7 Top Pick of The Best Half Helmet

If you are a biker, you already know the risks associated with biking. Thus, you need to take some safety measures to protect yourself. And a sturdy helmet is the first accessory you should get after purchasing a bike.

However, many don’t like full-face helmets. That’s where a half helmet comes into play. It will not only protect the brain from the most drastic impacts but will also let you enjoy the ride knowing that you are in safe hands.

That said, we have gathered the best half helmet in the market, to help you find the ideal headgear for your safety. After all, before purchasing a helmet, it’s best to know the certain features and designs to consider.

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Half Helmet Comparison Chart

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Don’t know which helmet to choose? Here are our well-researched recommendations to help you make the pick.

1. Bell Rogue Half-Size Motorcycle Helmet

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If you’re looking for comfort along with plenty of protection, with adjustable features to suit your specific style – then the Bell Rogue helmet is the best pick of the bunch. Unlike most other half helmets, this one comes with an extendable and adjustable muzzle that works as a shield or a visor.

This certain feature makes this product as durable as a full-face helmet, without taking away the comfort factor of a half helmet.

Apart from that, this product comes prepared with a list of functionalities fit for any type of weather. For winter, the muzzle protects the face from rough winds, and part of the lining can be removed for better airflow during the summer.

In terms of safety, the main helmet is a lightweight composite shell matrix with a microfiber interior. It also comes with EPS sizes for a more personalized fit, which is stronger than other helmets made from polycarbonate. 

Also, the ability to communicate is the most important selling point for any half helmet, and this product provides exactly that with its convenient speaker pockets for faster communication.


  • Adjustable and extendable muzzle to shield the face
  • Removable and washable interior with EPS sizes for the perfect fit
  • Comfortable microfiber lining
  • Made from composite shell matrix, stronger than polycarbonate
  • Compact and designed for any type of weather
  • DOT half helmet approved


  • Bulky design, less lightweight than other half helmets
  • The muzzle doesn’t protect the face from impacts

2. HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Half Shell Motorcycle Helmet

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If you're looking for a half helmet that is always well-fitted and looks sleek, then this guy should be your go-to product. Other than its impressive ergonomic design, the shell is made from lightweight polycarbonate composite, which provides the rider with protection from sustainable damage with its CAD technology base.

The interior comes with a washable anti-bacterial liner, which also features a minimal design and a comfortable fit for lengthy cruises. In terms of daily heavy uses for commutes, this product will give you the most bang for your buck.

Also, it's a half helmet with a visor that doesn't sustain damage from strong winds. The nylon strap D-ring retention system and the visor are both adjustable, for any biker to use in most situations and settings. Although the visor is considered a sun shield, it works better for smoke, dirt, and other lightweight substances.

This product also comes with two small slits in the back for appropriate ventilation, which is perfect for those excruciatingly hot summer days.


  • Comfortable padding with minimal design
  • The visor is strong with a clear vision
  • The nylon strap is soft and perfectly fitted
  • Offers smooth texture and sleek appearance


  • The visor is difficult to use in the dark
  • Not suitable for communication

3. Low Profile Novelty Harley Chopper Motorcycle Half Helmet Skull Cap

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If you prioritize portability, efficiency, and expense rather than safety, then you've met your exact match with this product. This product offers every essential feature of any half helmet, available at half the price of any other half helmet.

When considering the comfort feature of this helmet, there is no compromise. The interior padding of the helmet creates a suction, which makes it perfectly fitted while allowing it to sit low on your head.

Unlike other helmets, the shell is not made of plastic which is often flimsy that can easily get bent out of shape. However, the shell of this helmet is made from a fiberglass material that helps it retain its shape even with heavy impact.

The vintage appearance of this product is its most marketable feature, with a matte black finish that comes with an extremely minimalistic design.

Novelty half helmets usually don't meet the DOT safety requirements, as it does not provide the standard protection protocol for the biker and is often used for roads that have mandatory helmet regulations.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Minimal padding creates suction that helps customize fittings
  • The exterior is made from fiberglass


  • Does not meet DOT safety regulations

4. AHR Motorcycle Half Face Helmet Motorbike Cruiser Chopper

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This product falls under the most practical and comfortable headgear when it comes to choosing the best motorcycle half helmet. Under the DOT safety certification, this helmet belongs at the top with its affordability, featuring a list of important functionalities.

The shell is made of a lightweight, high-quality ABS shell, which is equipped to handle rough terrains and heavy impacts. Also, the product is primarily used as an accessory to the chopper. The retractable visor is designed to take on high winds and shield the face from coming in contact with substances like smoke, bugs, and debris.

In terms of comfort, this half helmet would be in the front lines, as the padding covering the interior perfectly cushions the head and creates a suction that holds the helmet in place.

However, this product has traded the marketability of its appearance with protection. So despite this product not being the best-looking half helmet on the list, it certainly makes up for it with its other features.

Moreover, this is also the most affordable product on our list. So, if you're looking to cruise your bike through different terrains without breaking your bank, this product is highly recommended.


  • DOT half helmet approved
  • Comfortable interior cushion
  • Removable and adjustable visor
  • High-quality ABS shell for durability


  • Doesn’t have a sleek appearance
  • Adjustable D-ring can be fragile

5. ILM Motorcycle Half Helmet Sun Visor Quick Release Buckle

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Portability is often a crucial aspect that people often overlook when purchasing a half helmet. But the convenience of a helmet is apparent when the biker is always on the go.

ILM Motorcycle Half Helmet is the optimal choice for anyone looking to travel or backpack with their motor vehicle. Not only is this helmet extremely lightweight weighing at around 2.03 lbs, but the small stature of the helmet makes it also easy to carry in almost any backpack.

It is a half helmet with a retractable shield that is tinted and perfect for long rides during summer. Also, it can be retracted at night for better vision. Although the visor does not cover the entire face, you certainly don't require goggles if you have this product at your disposal.

This product offers a sleek classic design with a matte or glossy finish for its shell and at a rather reasonable price. Also, it comes equipped with two large slits for ventilation at the top of the shell.

The adjustable chin strap provides maximum comfort with minimal effort, with sliders around the ears that accommodate all head shapes and sizes.

Safety is a very important aspect of this helmet as it is made for outdoor sports. It is approved by DOT safety regulations and can protect the head from sustaining any severe damage.


  • Replaceable drop-down sun visor
  • Premium ventilation is perfect for any weather
  • Extremely lightweight and convenient
  • Unisex helmet


  • The sun visor can be fragile
  • Not suitable for heavy long term uses

6. Raider Deluxe Motorcycle Half Helmet with Visor

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If you are not a fan of full-face protection, but instead want a simple yet effective half helmet for your scooter or motorcycle, then this one can be a great choice for you. Safety is of utmost importance in the case of this product, as it is built for a regular shuttle or commute along a highway interstate.

Equipped with a thermoplastic shell and approved by DOT standards, this helmet has every essential feature all protective headgear requires. But safety isn't the only aspect that landed this product in the sixth place of our list, but rather the functions built for the rider's comfort.

The venting slits are situated on the forehead rather than on the top, with a rubber bead trim around the shell to help create suction and a strong grip. It's also equipped with a removal neck liner for better hearing.

Moreover, the removal neck liner can also be used according to the weather, as it can protect you from heavy winds and severe heatwaves. This guy comes with a snap-off visor, which can be snapped on at a moment's notice for quick getaways and impromptu cruises.


  • The thermoplastic shell can sustain massive damage
  • A snap-off visor can be used for any emergencies
  • An affordable and comfortable choice
  • DOT half helmet approved


  • Not convenient for lengthy rides
  • Not equipped with full-face protection

7. Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet with Sunshield

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If you’re searching for a unisex half helmet that provides you with great qualities and effectiveness, then it is the right product for you. This thing provides a rather stylish design, feature-packed with options, and all of them are fully customizable to the rider’s specific needs.

The helmet helps you to experience the open roads to its fullest extent. And the visor works as an optically correct sun shield, which enables you to protect your eyes from the sun whilst enjoying the sights.

This one comes with a size adjustment dial system to customize the interior to the size of the head. The inside is also lined with a moisture-wicking liner to promote airflow and faster cooling. Also, the strap features a padded quick-release that helps grip the helmet faster, with or without wearing gloves.

Safety is also a critical aspect that is featured in this product, as it is continuously tested during the design process to absorb great impact with high density and fully ventilated EPS liner for its shell. This thing is feature-packed and can be used with any bike on a wide range of terrains.


  • DOT half helmet approved
  • Adjustable optically correct sun visor
  • Comfortable interior with faster cooling
  • Durable chin strap


  • No removable interior lining
  • Not lightweight

Guides to help you find the best helmet

You've been seeing more and more people riding with these helmets now. You can choose from minimal features to those that offer an unparalleled level of protection. These helmets remain popular with riders even though they are the least protective.

A half-face helmet can be the right one for you if you follow these guidelines.

The exterior

Materials of half-face helmets include thermoplastic alloy, polycarbonate, fiberglass, expanded polystyrene, and Kevlar. The material choices allow for these helmets to be lightweight and sturdy.

Polycarbonate half-face helmets and thermoplastic alloy half-face helmets are available. If you are shopping for the best half-face helmet, these materials would be the most suitable. Find the best half helmet with a mushroom-resistant construction that suits your needs.


Face protection is essential, and it's not about the type of helmet you are using. When purchasing a half-face helmet, make sure to test it carefully inside your house or garage. Don't wear one if you think there will be a lot of tilting and bobbing around.

This could cause the chin strap to fail, making sure it is secure before putting it on. Unless you know how to mount the helmet correctly, use a double D-ring or Nylex buckle.

Crashing with the chin strap undone would result in head injury or death. There is a study that clearly stated this in Brazil. 

Cushioning and interior

Half-face helmets are becoming more and more popular because of their comfortable fit and style. Make sure your half-face separates easily from the interior so you can wash or remove dirt safely. And before making the purchase, take your time to find out what type of foam is inside 

Foam can help to reduce head injuries by increasing the helmet's protection level. However, if your foam has worn off, you should probably buy a new helmet before it's too late! A good way to determine a proper fit is to make sure the inner liner fits appropriately.

Chin straps

For motorcyclists who value their safety in the long run, a full-face helmet is the best choice. While you are riding this helmet, your head will remain safe no matter how quickly you move.

You can lose your half helmet if you pick your helmet back up without tightening the straps properly.

Before you purchase a half helmet, it is important to check the chin strap. Always choose Nylex chinstraps or double-ringed parts that will give the best level of security.


During the selection process, it's crucial to consider how durable the helmet is. If it isn't able to absorb shock, you'll have no helmet. In addition, look for a helmet that has ventilation, so you can remain comfortable while wearing it. There is no rider who would make the choice to find a helmet that's not durable and long-lasting. 

Requirements for safety

Make sure you buy a half-face helmet that meets either the DOT or Snell safety standards. For the US, either kind of certification is valid. European countries ban ECE from all non-medical applications.

Head shape & size

Many people return helmets to the manufacturer because of uncertain sizing. It is important to refer to their physical sizing charts depending on your bike brand preference.

Nevertheless, before you decide on a head size, make sure you have an accurate idea of the head size you require. Make sure you consider your head shape as well.

The Visors

Many half helmets don't have visors, but you can get one if that's what you need. A sun shield is already built in to most half helmets, and it can be removed or replaced.

When looking for a half-face helmet, make sure that it can do both. It should have removable and replaceable front & top visors. It's these things that will help you feel safe no matter where or when something happens.

The ventilation system

Helmets are already airy, which aids in preventing heat-related health problems, like heat exhaustion.

If you are concerned about having ample airflow to your head during the heat, there are helmets with adequate airflow. As a result, you will breathe easier inside these helmets & less likely to feel like it is on fire inside.

Wearing a helmet mistakes

As a precautionary measure, we take safety very seriously in our lives. When we're drinking & driving, it's important to wear a motorcycle helmet. Riders wear motorcycle helmets incorrectly in this case, resulting in crashing. With a helmet on, you have a better chance of surviving. Please be sure to follow all safety guidelines and concerns.

I'm going to tell you some mistakes people make when wearing a helmet. To avoid serious injury, you should take these precautions to enhance your safety.

A chin strap that has not been fastened

Chin straps are an essential part of a helmet to make sure that the rider stays safe. Each time riders take off their helmet, or any other time for that matter, they should secure the chin strap. Users can avoid this issue by making sure the chin strap is tight around their heads during an accident.

Insufficient maintenance of the visor

Today, visors are the most common form of eye protection. They protect riders from wind, rain, sun, fog, and dust - but they also protect riders from insects. In order to maintain a visor in good condition after an accident is sure to repair any damage to it promptly!

Don't worry about these helmet hazards if you ride a bicycle with a steering wheel. You can easily clean the rest of your visors by brushing them off in the air.

The process of sticking the devices inside the helmet

It keeps people connected on the road, and they keep up with friends, family, and more. This creates a variety of distractions for everyone on the road, leading to severe injuries; find a helmet with Bluetooth or speakers if you wish to stay connected.

The Problem of People Buying the Wrong Size

You may be wearing the wrong size if your helmet feels loose or tight. You can avoid accidents by choosing the right helmet size by measuring your head correctly. Plus, remember to buy a slightly bigger helmet than your head size. For female riders, make sure the helmet will fit any hair or style.

The process of re-wearing after an accident

It wouldn't have protected you as well as if another vehicle had hit your head. After the collision, there could be visible "scars," and your impact may also damage the helmet. Even if the foam damage is not visible, it's still important to check your helmet after an accident. If you find that the foam is worn out, it's time to say goodbye to your helmet.

Adding liner padding to a washing machine

Cleaning your interior pads is important. They help prevent dust and bacteria. The biggest mistake when washing them is to do it in the washing machine. This is a fast-paced process but not a good place to wash helmet padding. In the worst cases, padding might trap the machine. If this happens, wash inner pads by hand and hang dry after.

What are the Benefits of Using Best Half Helmets?

The main purpose of any helmet is the protection of the riders. But half helmets aren’t only there to provide safety, as they allow the biker to enjoy a genuine riding experience.

Benefits of Using Half Helmets

Any biker should contemplate the massive risk of maneuvering a motorbike in a cityscape as brain injuries are rather common, which can result in minor problems to even fatal damages.


Half helmets are specifically designed to provide you safety on a highway interstate or traffic-ridden roads. The minimal design of half helmets makes them rather lightweight, which is perfect for those long rides during summer.

As they usually aren't constructed with a visor, they can satisfy your desire to feel the wind on your face without restricting your vision or hearing. The thickness of the helmet lining dictates comfort, especially during commuting or recreational riding.


Half helmets being a minimalist object helps the rider feel more comfortable wearing them at all times. As it doesn't even feel like you're wearing anything, it can be an advantage if you want to enjoy the weather while riding in areas where wearing helmets are compulsory.

And these types of helmets are generally used for daily commuting, rather than cruising on rough terrains. This is why comfort is often considered to be more important than the strength of the shell.

Safety A half helmet with a face shield should be your go-to product when considering your safety yourself. However, normally half helmets are manufactured to meet the minimum safety standards of a public street while keeping portability and comfort in mind.

As the hearing is obstructed when wearing a full-face helmet, it can put you and your fellow bikers in danger. But the ability to communicate is often a major selling point for the top helmets on the market.


A half helmet with a face shield should be your go-to product when considering the safety of yourself. However, normally half helmets are manufactured to meet the minimum safety standards of a public street while keeping portability and comfort in mind.

As the hearing is obstructed when wearing a full-face helmet, it can put you and your fellow bikers in danger. But the ability to communicate is often a major selling point for the top helmets on the market.

What Makes a Perfect and Best Half Helmet?

Even after narrowing down all the choices for half helmets, it’s still difficult to decipher the exact type of product that would provide you with the right level of protection, comfort, and durability.
When purchasing a half helmet, keep these factors in mind;

What Makes a Perfect Half Helmet

Safety Standards

Before buying the helmet, you should know if the helmet is safe for you or not. The protection provided by the helmet generally depends on whether or not the product is DOT certified. DOT sets the minimum safety standard that all helmets sold for motorcycling on the streets must follow.

Any half helmet that has been certified by the DOT standard meets the safety criteria for any rider wearing the helmets in public streets.


The shape of the half helmet depends on the visor or protection shield that is often adjustable depending on the model. Now, the size of the product depends on the individual, and each brand has its own specific chart that would classify the measurement of your head.

Usually, the weight of a half helmet is much less than a full-face or modular helmet. However, certain half helmets weigh much less than others usually for the purpose of convenience. 

Shell Material

The material used to construct the shell has to be taken under consideration before purchasing one, as its ability to absorb heavy impacts can measure the safety standard of the helmet.

Shell Material for half helmet

Also, the shell material must be strong enough to resist shock impacts. In order to make the outer shell efficient and durable, materials such as thermoplastic, hard plastic fiberglass, etc. must be used during its construction. The best half helmets come with high-quality shell material and provide various protective layers.


A half helmet’s main purpose is to offer protection to the head. The helmet must ensure proper air circulation to the rider, as it will provide the rider with a comfortable cruise and will also prevent fatigue.

Different models of half helmets place the vents in different parts of the helmets, generally the top of the head or the top of the forehead. Before purchasing the product, you have to consider the right type of ventilation suitable for your specific needs.

Types of Straps

The strap types of any helmet depend on the type of nylon and adjustable D-ring that helps grip the strap in place. Also, the nylon must be of high quality in order to prevent skin rashes.

Now, the various kinds of strap mechanisms used in our recommended helmets include quick-release mechanism and buckle types, which includes adjustable D-rings. The perfect half helmet should be suited to your convenient method of locking the strap.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Once you have read our review on the best half helmets on the market, you might be tempted to pick one out for yourself. But before you make that decision, it’s better to inform yourself on some common questions you may have:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do half helmets really provide any protection?

Yes, it does.

2. What is the difference between open face helmets and half helmets?

The design is the most important difference between these two, as an open face helmet comes with a fixed visor to protect the eyes and face from sun rays, bugs, and debris. And half helmets usually do not feature a visor, but can be separately attachable or retracted.
Another difference is that half helmets feature plenty of ventilation for lengthy cruises and prevents fatigue, whist open face helmets can’t aerate the interior of the helmet.

3. How safe is a half helmet in terms of other helmets?

A full-face helmet is considered to be the safest helmet, while half helmets are only used to protect the head in severe cases. Half helmets are only chosen by a rider for the comfort and convenience it provides.

4. Which material is considered to be the best for a half helmet shell?

Half helmet shells are usually made from four different types of materials, and they are ABS, thermoplastic, fiberglass, and kevlar. Kevlar is considered to be the toughest material used to make the shell, but it is also the most expensive one.
Fiberglass is generally prone to cracks and thermoplastic does not offer a lot of strength during shock impacts.

5. Are half helmets good for daily commutes?

A helmet should be worn by the rider at all times while navigating a motor vehicle. And if you are commuting daily in less traffic prone areas, it is best to wear or have a half helmet at your disposal.

6. Can helmets with half-shells be considered safe?

People know what it's like to run and ride a bike with a half-shell helmet. It may help you avoid serious head injuries, but sometimes it fails to catch dust or debris. Recent research indicates that helmets with half-shells might be unsafe for trips of less than 90 minutes. When you are traveling for a long time, a helmet that covers your entire face will protect you more in case of an accident.

7. Which Is Better Half Or Full-face Helmet?

Full-face helmets offer more protection, but they are often heavier and more cumbersome. Since many riders find them difficult to fit or remove, a half-face helmet is often the better choice.

You've heard the argument before that a half-face helmet is safer than a full-face helmet. But is this true? Or are there several factors to consider when deciding on which type of helmet you need?

8. Why choose a half-face helmet?

Half-face helmets deliver superior protection, are lightweight and highly breathable. They have a large, adjustable visor for ultimate visibility and peripheral vision.

If you're looking for safety, style, and comfort with a half-face helmet, then you've come to the right place! The freedom you'll be able to enjoy means you won't need to wear a full-face helmet.

Half-face helmets provide the same protection as full-face helmets but are less bulky and can be lighter. They also offer additional comfort and better visibility.

9. Why Aren't Half Helmets Designed for Beginners?

The assumption is a beginner rider will be wearing a half helmet for the first time. This assumption is not true. Beginners should wear full helmets, or at the very least, an open-face helmet.

10. Full-face helmet or half-face helmet?

It is true that both of them have their advantages as well as their disadvantages. Skiers or cyclists might struggle to communicate while wearing a full-face helmet. On the other hand, a half-face helmet might be less bulky and easier to communicate with your surroundings. But it may not provide protection from head injuries as well as a full-faced one would do.

Your lifestyle and the many crucial factors that determine the best option for you are unique.

11. Are half helmets DOT approved?

The answer to the question "are half helmets DOT approved?" depends on what type of half helmet you're talking about. The EPS liner on some half helmets makes them full helmets with reduced protection. A half helmet can only be DOT-approved if it has its certification and meets all relevant safety standards. Check the packaging or manufacturer's website to see if your specific model meets these standards.

12. Does a half helmet allow the mounting of a camera?

You can use a GoPro camera with a Half Helmet.

GoPros are a type of action camera which have weatherproof mounts. Extreme sports enthusiasts and others looking for a safe way to record their activities use them. However, they can also be used with helmets. You will need something like the GoPro Roof Mount Strap to mount the camera onto the helmet, though.

Final Words

A helmet is absolutely mandatory when navigating a motorcycle, as mishaps can happen anytime. Half helmets provide comfort and convenience while giving the rider protection and preventing major brain injuries.

They are compact, comfortable, and easy to use. The manufacturers of these helmets know that comfort comes before durability, as most users of half helmets usually don’t prefer using helmets at all.

So, we tried narrowing down your choices for the best half helmet in the market, to provide you with the right level of protection.