Permanent Bright Color with ION: Brighten Your Hair Care Professional Style

The color of our hair plays an important role in our appearance. However, if you are looking for a permanent solution, Ion permanent hair colors are preferred.

And why? Ion Permanent Hair Dyes are designed to suit all hair types and deliver high-quality results that last up to 12 weeks. The formulas are ammonia-free, which means they will not harm your hair in any way. The colors also have high coverage and long-lasting durability, so you can enjoy your new look for months without worrying about fading. And with so many colors and shades to choose from, you are sure to find one that suits the look you want.

Ion Permanent Brights is a new hair color that can safely use on chemically treated hair. The NCBI has found in its study that it causes minimal damage to the hair.

This brand new formulation is designed to be applied cold, as it contains no permanent dyes, making it safe for people who are very sensitive to them.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Ion Permanent Brights Comparison Chart

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How are Ion Permanent Brights applied?

The application of Ion Permanent Brights is not very difficult. First, you need to make sure that you choose the right color for your hair since they are semi-permanent colors. Next, you need to remove old hair color with shampoo. The last step is to apply the Ion Permanent Brights with an applicator bottle or a bottle with a brush.

Here, you will learn how Ion Permanent Brights work and what advantages they have, in order to evaluate if they are the right fit for you.

Five reasons why you should give Ion Permanent Brights a chance

Permanent hair color lasts longer than temporary hair color that contains ammonia.

Ion Permanent Brights are available in every shade imaginable. Whether you want to add a splash of color or cover your entire head, Ion Permanent Brights has you covered.

This is the only permanent hair color containing ammonia in its formula. It is also suitable for people with sensitive skin and allergies to chemicals.

Reason 1: Long-lasting results

Unlike temporary hair colors, permanent hair colors stay on your hair for several weeks. This way, you don't need to reapply, and they remain on your hair until you wash it out.

Reason 2: Easy application

Correctly using this product will require less time than other permanent hair colors. Since no ammonia is used, you do not have to wait for the ammonia to dry before applying the next layer.

Reason 3: Safe for sensitive skin

Since this product does not contain ammonia, it is considered non-irritating. If you have sensitive skin, this product is the best choice.

Reason 4: Great coverage

Since this is a semi-permanent color, it offers excellent coverage. You can achieve almost full range with just two applications.

Reason 5: Multiple shades available

There are many different shades available when it comes to Ion Permanent Brights.

Top Picks for Ion Permanent Bright

1. Ion Permanent Brights Cream Hair Color Sapphire Sapphire

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Ion permanent hair color provides 100% gray coverage for natural-looking results. We combine high-tech compounds with natural and exotic ingredients to deliver unparalleled color results. Ion is the only professional hair color brand globally that uses micro-pigmentation to provide long-lasting, fade-resistant color.

Thanks to its unique color technology and high-tech compounds, Ion delivers unmatched color performance. High-quality hair color from ION is formulated with the finest natural and exotic ingredients. You have access to hairdressing services, retail products, and customized professional color lines with Ion.




The color is a deep blue that develops beautifully in 30 minutes, and it develops into a vibrant, long-lasting color without damaging the hair.


Ion Permanent Brights Cream Hair Color Sapphire is a bright blue hair color that stays in the hair and does not become too intense. Many reviews confirm the positive qualities of this product and say that it is well suited for professional hairstyles.


Furthermore, it is safe for any user, as it does not contain chemicals such as ammonia or peroxide.


With ION Permanent Brights Creme Hair Color, it is easy to achieve a professional hairstyle with bright and beautiful colors. It does not bleed when the hair gets wet and can be used in many contexts that you want.




The product features bright colors, lasting shades, and intense shine. Despite its reputation, it does not live up to that as it colors poorly and is not waterproof.


Ion Permanent Brights Creme Hair Color could not be used with or without a developer, so it did not produce the desired results.

2. Ion Permanent Brights Cream Hair Color Titanium Titanium

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Our expert team of chemists formulated our proprietary blends in Italy to deliver unsurpassed results. Natural and exotic ingredients combined with high-tech blends provide the highest quality color and superior gray coverage. Our micro-pigmentation technology penetrates deep into the cortex of each hair strand for long-lasting, fade-resistant color.

Permanent Brights provide bold, modern color that lasts. Ion brings salon-quality color science home and unleashes your hair's true potential.




Ion Permanent Brights Cream Hair Color Titanium is a professional hair dye that lasts longer than semi-permanent dyes. It does not turn orange but remains pale and white thanks to titanium dioxide. Since this product does not make your hair look like the brown wig of an Oompa Loompa, it is ideal for blonde hair!


This permanent light color comes in a cream form, so you can easily apply it to your hair. It is a professional product that can be used by both individuals and salons, making it an ideal option for anyone with color-treated hair!


Also, ION Permanent Brights Creme Hair Color Titanium is a great way to add some color and shine to your hair. Not only does it make hair shiny and healthy, but it does not cause any damage nor is it time-consuming to apply. The product is easy to use, saving both time and money that could have been spent on other products.


The ION Permanent Brights Cream Hair Color Titanium is a wonderful way to add color and shine to your hair. The product is easy to apply, saving both time and money that you could have spent on other products. The ION Permanent Brights Cream Hair Color Titanium is a great way to add some color without having to fret about damaging your hair.




The ION Permanent Brights Cream Hair Color Titanium comes in a tube and is permanent. However, the color does not stay on the hair for long. Therefore, the product is no longer available because it did not meet expectations and did not live up to the advertising claims.


This brightly colored cream hair dye was not worth the price; however, you can always try other foils from ION.


The Ion Permanent Brights cream hair dye has intense color and is not bleached. Even if your hair has been dyed for months or years, it can still look bright with quality shampoo.


Applying heat to the area where you use the temporary dye may cause side effects such as dryness or irritation.

3. Ion Permanent Brights Cream Hair Color Magenta Magenta

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Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Cream Hair Color Personalized color results with every application. When using ION Color Brilliance Permanent Creme Hair Color, you can choose between subtle, natural-looking tones and a luminous, eye-catching finish.

Achieve optimal results by following a step-by-step process. Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Cream Hair Color comes in various shades for customized hair color. Ion Color Brilliance starts with a patented dye blend that gives you vibrant, long-lasting hair color.




The product has a vibrant magenta color that stays in the hair long. It also had many positive reviews, and the company had few negative reviews.


The Ion Permanent Brights cream hair color in magenta had a nice magenta hue, and it also looked natural and did not fade after the hair dye was washed out. This color lasts for at least ten days, which is beneficial if you are busy or do not want to re-dye your hair constantly.


ION Permanent Brights Creme Hair Color Magenta is a bright magenta with any hairstyle. It's also semi-permanent, meaning it lasts up to 10 hair washes before you need to use the lightener again. This product is stronger than other hair colors, thanks to the chemical burn protection.




Ion Bright Color Permanent Hair Dye is not colorfast on virgin hair and can stain gray hair. It does not include application instructions but does offer a comparison between semi-permanent and permanent colors.


ION is a semi-permanent hair color that is easy to apply and gives the expected result. Conditioners and moisturizers may be necessary to avoid dry hair. Although semi-permanent colors last longer, the results are not always consistent. But for those who do not mind saving time and money.

4. Ion Permanent Brights Creme Hair Color Wintergreen Wintergreen

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Ion Permanent Brights Creme Hair Dye is a permanent hair color with a creamy consistency that applies easily without dripping or spilling. This permanent hair color is long-lasting and covers gray hair, and it is vegan and cruelty-free and uses gentler materials than traditional hair colors. Ion Permanent Brights Creme Hair Dye is ideal for fashion-conscious and environmentally conscious consumers with its vibrant and modern color.




ION Permanent Brights Creme Hair Dye is a semi-permanent hair color that you can leave on for up to 8 weeks. It comes in a 2.05 oz size and has received excellent reviews on all major platforms.


A content marketing strategy aims to create relevant and valuable content to attract and retain your audience. It is important to devise a well-crafted content marketing strategy to help a business become a thought leader. Market saturation and attention scarcity make it increasingly difficult to capture the attention of your target audience.


Moreover, Ion Permanent Brights Creme Hair Color Wintergreen is a hair color that comes in easy-to-use packaging. It has a beautiful shine and covers gray hair without the need for bleaching or permanent coloring. It also lasts up to six weeks before needing to be reapplied to cover different shades of dark hair well.


In addition, this pack is easy to apply, as it can cover 2 centimeters of hair with just one application.


Ion Permanent Brights Creme Hair Color Wintergreen is a new hair color product. It is available in six colors and fades after three weeks, so customers can try different shades without running out.


The wintergreen color of this product looks beautiful with its bright green hue, and customer reviews show how happy they were with the color and the product in general.


The low price of this color is a great benefit for customers who want to buy in bulk without sacrificing quality or performance.




This product contains toxic chemicals and is difficult to find online. Before buying, you should read the reviews that other customers have left about this hair dye. 


Ion Permanent Brights Creme Hair Color does not last long enough to be semi-permanent. Also, there is no information about the ingredients that can cause skin irritation and other side effects

5. Ion Permanent Brights Cream Hair Color Denim Denim

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Ion Permanent Brights Cream Hair Color in Ion Denim is a vibrant, modern, vegan color that delivers consistent, luminous results. This color contains no ammonia, peroxide, or PPD and vegan ingredients. It comes in a creamy creme consistency for easy application and even distribution.

It is suitable for pre-lightened or highlighted hair. You can also spray it on already colored hair, but the result will be better if you lighten or highlight your hair beforehand. Use Ion Hair Color to give your hair a vibrant and contemporary color accent that brings out the best in your look.




This color has a creamy consistency, is vegan, and is easy to apply. You can use it on any type of hair, either with or without previous lightening or highlighting. For best results, use this cream after your hair has been washed and thoroughly dried.


Ion Permanent Brights Creme Hair Color Denim is a permanent hair color that gives your hair vibrant colors. This product allows for modern looks and also helps to add depth and dimension to the wearer's natural hair color. In addition, this product can be used on fine or thinning strands and thick hair without affecting their appearance or style.




Ion Permanent Brights Creme Hair Color Denim is a light hair color that cannot be used on light hair. It is only suitable for dark blonde or brunette hair and only lasts about 8-10 washes before being refreshed.


It is also difficult for people who have difficulty applying their color (like most women).

6. Ion Permanent Brights Cream Hair Color Emerald Emerald

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Emerald Emerald by Ion Permanent Brights Creme Hair Color is a vibrant, modern hair color. You get the perfect amount of bright, vibrant color with a creamy consistency that is easy to apply, provides even coverage, and offers an excellent gray range. ION Permanent Brights Cream Hair Color Emerald Emerald can be used on pre-lightened or highlighted hair.




This hair color turns out well. The product is a permanent light color with ION: Brighten Your Hair Care Professional Style, and it is from JMI. This hair dye has many advantages, and one of them is that it does not contain any green color at all. You do not even have to mix or apply it - just put the cap on, apply heat and wait about 10 minutes for the natural oils to penetrate the solution.


The product is also very easy to remove, which means it's a good choice for people with sensitive skin.


In general, this brand has been used for a while and is generally good. However, the color did not stick to my hair at all. The color was also not strong enough as it quickly faded to brown at the end of the first day when I washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner.


This product is very easy to apply and remove and is suitable for people with sensitive skin. The color did not adhere to my hair at all, and the color was duller than expected.




There is no color in the cream, and the color is usually permanent and cannot be removed or changed. So it is helpful to know if you want this type of result before you buy it.


Additionally, there is no warning that this product is not what you wanted, and there are no refunds or exchanges available.

7. Ion Permanent Brights Cream Hair Color Tanzanite Tanzanite

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Your hair should be vibrant, bold, and radiant. Ion Color Brilliance Permanent hair color gives you vibrant, beautiful color every time. The newly formulated permanent hair color provides exceptional gray coverage, deep color, and long-lasting shine with delicate, highly pigmented color molecules. Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Hair Color is ideal for all hair types, including fine, heavily damaged, chemically treated, and color-treated hair. Thanks to Ion Color Brilliance's fast-acting formula, frequent users can easily refresh color between salon visits. Get the best color of your life. Discover the vibrant, rich shade of Ion Color Brilliance today!




Ion Permanent Brights Creme Hair Color Tanzanite has received many positive reviews. In addition to the reasonable price, it's easy to mix in water. The color is easy to apply and lasts up to nine weeks without fading or washing, making it suitable for professional hairstyles.


Ion Permanent Brights Cream Hair Color Tanzanite stays vibrant and lasts longer with proper care. The color stays in the hair for two weeks without using a developer, making it a practical option for busy professionals.


The result can last up to 3 months if you care for your hair and wash it with shampoo, as recommended by ION.


The result is a vibrant, durable, and well-functioning hair care product that looks natural on the scalp.


Ion Permanent Brights Creme Hair Color Tanzanite is a permanent hair color that contains the perfect blend of fashion and beauty. It is made with ionic technology to ensure easy application and protection from damage while giving you vibrant, beautiful colors.


There were no issues with the product or packaging. It arrived in perfect condition - ready to use right away!




The person tried ION Permanent Brights Creme Hair Color for the first time and was unhappy with it. The color faded quickly, and the cost of this product was high, with only three colors to choose from.


Ion Permanent Brights Creme Hair Color Tanzanite is a hair color that does not have a developer included in the package. The colors are not consistent, and the packaging is damaged.

8. Ion Permanent Brights Creme Hair Color Garnet Garnet

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Unleash the color of your imagination with Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Creme Hair Dye. With Ion's advanced color science and the finest natural and exotic ingredients, this formula combines high-tech compounds to give you exquisite, brilliant color. The science behind ION Hair Color uses micro-pigmentation to achieve these results.

Ion's microscopic pigment molecules oxidize slowly for long-lasting, fade-resistant color. Permanent Brights offer bold, modern colors that last. Ion's cutting-edge, salon-ready color science provides unprecedented vibrancy.




Ion Permanent Brights Creme Hair Color Garnet by Ion is a permanent hair color that can help you transform your look and mood. It has been positively reviewed on Amazon with 4.6 out of 5 stars, and 73% of customers gave it a 5-star rating.


Red hair is a good choice for people who want to try something new but do not want to dye black or blonde hair. It is often more expensive than other shades, but it can be combined with professional styling.


Ion Permanent Brights Creme Hair Color Garnet is a rich red that combines most hair colors and styles.


According to the company, it is a permanent hair color that lasts for more than 3 hair washes. It is easy to apply and maintain with the right developer and stays long.




Garnet's Permanent Brights cream hair color is available in 5 different shades and is durable. It is designed for professional hair care and is not suitable for frequent use, but it works well on dark brown to black hair.


There are no reviews for this product as it has limited availability. So you should make sure it works before buying it online.


Ion Permanent Brights Creme Hair Color Garnet promises to cover gray hair with an innovative formula.

You need a developer that works on your natural color and then dyes your hair bright colors to get the most out of this product. Since the product has only been on the market for a short time, there are not enough reviews yet, so some people may not want to buy this product. Also, it may not be worth the investment because of the bad reviews.

9. Ion Permanent Brights Creme Hair Color Fuchsia Fuchsia

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Ion Permanent Brights Creme Hair Color is a must-have for on-the-go coloring for a fun, flirty look or a bold change for any occasion. This high-performance, permanent hair color requires no developer, so you can easily use it in the salon, at home, or on the go. The rich, creamy formula provides smooth, even color coverage that is easy to use and gentle on hair. The result is long-lasting, vibrant, and modern color. Fuchsia: Brilliant, bold fuchsia red.




Ion Permanent Brights Creme Hair Color Fuchsia Fuchsia is a bright purple color. It can cover gray hair well and lasts up to 3 weeks if you use it alone. The small twist cap makes it easy to use, even for people with limited dexterity.


Ion Permanent Brights Creme Hair Color is a fuchsia hair dye that has been around for many years. This color fades slowly, so it is no longer noticeable after a few weeks of use or with time. In the future, users will continue to use ION products because they are of high quality and durable.




For your hair type, if you are unsure whether this product is suitable for your hair type, you should consult a professional first. Also, this color fades quickly and does not last as long as other colors in this category.


You can freshen up your professional look with this light color. There are less than five customer pictures and no reviews for this hair care product on the website.

What are the best hair colors for Ion Permanent Brights?

Choosing the right hair color for older people can be difficult, but it's not impossible.


The most effective hair colors for Ion Permanent Brights are not too vibrant. Colors like ash blonde, deep red, or dark brown are all good choices. This is because they make your gray hair appear less noticeable and highlight your natural hair color. If you want to choose a bolder color, choose softer tones like purple or pink instead of bold reds and oranges. You can use them if you have light and dark skin tones.


10 Insightful Facts About Ion Permanent Brights


Ionic Permanent Brights are a type of hair dye made with an electrical charge, and they help you color your hair without the use of chemicals.


It takes about 10 minutes to process a single strand of hair using this technique. The charge breaks the bonds in the pigment to be deposited on the hair.


Fact 1: They are safe for sensitive scalp and skin.


Fact 2: They do not fade over time.


Fact 3: You do not need to bleach your hair before using them.


Fact 4: They provide better coverage than temporary dyes.


Fact 5: They are suitable for all hair types.


Fact 6: They can be used on both wet and dry hair.


Fact 7: They come in a wide range of colors.


Fact 8: They are ideal for adding highlights to your hair.


Fact 9: They are perfect for covering gray hair.


Fact 10: They are gentle enough to use on children.

How do Ion Permanent Brights work?

It is a revolutionary, brand-new method of coloring hair pink using ionic technology. It gets its color from the pigment molecules it attracts and traps from the air to create a beautiful pink color. The procedure is simple and fast, but it takes a while to absorb the color into your hair.


Ion Permanent Brights are the way to go for those who want to change their look quickly and easily. They are also safe for your hair as no harsh chemicals are used.

How to safely use the Ion Permanent Bright process at home

Ion Permanent Bright is a permanent hair color that is ammonia-free and can be found at your local drugstore.


With this hair dye, you can cover your gray hair or apply a different color to your hair without going to a salon.


This page explains how you can perform the ion permanent bright procedure at home safely:


  1. wash your hair thoroughly.
  2. apply the shampoo to your wet hair and then work it in until the foam is completely gone.
  3. rinse your hair completely.
  4. let your hair dry naturally.
  5. apply the conditioner to your hair and leave it for 10 minutes.
  6. comb your hair gently to remove tangles.
  7. rinse your hair again after 10 minutes.
  8. apply the hair dye to your hair and leave it for 5 minutes.
  9. comb your hair gently and brush it to remove excess color.
  10. rinse your hair thoroughly.

What difference is between permanent ionic hair colors and normal semi-permanent hair colors?

Ions cause a chemical reaction that changes the color of the hair. The process takes about 45 minutes and is more permanent than semi-permanent hair colors.


For those who want a permanent color change, permanent hair colors from ION are becoming more popular. The ionization process takes about 45 minutes and can last up to 8 weeks.


Ions are used instead of dyes and peroxide, so it is more permanent and, at the same time, gentler on the hair than traditional semi-permanent hair colors.


Semi-permanent hair colors use dyes and peroxide to provide a temporary color change. The application of this type of hair color usually takes 30 minutes to one hour and lasts between one and three months.


Permanent ion colors are also less likely to fade over time. The color is created through a chemical reaction that forms a new pigment in the hair shaft. Therefore, these colors stay vibrant longer than normal semi-permanent hair colors.

A detailed look at the process of applying Ion Brights for a bold new look

There are a variety of hair dyes available, but Ion Bright is one dye that is different from the rest. It is a permanent color card with a vibrant and bold hue.


If you have light hair color or have been coloring your hair for a long time, you should consult your hairdresser before using Ion colors. To apply Ion Brights correctly, you need patience and understanding of what you are doing to apply Ion Brights.


You can better understand the process by following these steps:


  1. Apply shampoo
  2. Rinse
  3. Rinse
  4. Blowdry
  5. Use the color tables
  6. Wait
  7. Style
  8. Enjoy!

A guide to choosing the right shade of Ion Permanent Bright for you

You have probably heard of ionic hair dyes, but you may not know which shade is best for you. 


It is crucial to understand that no 2 people are alike, and everyone has their own needs. This means that there is no "best" shade for permanent hair color - it all depends on your individual needs.


Generally, you should use a lighter shade if you want a natural look or cover gray hair. A darker color is often used for those who want to go from black hair to blonde hair or vice versa. You should ask yourself what your goal is with the color change and your natural hair color.


To find out which color is right for you, you should ask a friend or family member who has already colored their hair with Ion Permanent Bright. They can help you determine which shade is right for you!


Shade 1 - Brightest


This is the lightest shade of Ion Permanent Hair Color available today. It contains very little pigment, so you get a very subtle color. It is perfect for covering gray hair and making your natural hair appear lighter.


Nuance 2 - Medium


This medium shade of ion permanent hair bright is great for adding highlights to your natural hair. It is slightly darker than shade one but still gives you a subtle look. Many people prefer this shade because it allows them to maintain their natural hair color while changing the overall tone of their hair.


Nuance 3 - Darkest


This darkest shade of ionic perm hair is ideal for transitioning from dark brown to blonde. The color is much deeper than the other two shades, but it will not cover up your natural hair color, and it is perfect for adding depth to your hair without looking too unnatural.

6 reasons to use ionic permanent hair color

Ion Permanent Brights is an advanced hair color whose base is ammonia-free. It uses an oxidizing agent to break down the pigment and achieve the vibrant colors you want without harming your hair follicles or scalp. Ion Permanent Brights can be used for all types of hair colors - from light blonde to black - and will not damage your scalp.


Reason 1: Ions provide more shine and care


The permanent addition of ions to hair dyes or colorants has become a common practice.


The mixture is irradiated with ultraviolet light to add ions, or an electromagnetic field stimulates the formation of positive and negative particles, or the mixture is irradiated with ultraviolet light to add ions. These positively charged particles provide more shine and care.



Reason 2: It’s Easier to Maintain than Regular Dye


When it comes to colored hair, many people are concerned about the care. And why not? Hair coloring is time-consuming. Depending on the procedure, it takes at least an hour, sometimes up to three hours.


But what if you could refresh your color in just five minutes? There's a new way you can enjoy your dyed hair by refreshing it quickly between hairdresser visits.


Reason 3: Your hair will be less damaged than without brights


Your hair will be less damaged than without brights, and Brights make your hair healthier. The ends of your hair are not as dry and brittle, and you feel like you have more volume because the color adds volume to the roots.


Reason 4: Better coverage than other dyes


No other dye can match the opacity of Pravana Chromasilk. This product has been used for over 20 years by stylists and consumers alike.


Prevana Chromasilk is available in 38 colors to cover every need, including platinum blonde, lavender, raven black, deep burgundy, chocolate brown, and more.


It provides up to 30% more coverage than other dyes on the market. Plus, it's odorless and gentle enough to use on chemically treated hair or skin.


It's also great for longer hair because it will not drip on clothing or furniture while you are holding it, unlike most other dyes!


Finally, Pravana Chromasilk is so concentrated that one bottle is enough for all of your hair, all the way to the ends. You'll never run out of product again!


Reason 5: The color lasts longer than your usual hair color


The coloring process is also not as damaging to your hair, which means that the color will last longer than your regular hair color. It's no wonder that more and more people choose this type of hair coloring.


Reason 6: Less damage = more volume and fullness!


Anyone who styles their hair does not want their hair to be damaged by the chemicals used to dye, highlight or remove grays. However, some of these products will inevitably damage your hair. Unfortunately, many people do not realize this until they see the damage to their hair.


So, if you can minimize the damage, you will get more volume and fullness in your hair. This is especially important for those starting to gray because they do not want to lose all their hair color right away!

Ionic Permanent Wave Brilliant Blues vs. Color Magic Brights

These colors are made by Ion Science Technologies and do not contain ammonia or peroxide. Ion Permanent Brilliant Blues uses the same coloring process as Color Magic Brights, but Color Magic Brights use different pigments.

A comparison of permanent vs. semi-permanent vs. ion-permanent brights. Temporary colorants

Ion permanent brights are the latest innovation in hair color. They are endless but gentle on the hair. Gray hairlines can be covered with them, and they can also be used to refresh faded colors. Ionic permanent colors use an ionic charge to bond with the keratin in your hair strands, making them very bright and gentle on your hair.

Tips for using a permanent hair color

Tips for using permanent hair color:


1. apply the color in small sections, ensuring that your roots are completely covered.


2. always carry a shampoo bottle with you when you color your hair (for recoloring).


3. your hair may be drier than usual. Therefore, use a conditioner generously after washing and apply a heat protectant before styling.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the side effects and warnings of Ion Permanent Brights?


Ion Color Lights has many side effects and warnings that you should know before using the product.


Those considering using Ion Color Lights should be aware of the warnings and side effects. First of all, Ion Color Lights may increase the risk of cataracts and blindness. Ion Permanent Brights can also cause burns if used improperly, leading to scarring or permanent staining.


If you decide to try Ion Permanent Brights, you should consult a dermatologist first. This is especially true if darker hair colors are involved.


2. Ion Permanent Bright Hair Dye - Is it worth trying?


Ion Permanent Bright Hair Dye is a safe alternative to chemical hair dyes, and it is a non-toxic solution that gives you a bright pink hue. The unique formula attracts pigment molecules from the surrounding air and binds them to your strands. It provides excellent coverage and lasts up to three months.


However, it may take a few weeks before you see results. Also, it may not cover gray areas very well. For these reasons, we recommend using this product only for special occasions.


All in all, Ion Permanent Bright Hair Dye is a safe and effective way to give your hair bright pink.


3. What are the advantages of Ion Permanent Brights?


Permanent hair dye is a chemical dye used to color hair, often to cover gray or white hair.


The advantages of using Ion Permanent Brights are:


  • The color does not fade and is long-lasting.
  • Ion Permanent Brights come in a wide range of shades and can be mixed to create unique colors.
  • They are safe and easy to use.

4. How do I Get Ion Permanent Brights?


Ion permanent dye is an alternative way to dye hair, and it usually lasts more than 6 months, and the hair also feels healthier than when using normal hair dye.


To use permanent ion dye, you should visit a salon or hairdresser who knows how to apply permanent ion dye. The following steps are necessary to obtain ion permanent dye:


  1. You need to choose a base color that matches your natural hair;
  2. The ion permanent color must be mixed with the developer;
  3. Apply the mixture to your dry, pre-lightened (if necessary) hair;
  4. Leave it on for a maximum of 30 minutes before rinsing.
  5. You should consult with a professional stylist.


5. How are Ion Permanent Brights different from temporary hair colors?


Permanent waves are a hairstyle that uses a chemical solution to change the texture of your hair. This is done by wrapping your hair tightly around rods or other objects, which changes the shape of your locks.


Temporary dye is a hair color that you can easily apply and remove easily. For this reason, they are often used for various occasions such as proms, weddings, and festivals.


Ionic permanent hair colors are a new type of permanent color quickly gaining popularity. Unlike traditional permanent colors, they do not contain ammonia or peroxide, which can be harmful to some people's hair and scalp. With permanent brights, you get a brighter look that lasts longer than temporary dyes.


6. Who can use permanent ion dyes?


The only requirement for using Ion Permanent Dye is natural hair color, and ion hair dyes are not recommended for people with prematurely gray or naturally gray hair. If you want to try this product, you should first visit a professional hair salon.


7. Which color should I choose?


When choosing a permanent hair dye, you need to consider what your result looks like. Do you only want to add highlights to your hair? Or do you want to change your hair color completely?


8. How to choose the right ionic permanent hair dye for you


Ion hair dyes are a popular choice for women who want to change their hair color. Ion is a clear, non-smudging hair dye proven to last and not fade. Ion Permanent Brights are different from other Ion hair dyes because they are semi-permanent, lasting about six weeks.


To find out which Ion Permanent Brights are best for you, you should first look at your natural hair color. A woman with light brown hair should not opt for an intense yellow or orange shade, as this will look unnatural and even brassy. Instead, they should opt for a neutral or brown shade that complements their natural color without being too drastic.


When you have dark brown hair, on the other hand, you should avoid choosing a light shade as this could make your hair look dirty and unkempt. Instead, you should opt for a more muted shade that blends your natural hair color.


Once you know what kind of hair color you want, you can start thinking about achieving it.


9. Where can you get your hair colored permanently with Ion?


Ion hair colors are permanent dyes without ammonia, and they are also said to last longer than other hair dyes on the market.


Ion hair colors come in over 30 shades and a range of prices, so you can find a color that fits your budget. The colors are available at most salons, but it's not uncommon to have ion hair coloring done by someone specializing in the process.


If you are curious in knowing more about Ion's permanent hair coloring services, visit our website today. Below you will learn all the details you require to make an informed decision about your next hair coloring.


10. What are the possible side effects of permanent ion hair coloring treatment for your locks?


Here, you will learn that ions in hair dyes can have some side effects when applied to your curls.


This article will discuss the possible side effects of ionic hair dye treatment. Those considering permanent hair color treatments must know about the potential risks to their scalp.


Dryness, itching, sensitivity, and redness are common side effects of ionic permanent hair color treatments. There is not enough research on this topic yet to know the long-term effects. The article concludes with a list of things you can do to prevent these side effects from occurring.


11. What colors are available with Ion Permanent Brights?


ION Permanent Brights are available in black, brown, blonde, light brown, red, orange, dark blonde, and blue-violet.


Dark brown hair color has golden undertones that provide a natural, shiny look. Those who want a strong hairline without opting for a semi-permanent hair color will love this black-brown shade. In addition to LiftActive technology, a breakthrough in color penetration through the cuticle, two highly concentrated shades are included in Dark Brown and Black Brown. This shade is designed for dark hair but can also be used on lighter hair tones.


12. How long does it take to process Ion Permanent Brights?


Ion Permanent Bright is a treatment that permanently colors the hair. It takes different amounts of time depending on a person's hair type. For a normal treatment, it takes about an hour to an hour and a half and up to two hours for darker hair.


13. What is the cost of the Ion Permanent Brights treatment?


Permanent hair removal is achieved with an ion-based hair removal device. This device uses a high-frequency AC that causes a thermal reaction in the hair follicle, and thus stops the hair from growing back.


The cost of the treatment depends on where you have it done and how many sessions you have at that time. Prices range from $650 to $2,000, depending on where you go and how many sessions you want to do at once.

14. How does Ion Perm Brightwork?


When you apply Ion Permanent Brights, it penetrates the hair shaft's cuticle and binds to the keratin protein. This makes it extremely durable and provides long-lasting results. It is important to know that this product does not contain peroxide, which means that it cannot harm your hair.


15. Advantages of using Ion Permanent Brights


The benefits of using Ion Permanent Brights. First of all, it is simple to use and gives you a beautiful, vibrant color. Maintenance is minimal and it lasts for several months. Your hair won't be damaged because it uses ammonia-free products. Another advantage is that it works well even on chemically treated hair.


16. Where you can buy Ion Permanent Brights


You can buy Ion Permanent Brights at your local beauty store, and they come at different sizes and prices depending on the brand. You can purchase them online, check


17. Can I use other products while using the Ion Permanent Bright procedure?


Yes! You can use other hair care products while using the Ion Permanent Bright procedure. However, please note that some of the ingredients contained in these products may affect the treatment results.

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Final Words

In conclusion, Ion Permanent Brights is a hair dye that can be used both as a root touch-up and hair color. One of the best aspects of this product is that it is creamy and easy to apply. It has a strong chemical smell, and it has a strong chemical smell that might not be very pleasant for some people.


The Ion Permanent Brights products are a good choice to give your hair a natural look and feel. Additionally, they are perfect for people with sensitive skin or scalp or for people who need products with fewer chemicals.


Ion's permanent hair dye is a practical hair care product that lasts a long time for men. It is available in three different shades: light brown, dark brown, and black.


Ion Permanent Hair Dye is made in the USA and does not contain ammonia or peroxide, which gives it a durable color result.