What Seats Are Covered At Camden Yards

If you’re heading to a Baltimore Orioles game at Camden Yards, you’ll want to know which seats are covered in case of rain. Most of the seating at Camden Yards is covered, so you’ll be protected from the elements no matter where you sit. The only exception is the bleachers in the right field, which are not covered. So, if it looks like rain, be sure to head for the seats under the overhang on the first or second deck. You’ll stay dry and still have a great view of the game!

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Which Orioles Seats are Covered?

If you’re looking to stay out of the sun or shelter yourself from rain at an Orioles game, you’re in luck. A majority of the seating at Oriole Park at Camden Yards is covered. Here’s a breakdown:

More than 70 percent of all tickets are for seats that are under some type of cover – either a roof over the upper deck or an extended overhang on the lower bowl. The bulk of the covered seating is in the upper deck, where more than 80 percent of the seats are under a roof. The only uncovered section in the upper deck is Section 86, which is behind home plate and unprotected from foul balls.

On the lower bowl, almost 60 percent of the seats are covered by an extended overhang. The sections most exposed to sun and rain are along the first and third base lines (Sections 8-10 and 32-34).

What Seats Are Covered At Camden Yards

What Rows are Under Cover at Camden Yards?

There are a total of eight rows that are undercover at Camden Yards. These rows are located in sections 14-17 and provide protection from the elements for fans sitting in them. The overhang above these rows is significant, so fans in these sections should be prepared for it to be quite a bit darker than the rest of the ballpark.

What are the Best Seats at Camden Yards?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on what you are looking for in a seat at Camden Yards. Some people prefer seats near the field so they can see the action up close, while others prefer seats high up in the stands so they can get a bird’s eye view of the game. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what will make your Camden Yards experience the most enjoyable.

What Seats Are Covered At Camden Yards

Do Bleacher Seats at Camden Yards Have Backs?

Taking a trip to Camden Yards for a baseball game? You might be wondering, “Do Bleacher Seats at Camden Yards Have Backs?” or “What Seats are Covered at Camden Yards?” Well, let’s break it down. Bleacher seats at Camden Yards do not have backs. Instead, they are long benches, providing a more casual and traditional baseball experience.

However, if you’re looking for more comfort, you might want to opt for seats in the main stadium, which do have backs and are padded. Now, about the covered seating. If you’re looking to avoid the direct sun or potential rain, the upper deck – specifically sections 324-364, provides good coverage! Plus, they offer a great view of the action on the field. So, whether you’re a die-hard baseball fan or simply there to enjoy the atmosphere, knowing your seating options at Camden Yards can help you have an enjoyable and comfortable experience.

What Seats are Covered at Camden Yards

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Does Camden Yards Have Bleacher Seats

Camden Yards, the home of the Baltimore Orioles, is known for its classic design and fan-friendly layout. But when it comes to seating, many fans often ask, “What seats are covered at Camden Yards?” This is particularly important for those hot summer games or unexpected rain delays. While Camden Yards doesn’t have traditional bleacher seating, it does offer a variety of seating options, from lower-level seats to upper-deck seats.

Most notably, the stadium features the Club Level, which is fully covered, providing shade and shelter from the elements. This level offers an impressive view of the field without sacrificing comfort, making it a popular choice among fans. So, whether you’re trying to beat the heat or stay dry during a rainstorm, rest assured that Camden Yards has you covered!

What Seats Are Covered At Camden Yards


Camden Yards is home to the Baltimore Orioles, and it’s a beautiful ballpark. The seating capacity at Camden Yards is 45,971. The majority of the seats are located in the lower bowl, which extends from foul pole to foul pole. There are also several thousand upper-deck seats, as well as a few hundred bleacher seats in right field.