What Seats are Covered in Croke Park

Croke Park is Ireland’s largest stadium. It is located in Dublin and has a capacity of 82,300. The stadium is the home of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) and is used for both Gaelic football and hurling matches.

Croke Park also hosts a number of other sporting events, concerts, and conferences.

For most people, the first thing that comes to mind when they think of Croke Park is Gaelic football. However, the stadium is also home to a number of other sports, including rugby and soccer. In addition to these major sporting events, Croke Park also hosts concerts and other large-scale events.

So what seats are covered in Croke Park? The vast majority of seats in Croke Park are covered. In fact, over 95% of the seating in the stadium is under some form of cover.

This includes both permanent structures like roofs and temporary ones like tarpaulins. The only areas of the stadium that are not covered are the pitch itself and a small section of seating on one side of the ground. This extensive coverage means that no matter what the weather is like outside, spectators inside Croke Park will always be protected from the elements.

This is clearly a major selling point for the venue and has helped it become one of the most popular stadiums in Ireland.


Is Croke Park Covered?

Croke Park is covered by a retractable roof which was opened for the first time in May 2008. The roof covers an area of ​​62,000 square meters and has a length of 400 meters. It is made up of two parts, each weighing 3,000 tons.

The roof can be opened or closed in about 20 minutes.

What is Premium Level at Croke Park?

Croke Park is the largest stadium in Ireland. It is located in Dublin and is the home of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). The stadium has a capacity of 82,300 and is one of the largest stadiums in Europe.

Croke Park is also the venue for American football games and rugby union matches. The stadium opened in 1884 and was originally known as Jones’ Road.

Is Nally Terrace Seated?

No, Nally Terrace is not seated. The venue is standing room only.

Which Stand is the Best in Croke Park?

Croke Park is the home of Gaelic Athletic Association and it is located in Dublin, Ireland. The stadium has a capacity of 82,300 people making it the largest stadium in Ireland and the third largest in Europe. It is also the primary venue for both the Republic of Ireland national football team and the Republic of Ireland national rugby union team.

The stadium was originally built in 1884 and named after Archbishop Thomas Croke. It underwent major renovations in 1993 and again in 2003. There are four main stands at Croke Park: The Davin Stand, Cusack Stand, Hill 16 and Newstand.

The best stand at Croke Park according to many fans is Hill 16. This stand was originally built without any seating and was known as “the terrace”. It got its name from being built on top of a hill within the grounds.

It was rebuilt along with the rest of the stadium in 1993 but retained its original name. Many die-hard Dublin fans choose to stand here on match days as it creates a great atmosphere with its vast size and steep incline. The Cusack Stand is named after Michael Cusack who was one of the founders of the Gaelic Athletic Association.

It is considered by many to be the most modern stand in Croke Park as it was only completed in 2003 as part of the second set of renovations to take place at the stadium.. Many fans prefer this stand due to its comfortable seats, under cover area and excellent view no matter where you are seated.

. There are also 26 corporate boxes located within this stand which offer VIP experiences for those attending matches..

What Seats are Covered in Croke Park

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Worst Seats in Croke Park

Croke Park, home of the Gaelic Athletic Association, is one of the largest stadiums in Europe. With a capacity of over 82,000 people, it’s no wonder that finding a good seat can be difficult. Here are some tips to help you avoid the worst seats in Croke Park.

The first thing to consider is the view. If you’re sitting too far away from the action, you’re not going to enjoy the game. The best seats in Croke Park are located in the Lower Cusack Stand and Upper Hogan Stand.

These sections offer great views of the pitch and are close enough to hear all the action. If you’re looking for a seat with a good view but don’t want to spend too much money, then your best bet is one of the end tickets in either stand. These tickets are slightly cheaper but still offer a good view of the game.

Just be aware that if there’s a lot of movement on the pitch, you may miss some of the action. If you’re on a budget but still want to see as much of the game as possible, then your best option is to sit in one of Croke Park’s corners. The Hill 16 and Davin End areas offer some of the most affordable seating options and still provide decent views (albeit from further away).

Just be prepared for a lot of walking if you opt for these seats! So there you have it – some tips to help you avoid bad seats at Croke Park! Hopefully this will help make your experience at Ireland’s largest stadium even better!


Croke Park is home to Gaelic Athletic Association games and has a capacity of 82,300. The stadium is located in the Dublin suburb of Drumcondra. For most sporting events, the entire stadium is covered.

This includes all four sides of the pitch, as well as the upper and lower tiers of seating. The only time that parts of the stadium are not covered is for American football games, when only the north and south end zones are used.