How to Take Out a Quick Weave

Quick Weaves (or stocking cap weaves) offer one of the most stress-free, fantastic looking, instant hair fixes for ladies. You can quickly make a variety of beautiful hairstyles in fewer minutes than you could with other methods. Hence, stocking cap weaves, with no trouble, have therefore earned the identity, “Quick Weaves.” 

If you, like most a thousand other women, are a woman on the go, then, spending extended hours at the saloon may not fit your schedule. Instant perfection is simply what comes to mind when you think about hair time. Thankfully, Quick Weaves was created exclusively for you. You can instantly create gorgeous, trendy, and glamorous looks within such a short time.

Meanwhile, like with any other quick-fix solution, Quick Weaves also have their fair share of perks. While this innovative rapid solution offers a breakthrough for some, others are dissatisfied. Quick Weaves have easily gotten into the bad books of many because of awful stories involving hair damage when removing or installing the hair.

However, if you do it right, you will enjoy rocking your Quick Weave, and also have your natural hair all nice and intact upon removal.

Here’s the scoop on what you should know.

What’s a Quick Weave?

A Quick Weave typically features hair wefts that are directly glued unto a protective weave cap. The weave cap is then placed on your head and bonded. The protective cap protects your hair from the glue used to make the Quick Weave.

Meanwhile, you should apply some hardening gel on your hair before placing the Quick Weave. The gel helps to hold the cap in place over your head.

You can use the help of a professional stylist or even have the entire process done at home. It’s easy to go about the process, and it only takes a few minutes.


  • Quick Weaves are generally cheaper. If you can install it yourself, you even get to save more.
  • Quick Weaves save time on installation compared to standard sew-in type weaves. It’s perfect for busy moms, working professionals, and ladies on the go who can’t afford to spend several hours in the saloon.
  • The product does not damage your natural hair if you install/remove it properly. Also, your natural hair can take a break from hair chemicals and styling products since you will only need to style the weave if you want to.
  • The weaves allow you to create multiple styles of your choice for as long as you want. You can even play around with colors if you wish.
  • Quick Weaves are maintenance-friendly. They do not require any expensive budgeting, and if you take care of it, it can last for more extended periods.
  • Quick Weaves are easy to uninstall. If you do it carefully, you can have it removed without causing any breakage to your natural hair.
  • You can make a custom Quick Weave yourself from ready materials at your local hair store if you don’t want to buy a readymade one.


  • You may require vast amounts of hair glue.
  • With so much glue, if you do not uninstall the hair properly, and on time, it can cause breakage.
  • If your DIY Quick Weave has a weak protective cap, the glue from the weave can stick on your hair and have it pulled out.
  • Even though the process is quick, it requires patience and precision.
  • Quick Weaves do not last as long as traditional sew-ins. However, they cater to all kinds of hair.

How to Install Quick Weaves

Quick Weaves take far lesser time frames to install compared to traditional sew-ins. If you handle the process correctly, there won’t be any damage inflicted to your natural hair.

How to Install Quick Weaves

For the best results, you can follow this quick, easy-to-follow guide to avoiding any complications during the installation process. Also, you can finish the entire process right in the comfort of your home.

First, here is a list of items you will need:

  • Hair glue
  • Comb
  • Brush
  • Scissors
  • Molding gel
  • Blow-dryer

Now, let’s get down to business.

STEP 1. Wash and Condition Hair Wefts.

Immerse the hair in setting lotion. You can make it into a ponytail at the back and set it into a bun. The entire idea is to try to style your hair to be as flat as possible using the setting lotion.


STEP 2. Begin from Behind.

Measure-track your hair weft ear to ear from behind. Cut-track, and then glue – do the same from the front of your hair to give you the perfect start.


STEP 3. Use hair weft and glue to make circle patterns.

Trail the circle patterns on your hair using the hair glue. Cut smaller pieces and insert them meticulously. Gently follow your entire hair with the same outline using the glue.


STEP 4. Finish with Closure Pieces.

When you have reached the top of the circle, make a closure piece. Some Quick Weaves come with their readymade closure pieces, while others do not. To make yours, collect up to two portions of the track. Apply glue. Roll up your hair with the glue and allow hair to dry. Hold the track upside-down. Spread hair weft apart.

How to Maintain Your Quick Weave

Quick Weaves can last for up to four or five weeks if you maintain them properly.

You can use a silk scarf to cover your Quick Weave extension at night; a satin bonnet can also work in place of silk. Covering helps to reduce risks of hair tangles or matting. 

How to Maintain Your Quick Weave

If your weave is a curly type, you can insert rollers or pins when you want to sleep to maintain perfect curls.

It is okay to wash or use hair products on your Quick Weave. However, take caution if you’re applying any oil-based products as they generally weaken the glue. They can also cause the tracks to slip off.

How to Remove Your Quick Weave

It’s all about oils, oiling, and more oils if you want to remove your Quick Weave safely. 

To begin, find a suitable hair massaging oil and an oil-based hair conditioner. Apply the massaging oil and the oil-based hair conditioner on your hair.

How to Remove Your Quick Weave

Allow the mixture to soak-in for some minutes. The oil will make the glue bonds to loosen harmlessly. After that, you can remove the tracks completely and effortlessly.

Rinse your hair out when you have finished, and you’re all good to go.

How to Take Out a Quick Weave FAQs

How long can my Quick Weave last?

Quick Weaves can last for up to four or five weeks if you maintain them properly.


How do I maintain my Quick Weave human hair?

It is okay to wash and even use hair products to maintain your Quick Weave. However, be cautious when using oil-based products as they can quickly weaken or loosen your weave’s glue.


How do I remove Quick Weave from natural hair?

If you have some hair massaging oil and an oil-based hair conditioner in store, apply them and allow the mixture to soak-in gently. Allow the mix to sink for some minutes. It will cause the glue between your hair and the Quick Weave to loosen naturally and harmlessly. Afterward, you can safely uninstall the tracks and rinse-out your hair.


Do Quick Weaves last longer than traditional sew-ins?

No, unfortunately, sew-ins can last pretty longer than Quick Weaves.


Can I dye my Quick Weave?

Yes, you can style and color your Quick Weave as much as you want as long as you maintain it properly.

Quick Weave Removal in Minutes!


Quick Weaves offer instant, elegant, and glamorous hair solutions, especially for busy moms, professionals, and ladies on the go. They are excellent for women who do not have the luxury of hours to spend at saloons to get their hair fixed.

However, removing the Quick Weave can become tricky if you do not use the right materials or go through the process correctly.

Thankfully, we have shared some simple-to-follow guides on this post that will help you install, maintain, and remove your Quick Weaves effortlessly. Your natural hair will also be left healthy and in one piece. You can thank us later. Good luck.