Easy Basil Essential Oil Recipes

Basil essential oil is one of the most versatile oils out there. It can be used for a wide variety of recipes, both sweet and savory. Here are some of our favorite basil essential oil recipes to try at home.

For a quick and easy way to add some flavor to your cooking, try using basil essential oil in place of fresh basil leaves. Just add a few drops to your dish while cooking or right before serving. You can also use Easy Basil Essential Oil Recipes.

What Can You Do With Basil Essential Oils?

Basil essential oil is derived from the basil plant, which is part of the mint family. The plant is native to India, but it is also grown in other parts of Asia and Africa. Basil essential oil has a sweet, spicy aroma and is used in aromatherapy to promote feelings of stability and peace.

The oil is also used topically to soothe skin irritations and relieve muscle pain.

If you’re looking for something sweet, try adding a few drops of basil essential oil to your favorite baking recipe. It goes particularly well with chocolate. You can also make a simple syrup by combining equal parts water and sugar, then adding a few drops of basil essential oil.

Simply combine 2 cloves of garlic, 1/2 cup of fresh basil leaves, 1/4 cup of olive oil, 1/4 cup of Parmesan cheese, and a pinch of salt in a food processor or blender. Pulse until the ingredients are combined and smooth. Serve with your favorite pasta dish or enjoy as a dipping sauce.

Basil-Infused Olive Oil:
This flavorful olive oil is great for dressing salads or cooked vegetables. Combine 1 cup of olive oil with 1 tablespoon of dried basil leaves in a small saucepan over low heat. Warm the mixture for about 10 minutes, then remove from the heat and let it steep for another hour.

Strain the oil into a clean bottle and store in a cool, dark place.

Basil-Lemonade: This refreshing drink is perfect for hot summer days. In a pitcher, combine 1 quart of cold water with the juice of 4 lemons, 1/4 cup of sugar, and 15 drops of Basil Essential Oil.
Stir well until the sugar is dissolved, then pour over ice and enjoy.

Can You Make Essential Oil from Basil?

Yes, you can make essential oil from basil. The process is relatively simple and only requires a few ingredients. First, you will need to gather a large quantity of fresh basil leaves.

Next, you will need to find a suitable container in which to place the leaves and add a carrier oil such as jojoba or sweet almond oil. Finally, you will need to use a hand-held blender or food processor to blend the mixture until it forms a smooth paste. Once your paste is ready, you can then place it in a dark glass bottle and store it in a cool, dark place for up to six months.

To use your essential oil, simply add a few drops to your diffuser or vaporizer and enjoy the benefits of this refreshing herb.

How Do You Cook With Basil Essential Oil?

Basil essential oil is a potent oil with a strong, sweet, and slightly spicy aroma. When used in cooking, it can add a flavorful depth of taste to dishes. It is important to use basil essential oil sparingly, as its concentrated flavor can be overwhelming.

Here are some tips for using basil essential oil in your cooking:

  • Add a few drops of basil essential oil to olive oil or another type of cooking fat before sautéing vegetables. This will infuse the vegetables with the Basil’s flavor.
  • Use basil essential oil to flavor homemade salad dressing or marinades. Simply add a few drops to your desired recipe.
  • Add a drop or two of basil essential oil when making tomato sauce or other Italian dishes.
  • The basil will complement the other flavors in the dish nicely.
  • Incorporate Basil into sweet recipes like cookies, cakes, or fruit pies for a delightful twist on traditional desserts.

Can You Put Basil Oil Directly on the Skin?

Yes, you can put basil oil directly on your skin. Many people use it for its array of benefits which include reducing inflammation, acne, wrinkles, and fine lines. Additionally, basil oil is known to boost circulation and promote healthy cell growth.

When applied topically, this oil can also help to soothe insect bites, cuts, and scrapes.

Basil Essential Oil | Ocimum basilicum | Basil Oil

Basil Essential Oil Skin Benefits

  • Basil essential oil has many benefits for the skin, including reducing inflammation, balancing oils, and providing antioxidant protection. It also has a refreshing, uplifting scent that can help to improve your mood. Here are some ways you can use basil essential oil to improve your skin health:

    Add a few drops of basil essential oil to your moisturizer or face serum and apply it to your face and neck every morning and evening.
  • Mix a few drops of basil essential oil with water in a spray bottle and spritz it on your face throughout the day to refresh and tone your skin.
  • Make a homemade facial scrub by mixing equal parts sugar, olive oil, and basil essential oil.

    Gently massage the scrub onto your face in circular motions and rinse off with warm water.


This blog post provides a variety of recipes that utilize basil essential oil. The first recipe is for a homemade bug spray, which can be used to repel mosquitos and other insects. The second recipe is for a natural air freshener, which can be used to make any space smell fresh and inviting. Finally, the third recipe is for a relaxation massage oil, which can be used to soothe tired muscles and promote relaxation.