Did Julia Roberts Cut Her Hair for Steel Magnolias

Julia Roberts is known for her long, flowing hair. But in the 1989 film Steel Magnolias, she cut it short for her role as Shelby. Shelby is a young woman with cancer who has to have her head shaved.

Julia Roberts thought that shaving her head would make the character more believable.

Yes, Julia Roberts cut her hair for Steel Magnolias. She also dyed it red and had to wear a wig for the movie.

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Why Does Shelby Get Her Hair Cut in Steel Magnolias?

Shelby’s decision to get her hair cut in Steel Magnolias is a significant one for several reasons. For Shelby, her hair is a symbol of femininity and beauty. It is also a source of great pride for her.

When she loses her hair due to chemotherapy, she feels as though she has lost a part of herself. By getting her hair cut, Shelby is accepting that she has changed and that her cancer has taken away something from her. However, she is also showing that she is still brave and strong enough to face the world without her hair.

Her decision to get her hair cut short shows that she is not going to let cancer defeat her.

Why was Shelby Not in the Birthday Scene in Steel Magnolias?

A: There are a few reasons why Shelby was not in the birthday scene in Steel Magnolias. One reason is that the character of Shelby has already passed away by that point in the film. Another reason is that the filmmakers felt it would be too emotionally difficult for the actors to have to film a happy birthday scene without Shelby being there.

What Disease Did Julia Roberts Have in Steel Magnolias?

Clairee: “What disease did Julia Roberts have in Steel Magnolias?” Julia Roberts played the role of Shelby Eatenton-Latcherie in the 1989 film Steel Magnolias. The character Shelby is diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

In the film, Shelby becomes pregnant and faces many challenges related to her diabetes, including diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). DKA is a serious complication that can occur when blood sugar levels are too high.

How Old was Julia Roberts When She was in Steel Magnolias?

Julia Roberts was 20 years old when she starred in Steel Magnolias. The movie was released in 1989, making Roberts 23 by the time it hit theaters.

Did Julia Roberts Cut Her Hair for Steel Magnolias

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Was Jackson Cheating on Shelby in Steel Magnolias

It’s been said that no one is truly faithful in a relationship. There are always temptations to stray, whether those come from within the relationship or outside of it. In the film Steel Magnolias, it appears that Jackson may have been cheating on Shelby with another woman.

There are a few key pieces of evidence that suggest this could be true. First, when Shelby and Jackson are arguing near the end of the film, she mentions how he’s never home anymore and she feels like she’s always alone. This could be interpreted as her feeling isolated in the relationship because he’s spending more time with someone else.

Second, during their final fight, Shelby accuses Jackson of smelling like perfume. He vehemently denies it but there’s a chance he could be lying to cover up an affair. Finally, after Shelby dies, Jackson quickly begins dating another woman named Annelle.

While this could simply be his way of coping with Shelby’s death, it also raises suspicion that he was seeing Annelle while still technically involved with Shelby. Of course, none of this is conclusive proof that Jackson was cheating on Shelby but it does make one wonder if infidelity played a role in their relationship problems.


Julia Roberts cut her hair for Steel Magnolias. This was a big change for her, as she had always been known for her long, flowing locks. The new look was a hit with the fans and she received rave reviews for her performance in the film.