How to Find an E3 Spark Plug Replacement: View The E3 Spark Plugs Cross Reference Chart

The e3 spark plugs cross reference tool helped you find the right spark plug for your engine. It provides you with a list of all the compatible configurations for each engine type. Cross-referencing is a way to match items, such as cars and parts, for which there are various manufacturers and models. You can use a cross-reference to find the best options based on factors such as price, features, and value.

e3 spark plugs cross reference chart

What is cross-referencing?

Cross-referencing is a method of matching items so that the same items are paired up with similar items. Cross-referencing is useful when you're choosing between different cars, motorcycles, or trucks or trying to find a simple yet effective product that works in multiple engine types.

Every single day around the world, there are millions of different cars on the road. Many of these cars are the same make, model, and year but have minor differences in body style, color, and equipment level. To choose the right car for you, you will need to decide what type of car to buy. 

What is an e3 spark plug?

Spark plugs are typically a metal cylinder with ridges on one side and a central electrode at one end. The electrode typically has a spherical, conical, or cylindrical shape. Using an external resistor, it produces and maintains current between electrodes and the ground.

A spark plug with two electrodes has different diameters, while a plug with numerous lobes utilizes a single electrode of varying diameters.

An e3 spark plug is a device that protects against the overheating of the exhaust system. The e3 spark plug is composed of a copper electrode and an insulator, which helps to dissipate heat from the combustion chamber.

The e3 spark plugs cross reference tool

Using the e3 spark plugs cross reference tool may not be as intuitive as searching for a spark plug at a physical store. The list of configurations can take a bit of research to understand.

The e3 spark plugs cross reference tool

Understanding the characteristics of each particular design will make finding the right spark plug much easier. 

Step 1: Enter Engine Type, Select the engine type that you're interested in. The tool will list only those models that are compatible with your engine. You can click through each manufacturer to look for additional options.

Step 2: Enter Vehicle Make, Model, and Size You can input the vehicle type. Next, you can choose the exact model or set of models that you're interested in.

How to use the e3 spark plugs cross reference

1. Click on the spark plugs you want to find, and select the desired product from the "Available product list" that appears. You will see each spark plug grouped by the vehicle manufacturer.

2. Click on the cross-reference icon for that specific vehicle type. You will be taken to a list of all the compatible spark plug configurations for that particular vehicle type. You will be taken to the respective manufacturer's website, where you can find the exact spark plug that fits your vehicle.

3. Click on the cross-reference icon for your specific vehicle. Your computer will now show you the compatible spark plugs for your particular vehicle. Check out the complete list of spark plugs on the e3 website here.

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When searching for an e3 spark plug replacement, remember that while e3 doesn't have the best reputation, it has loyal customers. If you've tried to use an alternative to the e3 and haven't had excellent results, look for an alternative. 

However, this can be a struggle with many brands, so it's best to stick with your dealer and wait to see what they can provide.