Heat vs. Lice: Does Heat Kill Lice?

Have you been scratching your scalp lately? In your case, maybe some things that you cannot explain have been biting you, right?

If this is the case with you, then it could be that you are suffering from lice infestation. It’s possible that you are wondering, what is lice? Primarily, lice happen to be a parasite that fastens itself to one’s hair and gets its food by sucking one’s blood. 

Lice do not feed on one’s hair alone; we have the popularly known head lice, the body lice that fastens itself to one’s clothes and sucks one’s blood and the pubic lice that and feeds on one’s blood in the pubic hair. Therefore, it is expedient to delve into the crux of the topic at hand. 

In case you are suffering from a lice infestation on your hair, I am sure that one of the pressing questions that will be on your mind will be that;

Of course! Heat does kill lice. Of a truth, lice cannot survive in hot conditions. Therefore, in the instance of being subjected to intense heat, they die off. Also, after establishing that heat kills lice, it is pertinent to ask ourselves;

What Temperature Kills Lice?

Typically, when subjected to the heat of more than 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit, lice will definitely die. This owes to the aforementioned reason that they cannot survive intense heat.

Moving forward, lots of people, especially those who use flat irons on hearing that heat can kill lice, will definitely ask; 

If you dye your hair, will it kill lice

Will Flat Iron Kill Lice?

Of course! Adult lice can be killed with the flat iron. Although it is possible to kill adult lice with the flat iron, it is near impossible to get rid of all the nits. In fact, if the adult is gotten rid of without getting off the nits, another set of adult lice will develop within ten days.

It is equally crucial to note that both the eggs and the adult lice attach themselves to the scalp; this is why although it works, it is unadvisable to use flat irons to kill lice, especially for children because it could burn their scalp. You don’t want that, right? 

That’s not all when you use flat irons to kill adult lice; it causes more harm to the hair follicles. Therefore, it works, it is generally advised that you should not use flat irons to kill lice.

In addition, there has been a debate as to whether hair dye can kill lice or not. Hence, the question; 

If you dye your hair, will it kill lice?

Yes! It can. However, the variant of dye used to kill lice is the permanent dye that contains ammonia. Typically, ammonia is a corrosive chemical that produces a nauseating gas. It may be the reason why hair dye seems to be effective at killing lice.

On the flip side, we must note that nits are protected by a glue-like shell that prevents the chemicals that are used to make permanent dye from killing them. Therefore, in the instance of using hair dye to kill adult lice, the nits that are there will eventually develop into adult lice taking us back to square one!

After citing all these, lots of people will want to go headlong into what can be used to treat and kill lice and the nits permanently. However, before going into this, it is essential to make some changes as to the kind of life one lives. It can be done by ensuring that we live in a hygienic environment.

All combs should be well cleaned; then, the environment should be sanitized, among other things. It is then apposite to go into how to treat and kill lice permanently.

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How to Treat Lice Without Chemicals

How to Kill Lice

Before giving the over the counter methods of killing lice, it is important to give the normal methods of killing lice. In doing this, you can do the following:

Try Wet-Combing

Asides being affordable, wet-combing has to deal with spraying conditioner on wet strands of hair. This can be done by using a comb that has a fine tooth. In cases where the lice are less visible, a magnifying glass can be used to sort out the lice. Although the wet-combing technique is effective, it consumes a lot of time. However, it is the best method to adopt for children.

It is essential to note that one must be careful not to apply treatment to the hair excessively. This is because if one does this, it could cause more harm than good to the scalp. The over-the-counter methods are malathion, ivermectin, benzyl alcohol lotion among others over the counter methods. It is very vital to follow the directions for use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can heat effectively kill lice?

A1: Yes, applying heat through methods like blow-drying or hot water may help eliminate lice and their eggs.

Q2: What temperature is required to kill lice and their eggs?

A2: Lice are sensitive to high temperatures; using heat above 125°F (52°C) can be effective in killing them.

Q3: Does heat treatment work better than traditional lice treatments?

A3: Heat can be an alternative, but the effectiveness may vary. Consult with a healthcare professional for the best approach.

Q4: Are there any risks or precautions when using heat to treat lice?

A4: Avoid excessive heat to prevent burns. Follow recommended guidelines and consult a healthcare provider if unsure.

Q5: Can heat alone completely eradicate a lice infestation?

A5: While heat can be a useful part of lice treatment, it is often recommended to combine it with other methods for comprehensive removal.

Final Verdict 

In truth, although flat irons and hair dyes can kill lice, they cannot get rid of the nits that are protected by some glue-like shells. Also, some home remedies can eradicate lice. Furthermore, some over the counter medications can be used to get rid of lice.

Whatever method that is going to be used to kill lice, we must ensure that we keep our environment and our combs clean, among other things. Also, over the counter medications must be well adhered to in order to ensure that the medication does not affect the scalp. Lastly, stay lice free.