How Did People Curl Hair in the 1800S

In the 1800s, people used a variety of methods to curl their hair. Some popular methods were curling irons, hot rollers, and rags. Curling irons were made of metal and heated over a fire.

Hot rollers were also made of metal and heated over a fire. Rags were usually made of cloth or paper and soaked in hot water before being wrapped around the hair.If you were to take a stroll through any town in the 1800s, you would see women with perfectly curled hair. But How Did People Curl Hair in the 1800S?
The process was quite tedious and time-consuming.

How Did They Curl Hair in the 1700S

In the 1700s, people used a variety of methods to curl their hair. Some popular methods included curling irons, hot tongs, and rags. Curling irons were made of metal and had to be heated in a fire before use.

They were then placed on small sections of hair and held there until the hair was curled. This method could be quite dangerous if not done carefully. Hot tongs were also used to curl hair.

These were similar to curling irons but were made of wood and so did not need to be heated in a fire before use. Again, they were placed on small sections of hair and held there until the hair was curled. Rags could also be used to curl hair.

Small sections of damp hair would be wrapped around a rag and then secured in place with a pin or clip. The rag would then be left in place until the hair dried, at which point it would be curly.So this is How Did People Curl Hair in the 1800S.

How Did People Curl Their Hair in the 18Th Century?

In the 18th century, people curled their hair with a variety of methods. The most popular method was to use hot irons. Hot irons were heated in a fire and then applied to the hair.

This would curl the hair, but it could also burn the scalp if not done carefully. Another popular method was to wind the hair around pieces of paper or fabric and then tie them in place. This would create curls that would last for several days.

First, women would start by washing their hair and applying some sort of oil or pomade to it. This would help to protect their hair from the heat of the curling irons that they would use next.

The irons themselves were made of metal and heated up over a fire. Once they were hot enough, the women would wrap small sections of their hair around them and hold them for a few seconds before releasing them. The result was gorgeous, long-lasting curls that framed their faces perfectly.

While the process may have been time-consuming, it was worth it.

How Did Ladies Curl Their Hair in 1800S?

In the 1800s, ladies primarily curled their hair using heated rollers. First, they would apply a layer of oil or pomade to their hair to protect it from the heat. They would then divide their hair into small sections and wrap each section around a roller.

The rollers would be placed in a metal stand near the fire to heat up. Once they were hot, the lady would carefully remove them one at a time and wind her hair around it, making sure not to burn herself. She would then secure the roller in place with a clip or pin and wait for it to cool before removing it.

This process would be repeated until all of her hair was curled.

In the 1700s, people curled their hair in a variety of ways. One popular method was to wind wet hair around pieces of fabric or paper and then dry it with a hot iron. This would create tight curls that would last for days.

Another common method was to curl hair with heated tongs. This would produce looser curls that were more natural-looking.

How Did People in the Past Curl Their Hair?

Curls have been around for a very long time and people have been trying to achieve them for just as long. But how did people in the past curl their hair? Let’s take a look.

One of the earliest methods was called “banding”. This involved taking small sections of hair and wrapping them tightly around strips of cloth or other material. The band would then be secured in place with a pin or something similar.

This method could produce tight curls, but it was also quite time-consuming and required some skill to do properly. Another popular method was called “curling tongs”. This involved heating up metal tongs over a fire and then using them to curl small sections of hair.

This method could produce tight curls, but it was also quite dangerous as there was a risk of burning yourself with the hot metal tongs. In the 18th century, a new type of curling iron was invented which made it much safer to curl your hair. This new curling iron had a handle that you held on to while you inserted the heated barrel into your hair.

The heat from the barrel would then curl your hair around it. This method became very popular and is still used today with some minor variations. So there you have it, some of the ways that people in the past used to curl their hair.

How Did the Edwardian’s Curl Their Hair?

Frequently Asked Questions

What methods were used to curl hair in the 1800s?

In the 1800s, women used a variety of methods to curl their hair. One popular method was using paper or fabric rags. Women would dampen their hair, wrap it around a rag, and then tie it up for several hours or overnight. When they untied the rags, they would have soft curls that could last for days. Another method was using heated tongs similar to modern-day curling irons but without temperature control which made them risky as they could easily burn the hair if not handled properly.

How did women maintain their curls in the 1800s?

Maintaining curls in the 1800s required some effort and creativity due to the lack of modern products like hairsprays or gels. Women often used homemade concoctions such as beer or sugar water to help hold their curls longer. They also had special sleeping caps designed to protect their hairstyles while they slept.

Were there any tools invented specifically for curling hair during this period?

Yes, one significant invention during this period was Marcel Grateau’s “Marcel Wave” tool in late 1872 which is considered an early version of the curling iron today but without the temperature control settings we have now on our devices.

Did men also curl their hair during this time?

Yes, men did indeed style and sometimes even curled their hair during this era especially those who belonged to the upper classes of society where appearance mattered greatly. They often wore wigs that were powdered and curled according to fashion trends at that time.

Was there any specific hairstyle involving curls that was popular among women in the 1800s?

Yes, one particularly popular hairstyle among women during this era was known as the “Gibson Girl” look. This hairstyle involved piling the hair on top of the head in a loose, voluminous style, often with soft curls cascading down around the face and neck. This was considered very fashionable and was seen as a symbol of the independent and confident women of that era.


In the 1800s, people curled their hair using a variety of methods. Some popular methods included using hot tongs, hot irons, and rags. People would often use whatever they had on hand to curl their hair, resulting in some interesting styles. While the styles of the 1800s may not be fashionable today, it is interesting to see how people managed to curl their hair without modern conveniences.