Hankook Kinergy Review – Hankook tires are the best choice for you

When it comes to choosing tires for your vehicle, it can be so challenging to choose the right ones. Hankook tiresoffers some of the best tires in the industry. Whether you are looking for all-season, touring, performance, highway, all-terrain, or another option rely on Hankook for the best. 

In this Hankook Kinergy review, you will see just Hankook tires has to offer. You might just find the best 215 55r17 all-season tires, M S 215 55r17 94v, or 205 70r15 performance tires fall into similar categories on the market.

No matter the weather or the road conditions, you need a reliable tire that you can count on to make it through everything. You’ve looked at the Hankook Kinergy ST reviews and you’re intrigued. This might just be because it’s a great tire option. 

Forget switching between various types of tires based on the season and the weather and take a good look at the best 215 55r16 all-season tires on the market.

Hankook has a high selection of tire options. We will touch on some minor details about the Hankook H737 and 185 55r17 Hankook tires. However, the priority here is to provide an honest Hankook Kinergy ST H735 all-season touring tire review.

Key Features of Hankook Kinergy tire

Here are some of the features of the Hankook Kinergy ST 205 55r16 tires.

  • All-season radial tires
  • Suitable for all on-road conditions
  • Standard Touring all-season
  • H-rated for up to 130 mph performance
  • 17-inch rim size

The Hankook Kinergy ST 205/55r16 delivers all of the standard items for everyday driving in a smooth and simple package with our review of Kinergy ST H735.

This touring-style tire from Hankook tires gives you a smooth and comfortable ride. Additionally, you can expect the tires to live a long life under normal wear conditions. Hankook has found the optimal way to measure up against tires like 205 70r15 performance tires. 


Some of the improvements in tire design that you will see with the Hankook Kinergy ST H735 tire review is enhanced tread life, improved traction, and innovative braking and handling features. 


You will find that these tires withstand the heat like 185 55r17 Hankook summer tires while also proving to be highly rated for driving Hankook Kinergy ST in the snow. 


These Hankook tires weigh in at about 20 pounds per tire. They have a 17-inch rim size, which is optimal for premium all-season touring tire performance. With the improved tread performance, you will find that these tires wear more evenly through all driving.

Hankook H735 Review Product Details

So how does the Hankook H735 hold up when compared to other popular tire models? When pitted against the M S 215 55r17 94V, 185 55r17 Hankook tires, or even the P205 70r15 95T where does the H735 stand?

Both of these are all-season tires that are designed to last through all on-road driving conditions. The 215 55r17 94V weighs about 1 pound less than Hankook H735 and is also V rated for 150 mph speed allowances.

However, in a full review comparison, the Hankook Kinergy ST 205 55r16 far outweighs the other tire. The M S 215 55r17 94V is less expensive because it is made with cheaper material and this shows when it comes to using them on the road. 

It’s hard to compare when it’s not really apples to apples but the goal is to show how versatile the Hankook Kinergy ST 205 55r16 tires can be. 

The 185 55r17 Hankook Tire is an ultra-high performance tire. It’s a high-quality tire often found as the stock tire on luxury vehicles like the Lincoln MKZ or the Mini Cooper. These tires look great and feel great when driving. 

The Hankook H735 is not quite as sleek but gives a comparable look when used. You will find that both tires handle well on the road and both handle braking and overall handling quite well. The 185 55r17 is made for slightly higher speeds and handles excellently on wet roads.

There is a significant difference in the overall design of these tires. The P205 70r15 95T is a touring radial NT tire. It is designed for family vehicles like small passenger cars and minivans.

In comparison, the Hankook H735 can deliver all of the same performance criteria and then some. The Hankook H735 rides more smoothly and quietly than its competitor here. Both can be used as all-season tires.


Hankook Kinergy ST H735 Review FAQs

Where are Hankook Kinergy Tires Made?

The Hankook Kinergy line will be manufactured primarily at Hankook’s home location in Tennessee within the U.S.

What Was the Kinergy Line Developed for?

The Kinergy line was designed to be used as original equipment tires on Kia, Honda, Hyundai, and Volkswagen models. They are all-season tires.

What does 94H mean?

The 94 is for the loan index while the H is the speed capability. 94H means it will support a weight of 1,477 pounds and a speed of about 130 MPH.

Do these Really Work in the Snow?

The Hankook H735 is designed for all climates and road conditions. This means they handle each season acceptably. They are not designed specifically for snow but Hankook Kinergy ST in the snow will handle quite well.

What is the Life Expectancy of the H735 model tire?

These tires are designed to last up to 70,000 miles.


Overall, the Hankook Kinergy review reveals that this tire is exceptionally made to deliver. You can expect this all-season tire to give you long-lasting performance with a smooth and quiet drive. It holds up well against its competitors. 

This all-season tire won’t let you down in the rain or snow. They are designed with aggressive edging to keep you safely on the road and to give you the best grip at all times. 

Hankook tires offers a great solution that will ultimately give you a comfortable and quiet ride. You should be able to enjoy the H735 tires for up to 70,000 miles. You might even experience improved gas mileage with your smooth ride.

Hankook H735 Review Product Details