Top 5 Cel Md Shampoo Reviews

No one loves to see their hair deteriorate - whether by damage, split ends, damage, and of course, not by thinning. Hair thinning is an entirely different beast to conquer, and most people find themselves battling with it. The condition can be frustrating to those that don't know what to do.

Averagely, a normal human loses up to 100 hairs per day. At such a rate, there is no real cause of concern; however, as it begins to get more extreme, panic naturally comes in. It becomes a clear indication of miniaturization of the hair follicle, and this often leads to permanent hair loss.

Hey, there's no need for panic. Something as simple as shampoo can help. With the right shampoo, you can get healthier scalp, which in turn keeps your hair in the growing phase longer and results in less hair fall.

Cel MD hair serum and shampoo come useful for this purpose. In this Cel stem cell shampoo review, we will review 5 of the best stem cell shampoo for hair loss as recommended by experts.

Top 5 Pick of Cel MD Shampoo Reviews

Here, we will take you on tour through our best Cel MD shampoo products, listing the key features of each and what they are suitable for. Take a look at our top picks:

Although pretty similar to the previous product reviewed in features and functionality, this product still brings its level of uniqueness to the mix. Having grown in popularity over the past few years, CEL has again demonstrated its resolve to offer hair solutions at affordable prices.

The product is known for its ability to boost the overall health of hair follicles using powerful biotin. The inclusion of a ginseng infusion in the ingredient also helps to further strengthen hair. If you are looking to stop shedding and thinning of the hair, then this is, perhaps, the perfect product for you. 

Apart from the ability to give your fuller hair, the formula is also known to hydrate, protect and nourish the hair using organic ingredients. It also features a special technology that stimulates dormant cells and those that could be damaged, promoting the health of the hair follicles. Perhaps, it is the special selection of vitamins and minerals that are contained in this product that stands it out from most others. Whatever it is, we are surprised by how much it protects the hair from damage.

Let's face the fact; only few hair stimulation formulas can stand the class of this one; hence, its popularity. The hair product comes in three different categories, including:


  • Shampoo
  • Vitamins and,
  • Serum.

As expected for most formulas from the brand, it is cheap, but that doesn't affect the quality that it offers. The Cel Microstem Hair Stimulation Formula is designed for regrowing existing hair - at least, that's what brand behind its production claim. A lot of users have found that it to decrease hair loss drastically, and even stop it sometimes.

In addition to helping you prevent hair loss, this famous hair formula also comes stocked with ingredients that will help to thicken hair strands, as well as stimulate follicles. The ability for this product to easily combine all these features stands it out from most others in the market.

When it comes to reviewing stem cells in shampoo, only a few people think about the eyelash and eyebrow. However, the very few people that know understand how important taking care of these hair parts is to the whole beautification process.

First, the Cel Eyebrow and Eyelash Growth Serum contain four key ingredients, with each functioning in its capacity to build hairs' strength and growth. The ingredients included in the formula are active Panax ginseng, organic green tea extract, biotin, and caster oil. The presence of active Panax ginseng makes the formula capable of fighting aging and boosting collagen production.

The biotin, in its case, provides the necessary minerals and vitamins needed to keep the hair healthy while helping the hair to utilize amino acids properly. The castor oil content helps to protect the hair from breakage while encouraging fast hair growth. Finally, the inclusion of organic green tea extracts makes the formula useful fog blocking the hair killing hormone.

For those that have used this product before, it will not be a surprise that we include it in our stem cell shampoo reviews. After all, the product boasts of a fantastic level of features and functionality, such that most reviewers can't stop talking about it. The patented formula has been proven to have the ability to reverse hair loss.

Although some reviewers are unhappy with the slightly herbal smell of the formula, they often still can't agree less that it is a fantastic shampoo.

Additionally, a lot of customers seem satisfied with the kind of customer service that the brand can bring.
The brand ensured to stick to pharmaceutical-grade ingredients like palmetto berry extract, Caffeine, and EPIGALLOCATECHIN-3-GALLATE (EGCG), and Caffeine.

All three ingredients are famous for their roles in the reversal of hair loss. Hence, with such a good blend, you can expect some great results.

The product is also found to produce impressive results in cases of male pattern baldness. Some men were even seeing results already in less than three weeks.
Women also report stronger, thicker, healthier hair.

This is one product that we found impressive during our research. From reviews, we found that the product has nearly everything that's needed for proper hair maintenance. Some reviewers claim that their hair got fuller, longer and softer after just two weeks of use.

Unfortunately, however, we must point out that the product doesn't seem to be for everybody. This is so, considering that we've also seen a few cases where reviewers complained of a lack of results. Whatever the case, however, there's no doubt that it has good enough qualities to put it on our list.

Apart from being a good mix of many topnotch ingredients, the formula is also soft on the hair. It is worth pointing out, however, that the presence of so many ingredients can potentially trigger allergic reactions.

How To Choose Cel Md Shampoo

How To Choose Cel Md Shampoo

Picking the right Cel Md shampoo can be an intimidating hassle, especially if you don't know what to look out for. Here, let's review a few factors that you should look out for when making your choice of Cel Md shampoo.


Consider your hair and scalp type
The first thing that experts recommend in the quest for getting a perfect shampoo is for you to consider your hair type. Today, several Cel MD shampoo varieties are available for different hair needs. Don't just stop at the hair; think about your scalp too. Ensure that your choice fits your hair and scalp perfectly.


Don't be afraid of dry shampoo
The increasing circulation of fake shampoo and hair products has made many people paranoid. Experts, however, recommend the use of dry shampoos too. They are an excellent option for fine and oily hair. As long as you are open to accepting the variation available in different brands, then you are good to go.


Mix brands when possible
Depending on the goal that you are looking to achieve, you can try different conditioners or shampoos to see how it works. While experimenting, just ensure that you stay safe and do not overcomplicate things.


Stick to Quality Brands
The tendency of failing increases when you opt for a smaller, unrecognized brand. Hence, the need to find and stick to top-quality brands that can deliver excellence.


Just as it is with most other products, there a need to know the price of your choice shampoo and if it would fit into your budget. If not, you can readjust your budget when possible, or simply switch to another less expensive option.


Cel Md Shampoo Reviews FAQs

Are there different professional hair care products for men and women?
There's practically no difference existing between the male and female hair. Hence, what works for the hair of men would work well for women too. Most times, when products are explicitly marked for one sex, it is because of their fragrance.

How often should I change shampoo brands?
If you are making use of professional shampoos, then perhaps you may not need to change. However, some products' reaction on the hair is affected by water conditions. Hence, there may be situations when a difference in water condition would force you to switch shampoos. It's up to you to study and know when your shampoo begins to affect your hair negatively.

Using conditioner weighs down my dry hair, what should I do?
From studies, we've found that most people list hair dryness as one of their biggest hair problems. However, that may not be as much a problem as you think. What you call dry hair may be fine, limp hair. Unless you wear short hair or have a permanent color, you may be needing a volumizing conditioner.

How often should I shampoo?
Experts recommend shampooing of hair to be done at least once every week. This way, it will help to more efficiently remove normal dead skin cells, residual styling products, etc. Depending on your regular activities, your hair may need more shampooing due to dirt, perspiration, etc. However, be cautious about excess shampooing.

How often should I deep condition?
It is recommended that you deep condition at least once in a month. When doing it, gently shampoo your hair and apply the deep conditioner to saturate your hair from scalp to end thoroughly.

There you have it, comprehensive stem cell shampoo reviews to help you get the perfect cell therapy for hair. Each product here was chosen after a careful review of features and functionality. We've also included a buying guide to help you make the best choice for your needs.

Final Verdict

While there are several different types of shampoo available in the market, it takes a careful study to find what’s best for you. There’s the need to check your hairstyle and know what its needs are.

Most shampoo and hair care products available in the market are for specific needs. Check out specifications to know what fits or visit a hair expert for advice.