Iridium Vs Platinum Spark Plugs

Think of car spark plugs as the smallest bolt of lightning. Tiny but mighty, the electrified spark that these plugs emit across a small gap makes the ignition for the combustion required to start you a long and smooth drive. This puts the engine's pistons in motion, and power up your car and creates a smooth burn of the compressed air-fuel blend.

Mind you; car spark plugs like it hot: these plugs withstand the extreme degree of heat and pressure within the cylinders and burn off deposits from fuel additives.

Wondering what does it mean for you?

Well, only a miracle can let your car start without a spark. Thus, it is critical to invest in a good car spark plugs because their health is directly linked to engine performance. This implies that any substandard spark plug can lead to problems, be it misfires during acceleration or issues with cold-starting.

Besides — without good ones — your drive can't maintain the most significant power, and your car can see a drop in fuel savings. Now, no one wants that.

There are various types of spark plugs are available, out of which Iridium and Platinum top the list.

Here is our in-depth comparison of Iridium vs Platinum spark plugs:

Iridium Vs Platinum

Iridium Spark Plugs

Iridium spark plugs may slightly break your bank, but these are highly reliable. However, you should spend some time considering if it is a good fit for your car needs.

Here's what you need to know about it:


Iridium being one of the toughest metals, offers excellent power and durability along with robust performance. It comes with a 0.4mm diameter electrode, as it doesn't need much electric power to work. This is what makes it super fuel-efficient and gives highly cost-effective results. 


Mostly, Iridium spark plugs features a shaped channel on the electrode to reduce issues with the spark. This channel works to prevent electric sparks from extinguishing. Furthermore, it facilitates higher-quality flame.

Some other designs bifurcate the electrode in two parts to overcome same issues and work to provide higher-quality flame. 

This is Iridium spark plugs advantage that it helps reduce the time to start a car and to accelerate. Also, it helps reduce the amount of energy to form a spark. All thanks to this design because you can enjoy high performance without having to waste much energy as compared to other models. Eventually, in the long-run, this saves you time and battery power. 

Iridium Spark Plugs Life

Long-lasting spark plugs and iridium models can never be discussed separately. It is because these plugs are highly durable, and there is no best option when it comes to durability. These can last up to 25% more than platinum spark plugs, and 50% more than copper spark plugs lifespan. Typically, these plugs last up to 80,000 miles. However, other plugs may endure the same, but it's the power and hardness of Iridium spark plugs that earn it a competitive advantage.

How long do Bosch Iridium spark plugs last?

Research has proved that Bosch Iridium spark plugs can lower voltage requirements by 24%, resulting in a longer Bosch spark plug life


They say everything comes with a price, and so does a quality spark plug. Iridium spark plugs offer everything from exceptional performance to highest durability, but it comes expensive. Therefore, people with tight-budget may not find it a good fit for them.  


Every type of car uses ignition systems. However, some car manufacturers works only with Iridium spark plugs. For instance, COP ignition systems will only work effectively with either Iridium or Platinum spark system.

But, this is mostly the case with sports cars. Most vehicles works well with both copper or platinum spark plugs without any problem. Though those want fast acceleration, yet time-saving performance is likely to benefit from these spark plugs.

Platinum Spark Plugs

Platinum spark plugs aren't that expensive but are among the highest performing spark plugs in the market. These are the best choice for anyone looking for decent performance within their budgeted price.

Here's is what you should know about platinum spark plugs to reach the conclusion of Iridium vs Platinum spark plugs.


The structure of Platinum spark plugs is somewhat similar to a copper one, with the only difference bieng a platinum disc on top of the electrode. This implies that it is nearly akin to the copper spark plug. However, the advantage of the Platinum disc provides a little more long-lasting feature than copper one. Some more benefits of Platinum are heat-resisting and getting to a high temperature to really prevent buildup in the electrode.


Platinum is fast but takes a lot of energy when it comes to producing a spark. This means it gives a serviceable performance but is deficient in consuming energy.

It ensures no debris remains in the electrode by getting to the highest temperature while working. This promotes a smooth drive when using these spark plugs. Mainly, NGK platinum spark plugs offer longer service intervals than those nickel plugs. 

Platinum Spark Plugs Life

Platinum may not prove to have the most extended lifespan as compared to others. But, these are best when it comes to reliability. It all boils down to a high-quality Platinum center, which increases its overall performance. It lasts up to 60,000 miles or more based on the usage and how well it is employed. It prevents debris buildup, but due to its high temperature, the closing spark plug gap becomes difficult. And it will be longer with time.


It's a mid-range spark plug, which it isn't the most expensive. It is safe to say when it comes to the price factor of Iridium vs Platinum spark plugs, the latter wins. 


You can use these spark plugs with any car since thanks to their exceptional durability and a comparatively fast ignition process. However, the Platinum spark plugs advantage is that these plugs work best with an electronic distributor-based system or DIS. So, if you want an excellent performance from the DIS system, Platinum is the right choice. 


Final Verdict - Iridium vs Platinum Spark Plugs

There you have it! These were few main points into the spotlight while comparing Iridium vs Platinum spark plugs. So, keep these important pointers in mind to make your selection for an incredible value of spark plug.