidate of the best battery charger for lawn tractor is the Weize rechargeable model. Available at a battery rating of 12V and 35 Amps, this model offers a sealed casing and a maintenance free usage. 

The specification for this model includes 7.68 in x 5.12 in x 7.09 in. The versatile product is compatible with many items including home security systems, UPS, RV, medical devices, wheelchairs, solar collectors, and of course, battery-powered lawn tractors.

However, unlike other models, this battery charger can only be installed in an upright position. This means that it may not support appliances that require sideways positioning of the battery. Additionally, the battery only supports 12V and you may need to combine two batteries to power 24V equipment. Luckily, most lawn mowers require a 12 V battery, so you would only need to buy one set if you are planning to use the Weize battery.


  • Versatile product with the ability to power many items
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy to install
  • Comes fully charged


  • Low-powered and my require multiple components to recharge an item that requires more than 12V
  • Heavier than standard batteries at 23.1 pounds

The perfect battery for John Deere Lawn mower as well as many other applications used in home and leisure. 

The Vici is a 12V 18AH battery, comprising of Sealed Lead Acid (SLA). It also utilizes the AGM technology that ensures Vici batteries provide the most efficient operations, spill proof assurance, and ease of use. The batteries are also low on maintenance and you can easily install them on the preferred vehicle without much trouble.

The Vici lawn mower battery is also compatible with variety of appliances. It weighs 11.9 pounds and is measured at 7.13 X 3.01 X 6.57 inches. The battery ships fully charged. This means that you do not have to keep it on charge before use and can start mowing as soon as it’s delivered.


  • Maintenance free
  • Spill proof design
  • Easy to install
  • Offers immediate use
  • Can be used on various equipment including lawn tractors


  • Battery may lose power earlier than the products by other vendors

Compatible with Exide u1xm battery, the PowerStar battery is a great option if you are looking to add power to your walk behind mowers. 

The 12V 3AH battery is a power-packed unit that supports most styles of push lawn mowers including John Deere. Equipped with advanced AGM technology, the replaceable battery is 100% OEM compatible. 

Measuring at 4.4 X 2.7 X 3.3, the lawn mower battery provides an excellent value for money. In fact, it is one of the best lawn mower battery with an affordable price tag. 

Notably, products by Power Star come with a two-year brand guarantee. 


  • Has a leak and spill proof design
  • Works with most brands of lawn mowers
  • Can be used on other accessories too
  • Affordable
  • 2-year guarantee


  • may have a short battery life

The U1R AGM Battery by ChromeBattery provides excellent power and speed. 

Another versatile product by ChromeBattery, the U1R is a great fit for lawn mowers as well as motorcycles, wheelchair, and solar panels. Packed with AGM technology, the battery guarantees protection from spillage. Additionally, the patented seal ensures prevention from corrosion that also enhances its shelf life.

Sized at 7.7 X 5.1 X 6.5 inches, the model by ChromeBattery weighs more than 23 pounds. However, it is easy to install and comes pre-charged, allowing users to resume their work immediately after receiving shipment.


  • Sealed battery with 150 cca
  • Designed using AGM technology
  • Spill and leak proof
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Comes with 18-month warranty


  • Some might find it expensive
  • Heavier than other models

How to choose the best battery for lawn tractor?

Here are a few considerations to make when shopping for a new lawn tractor battery. 


Previously, batteries that were available had plates made out of leads. However, these batteries did not hold charge for long and were more prone to corrosion. Today, the leading manufacturers of batteries integrate calcium into the making. This reduces the corrosion process and gives the batteries a longer shelf life.

Terminal placement

Lawn mower come with two terminal positions: U1L (left) and U1R (right). Similarly, the batteries are also classified with the same terms. When shopping for a new battery, make sure both – the battery and the terminals correlate with each other as it would be impossible to install a U1R battery into a left terminal and vice versa. 

Cold Cranking Ampere (CCA)

Each battery comes with a CCA rating. This rating determines the batteries ability to start in even the most extreme cold temperatures. Take a look at this rating if you plan to use your tractor in the winter months. 

Charging a Riding Lawn Mower Battery

Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQs)

1. Why do lawnmower batteries don’t last?

Batteries usually lose their charge when stored for long periods of time. A good rule of thumb is to crank the engine at least once a week to keep the battery running.

2. Do I need a 6-volt lawn mower battery or a 12-volt?

Most lawn mowers available today have 12-volt batteries. However, the models produced before 1980 had 6-volt batteries installed.

3. Can you jump-start your lawn mower with a car?

Yes, if your lawn mower has a 12-volt battery, you can jump start using your car. You can also use a portable jump starter to get the engine running on your lawn mower.

4. What is the best price for lawn tractor battery?

The prices of battery vary according to the specification, model, and brand. But you can expect it to be around $20 - $80.

5. Can you overcharge a lawn mower battery?

Yes, you can! However, newer models of battery chargers have indicators that signify when the battery is fully charged. Moreover, some batteries also taper off the charge automatically to avoid overcharging and damage to the machine.

Final Words and Recommendation

A lawn tractor is one of the best investments you can make for your garden. Fast and efficient, these vehicles eliminate the manual work that goes with the walk-in behind mowers and the power outlets attached to electrically driven mowers – making grass cutting a breeze. 

But lawn mowers run on batteries that require replacement every three to four years. If you also have a mower that causes trouble during startup, perhaps it’s time to shop for a new battery to keep the battery running.

Depending on your usage, any of the best lawn tractor battery listed above will work for your lawn mower. However, we suggest going for the Mighty Max Battery ML-U1-CCAHR 12V 320CCA Battery and the YB9-BS Sealed Maintenance Free Rechargeable Riding Mower Battery by ChromeBattery for their durability and versatility. Yes, they may be a little expensive when compared with others. But they are an excellent choice for homeowners who use their mowers frequently.