8 steps on how to make medium knotless braids with curls

Are you a fan of medium hairstyles? Do you want to try this style but don't want to use braids with knots? Do you want a style that is easy to care for and can be worn daily?

If so, medium knotless braids with curls are what you need. This is just a sample of a few reasons that may influence your mind to wear this style to your next event.

Wanting a hairstyle that will be simple yet fashionable? Medium hairstyles are always the best to go for, and medium knotless braids with curls are the best medium hairstyles.

Everyone can wear this style, and people often opt for it because it is not just simple but also easy to maintain. Plus, it's quite fashionable as well.

Step 1

  • Prepare and section your hair after you've washed and conditioned your hair, and part it down the middle to create two sections of even size. Also, the section of hair on either side of this middle part has three parts in total. After you are done, use a leave-in conditioner to help protect your hair and produce smooth, frizz-free knots that will be more pronounced.

  • Protect your hairline. To prevent friction between the braid edges and your scalp when you are knotting your braids, apply a small amount of oil or shea butter to your scalp before you begin.

  • Begin applying gel after parting sections one at a time while taking care not to overload any single section with too much product by spreading evenly throughout each strand and smoothing down flyaways along edges before knotting them together

Step 2

You'll have a large section of hair on the top of your head, so take a big chunk off of that. Divide it into three strands, then comb out any tangles you may have. Begin braiding.

Step 3

Now that you have the braids in place, it's time to worry about the hair. First off, make sure your braids are close together! You should also make sure they're right, and this will ensure that you won't get any bumps or lumps when you start working with the hair in the next step.

Make sure your braids are all lined up along your head. Some people prefer their braids to go straight back from their temple, but I suggest pulling them to one side for a more natural look.

Next up: we're going to start working on those curls!

Step 4

  • A small piece of hair just above your ear can be wrapped around the tip of your fingers by pulling it from your top of your head. Make a knot with this section, then braid it and leave some hair out at the end. Make this step on the other sections of your hair as well. Use a rubber band to secure the hair at the bottom.

Step 5

  • Before you start braiding, be sure to moisturize your hair using a good leave-in conditioner. You can apply this product to your whole head or just the parts of the scalp that will be visible. Before braiding your hair, let the conditioner sit for a few minutes so that it has time to absorb well.

Next, use a scalp protector on any areas of your scalp that are prone to itchiness when braids touch them. This will help avoid pain and irritation throughout the process and after.

Finally, apply edge control gel around the perimeter of your hairline if you're worried about flyaway hairs. This will keep everything in place so you can focus on braiding.

Step 6

  • Parting and Braiding

You must part your hair into wide enough sections in order to pull off this hairstyle correctly. If you part your hair in too small sections, it will be difficult for you to braid the strands without tangling them with each other.

If you're working on someone else's hair, start with the back of their head first. This will make sure that all sections work out evenly as you go forward.

Step 7

  • Section your hair into four parts

  • Divide each section into two parts

  • Comb out the hair using a comb

  • Secure the hair with clips

  • Use a brush to smooth the hair

  • Cut the hair using a scissor

Step 8

  • Select a piece of hair from the front of the head and add it to one piece of braiding hair. Then, select another piece of hair from the front of the head and add it to a different piece of braiding hair. Continue until all of your braiding hair has been used up.

This is a great style to try for this summer!

You can achieve a similar look using other techniques, but this one is great because it's made out of braiding hair, which doesn't damage your real hair. It's also very easy to do, no matter the style or length of your hair.

This style can be worn to work, school, or even when you want to wear a casual outfit. It's a protective style, and best of all, it can last for weeks! This is a great summer hairstyle if you don't feel like doing your hair every morning.


Medium knotless braids with curls are comfortable and easy to maintain. Best of all, medium hairstyles such as this are available in a wide range of lengths to find something that suits your preferences.

Your local beauty supply store will have everything you need to duplicate medium knotless braids with curls at home.